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Introduction of Blue Sapphire
The beautiful birthstone of September, Sapphire, is the member of Corundum mineral family. Sapphire is available in so many different colors, but Blue color is the most fascinating color. You can garner the idea about its royalty that Prince Charles gave a Blue Sapphire engagement ring to Princess Diana. Such a romantic, charming and energetic gemstone a Blue Sapphire is.

The sources of Sapphires are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, China, North America, Australia, Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia, Cambodia, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, USA and Vietnam.

What are Kashmir Sapphires?
The heaven of India, Kashmir, is the place where classic Blue Sapphires are mined. Kashmiri Sapphires are the finest Sapphires. The mining of Blue Sapphire was on peak in Kashmir in the end of the 19th century and early of the 20th century. Now, Blue Sapphire from Kashmir is rare. The reasons are that the deposits of Blue Sapphires are dying out and Kashmir is the most dangerous place to mine.

The quality of Blue Sapphire from Kashmir is the finest as the world record price per carat was auctioned at $ 180731 per carat in a ring and the whole Sapphire Ring was auctioned about $ 5 million in April 2014. The high end Blue Sapphire from Kashmir has very limited buyers because only high quality lovers buy it.

The story behind the disputed area “Kashmir”
In Kashmir, Blue Sapphires were first discovered in 1880. Now, this Northwestern region of India is lying between India and Pakistan. There is a dispute on this beautiful region in between India and Pakistan. Most famous beautiful and sparkling Blue Sapphires deposits are located near Sumjam village which is controlled by India. The most recent purple Sapphires are found in Batakundi and Basil Region, which comes under Pakistan controlled Kashmir. Below the images 1 & 2 will clear picture in your mind.

Today, if the name Kashmir is associated with Blue Sapphire, then it will become a very strong selling tool. Kashmir Sapphires are sighted as exceptionally rare that bring the romance and the glory of a lost empire to mind. Indian politicians keep Kashmir Sapphire in their safe.

The market of Kashmir Blue Sapphire is very demanding. As it is very rare to find fine Blue Sapphire from Kashmir region, when any Blue Sapphire in big size is mined there, it goes for auction. Following table is showing some big Kashmir Blue Sapphires auction price in different locations.

Kashmir Blue Sapphires are the most valuable of all Sapphires mined in the world. They have very high end targeted market that not everyone is able to buy it. It has very limited high end client list. Kashmir Blue Sapphire is also favorite gemstone of collectors who love to collect gemstones. The price range of Kashmir Blue Sapphire varies from $ 5000 to upto $ 50000 per carat. This price range is from low quality to high quality.

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Here are some questions people generally asked about Kashmir Blue Sapphires:

  1. Are Kashmir Blue Sapphires better than other Sapphires?
  2. Why Kashmir Blue Sapphires worth more than others?
  3. How we can know that the Sapphire is genuine?
  4. Why Kashmir Sapphires are rare?
  5. Are Kashmir Sapphires still available?

I hope all of the above questions are answered in this article. The answer of the last question is the conclusion of this article that the Kashmir Blue Sapphires are still available. They are available but not as common as other Sapphires. Their market is very limited and only high end consumers buy it. If you are interested to include Kashmir Blue Sapphire in your collection, then you can contact to Navneet Gems and Minerals on the contact details given above.