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Gemstones for Sale are available at Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale prices. We manufacture and supply gemstones in different sizes and shapes.

We are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers of gemstones. We manufacture faceted gemstones, briolette gemstones, cabochons, smooth polish gemstones, uncut chips, tube, oval, round, round, coin, bricks, kite, melon, bulb, onion, nuggets & many other fancy shapes. We are not only the largest suppliers and manufacturers of gemstones in the world but also the largest to buy gemstones online. An exclusive quality control protocol from the beginning to the end ensures that the loose gemstones for sale are of the finest quality and finish.
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You can contact us at for more details about Gemstones for Sale. It would be our pleasure to serve you and provide you with the best quality gemstones. We manufacture them in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Buy gemstones online from us by contacting us directly through mail or you could call us at +66 98 549 8500. Being on our mailing list means you get the latest information on loose gemstones for sale and can avail of a variety of gemstones for sale.

We house a plethora of gemstones from around the world. Available semi precious gemstones are Agate, Amazonite, Amber, Amethyst, Andalusite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Beryl, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Garnet, peridot, Heliodor, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Nephrite, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Sodalite, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline, Rock crystal quartz, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Lab created emerald, etc. then 200 stones. Available precious gemstones at our store are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamonds, Opal, Pearl, Quartz, etc. You can buy loose teal sapphires from this shop directly.
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Loose gemstones find a number of applications in the jewelry industry, making them one of the most profitable investments. They can be set into stunning wedding jewelry and engagement rings. Statement jewelry pieces made of exclusive gemstones rarely go out of vogue. We are also extremely popular with gemstone collectors and investors who are looking to invest in unique gemstones for the long run. Therefore before they buy gemstones online, we advise our buyers to be aware of market trends with regards to specific gemstones, their color, cut, and shape in trend. While we have an extensive collection of a variety of cuts, carats, and shapes, we are also willing to undertake a customized order for any of the above-mentioned gemstones for our patrons.

We import gems directly from the places where they are mined. Our expert craftsmen use advanced tools to finish the gems. Gemstones for Sale are available at our store at very affordable prices. Wholesale suppliers can be specially benefitted from our collection of loose gemstones for sale as we are renowned for genuine gems and you would not find any artificial or synthetic Gemstones for Sale. While many wholesalers are anxious to buy gemstones online, we assure our buyers of procuring genuine gemstones from conflict-free zones. All our products pass through a strict quality control protocol before being put up for sale. For any discrepancies, we are available by mail or call for clarification.

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If you are looking for a wholesale supplier for Gemstones for Sale, then you can contact us at Do not hesitate to ask if you have any type of query and write us about your doubts. You can also write us to disclose the price, availability or any other thing.
Sneak peak inside our gemstone store in Bangkok, Thailand to gather more about our wide collection of exclusive gemstones.

To buy gemstones online from us now, you can also avail of the Navneet Gems mobile application which will give you access to our complete collection of available gemstones. Just write to us enumerating your gemstone of interest and company details. An exclusive link will be sent by our executives to your email id, along with your login and password. You can now peruse our complete collection of gemstones for sale and place a direct order with us through the Navneet Gems mobile application.

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