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Beauty, bedazzlement and absolute exquisiteness are the words that come to your mind when one thinks of gems. There is absolutely no woman who does not adore them and even has a favorite one. In fact gems have also been very popular with men from quite a long time. A gemstone is a piece of mineral, which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments.But  certain rocks (such as lapis lazuli) or organic materials that are not minerals like amber or jet  are also used for jewelry, and are therefore often considered to be gemstones as well. Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. What makes a gem stone really precious is its rarity. Besides jewelry antiquity engraved gems and hard stone carvings, such as cups, were major luxury and high level art forms.With the latest trends and designs for both men and women jewelry gems are very popular with the genders. The year 2014, like its predecessors has a high demand of gems but certainly offers exclusive variety and trends.
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Gems are nature’s precious gifts to mankind and they most definitely make for a fabulous gift for your loved ones. This year make your loved ones feel even more special by giving them the trendiest gem stones. Fashion and trends are influenced by a lot of factors but most certainly seasons play a very crucial role.

Color of the year
Every year a color gets chosen by the fashion experts and it finds its way in to clothes, jewelry and other fashion accessories. This year the color you cannot afford to miss in your gem stone collection is the ravishing radiant orchid. Yes, it really is as pretty as it sounds, if not more! It is an amalgamation of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. Purple tones are quite popular for clothing’s as well for the year 2014.For your gem stone jewelry,make sure you add purple Sapphire and Amethyst to your year’s collection. The color palates of these two are sure to make you a fashionista this year.Purple Tourmaline, Purple Spinel, and Purple Chalcedony: Combines pink and purple hues, which make it very close to the beautiful radiant orchid. While you experiment with gems of this shade, you will definitely come across the Kunzite, in shades varying from pink to lilac, when you add this beauty to your accessories make sure you store them well to avoid fading of color of any sort.

While this year’s trend is sure to make you a head turner, you don’t have to be disappointed with the gem stones you collected last as per last year’s trend. The Australian Sapphires (Teal Sapphires and Parti Sapphires) are the most valuable and demanding sapphires this year.  You can browse our work page for our latest collection of gemstones and trends of the year.The green emerald will continue to be a popular heart throb this year as well. While it is a color that goes perfectly with every shade, try it with red and you will be a head turner.

Spring gem trends
2014 welcomed the year with classic, chic trends and colors in gems. The colors were subtle but the statement pieces were bold. Be it on the ramp or in the elite boutiques and jewelry stores across the world, pearls and a spring palate of colored gems ruled the season. The patterns in which these gem stones were embodied were all to make a statement. The gem trend saw a lot of contrast mixes, either a combination of multi colored gems with pastel clothes or the colors and brightness of the clothes was complimented with neutral shade stones.Like nature welcomes the year with different blossoming flowers,the world of fashion got a beautiful start with a varied use of gem stones and the floral link pattern necklaces, bracelets and earrings with a gem stone in between became a rage. To adorn all this jewelry in a classic yet subtle way, the aquamarine gemstone,serpentine, peridot, and the beautiful green variscite were used graciously. Continuing the trend of subtlety and elegance were the smoky quartz, graymoonstone and the champagne diamond. As for the brighter use of colors, the season of spring saw the popularity of Lapis lazuli and tanzanite, chalcedony,iolite and coral, garnet and ruby, sunstone or fire opal. All these added a spark to the otherwise subtle clothing trends recommended with these by the fashion gurus. Animal motifs and word play also became very popular in gem stone jewelry.

Gems trends that follow
You can experiment and choose either the brighter stones or the subtle ones to create your own statement neckpieces but while you do so, remember that gold, silver and copper metals are what you need to combine your lovely gem stones with. From floral link patterns to simple Pandora beads, gem stones are bound to be the thing to go to for fashion brownie points. The radiant orchid shade is something g that will defiantly keep you in vogue this year and to make sure you are a part of the chic crowd you can experiment with stones like alexandrite, kunzite and amethyst.

The years must have
Opal, yes the grand and beautiful opal is a must have, from celebrities flaunting it on the red carpet to its presence in fashion magazines ,opal has made it in to the top names of this year’s gem trends. It is one gem stone that gives you so much variety, the reflective colors make it a winner with everything and anything you want to team it up with. The sheer radiance and awe inspiring color display make it look and expensive and exquisite, now I know I speak for every woman when I say that is exactly how the jewels they wear should look like.

Special gems for special occasions
For people getting snitched this year a shade of the radiant orchid must for thetrousseau, it will certainly look exquisite with a white gown.But for the ones who want to opt for something more traditional and time less, they can try mixing up crystal beads, corals and a big broach. So for all those who design beautiful neckpieces, this idea will  go a long way .This look can be flaunted very well in parties and other special occasions as well. It should be tried to become one of the trendiest people of 2014, a person who certainly knows their way around gems!

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