BLue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphire engagement rings- direct from a manufacturer

Perhaps the answer to one of the most important questions in your life lies inevitably in a diamond engagement ring. With diamonds being forever perhaps popping the question with one will translate the same sentiment into your relationship.
Now, how about Diamond Engagement Rings with a difference? With an in-depth analysis of Blue Sapphire engagement rings, this article enumerates the relative merits of a Blue sapphire engagement ring. This will include; Why to choose a Blue sapphire, its shade, to buy together or separately, the durability of Blue Sapphire, and lastly our collection of Blue sapphires for engagement rings.

Why wear a Blue sapphire Engagement ring?


It is a good idea to stand out when everyone around is using diamonds. The effort will be appreciated by your lady love as it goes to show that one has put some thought into your actions. To stand out, you need to look different, and a distinct color definitely fits the bill of difference. A blue sapphire engagement ring is a thoughtful change from the conventional diamond. The tasteful tint of blue in a blue sapphire is elegant and eye-catching. A post look that will add sparkle to your world as it changes from bachelorhood to Holy matrimony. Make it right by ensuring to choose a nice Engagement ring with a Blue sapphire gemstone studded in it.

  1. Trendy  

Colored Gemstones are in trend these days. It is a style statement that famous Fashion houses in Italy, France, post-York, Seoul & Tokyo are endorsing wholeheartedly. It is common practice now to wear Gemstones, especially high-end cocktail gemstone rings that can be worn by your lady love that is in sync with the latest fashion and also have an eye for gemstones and rings. So yes when it comes to being trendy, by having a Blue sapphire engagement ring on your big day is going to get you a lot of salutations and admiration from your guests, friends, and family alike.

  1. Investment

The value of Natural gemstones will never go down, in fact, every natural gemstone is likely to go up in price as the supply decreases – so are the case for Blue sapphires. This is one of the big reasons why Blue sapphires are high in demand, they look elegant and also meet the investors’ expectations of a high return on investment.

  1. Durability

Worried about wearing a gemstone instead of a diamond and have it break, yes if it was quartz you should worry. But Corundum (mineral of blue sapphire) is the second hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth, this is the reason that Sapphire engagement rings are popular as engagement rings. Corundum is the only real mineral after Diamond that has a hardness of 9  Mohs scales of hardness. Only diamonds are harder with a rating of 10. So whether you scratch it (Unlikely as it will take a  diamond) or whether you drop your ring in the swimming pool, the hardness of Blue sapphire makes sure that your ring is safe forever, just like Diamonds are forever, Gemstones are for a lifetime.

To make things easy for you on how to choose a Blue Sapphire of your choice to refer please refer to the video we have created for the benefit of our customer.

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