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Gemstone Knowledge Without Professional Courses

I saw on many websites like and others where people have queries related to gemological and jewelry designing courses. Example of queries – “I want to be a jewelry designer? Please guide me through”, “Looking at my career in the gemstone industry, which course should I prefer”, “Which institute is the best for gemological degree?”, “Course fee of GIA is too high for me, is there any possible where I can learn about gem” – These are some example questions, there are more thousand questions are swinging on aspirants/learners’ head.

For those who don’t have enough money to pursue GIA/AIGS or any institute courses –

The Internet has made everything easy and fast. Starting from scratch to professional knowledge is available on the internet including video and all you need a good speed internet connection. Forums, social networks are quite helpful and give to the platform to make a connection with professionals but this way you only get superficial knowledge but practical knowledge is very important in this field.

How to take practical knowledge about prices, quality, color, grade, and availability of gems –

1. Visit a gemstone manufacturing unit – If you are an unknown person that no one allows you to see his/her factory so you can either visit as a customer or dealer. Maybe here you have to spend a small amount to learn this.
2. Visit the gemstone and jewelry fair – It is one of the best ways to learn about this field. Mainly every country is organizing fairs quarterly or annually, below is a list of some famous gemstone and jewelry fairs – Bangkok gems and jewelry fair
– HKDTC – Hong Kong Gems and Jewelry show
– China International Gold, Jewelry & Gem fair – Shenzhen
– Tuscon Gem & Mineral show – Tuscon
– Japan Jewellery fair
– Singapore jewelry and gem fair
– JJS (Jaipur jewelry show) – Jaipur, Rajasthan
You will see many booths displaying gemstones, jewelry, rough, etc and you can ask them about the origin, prices, and other treatment details to get knowledge and take a superficial idea about the price and their range. For example rainbow moonstone so you can see different qualities and understand how prices vary according to its quality.

How to be updated about gemstone and jewelry trends, prices, and others –

Reading the post section assists you a lot to get updates as we have on our website. Many websites have the option of post letters where you can send them your id then they will send you regular updates.

Quality and color chart

Many companies/ professionals have quality and color charts for different gems that can help you a lot to understand the different qualities and colors.

How to start gemstone and jewelry selling by just a small investment –

eBay and Etsy are good mediums for selling where you can list your product. Many in-house designers are selling on such mediums and earning well.

Career options – Every stream has many career options. There are millions of people are earning in this industry. There are more than 100 career options in the whole process from mining to finished jewelry. Here we are mentioning a few of them.

– Miners – There are many people in Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and many other countries, mining different gemstones which are said to be the most challenging job in the whole chain.

– Raw material sellers

– Mediator of raw material

– Many options in the Manufacturing of raw material to finished stones

– Finished stones sellers and third party

– Jewelry designer

– Jewelry sellers

So in short there are n numbers of options to seek your career in this industry. All you need to understand is the whole chain and need to decide which one suits you best.