2 famous sayings depict the very nature of the universe that we live in. the first being ‘Change is the rule of nature and the second being ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’. Everything witnesses a change after a particular period of time and while the change is welcomed or not, it is destined to happen. And if ever the need for anything was felt with desperation and amongst the masses, that thing was discovered and invented eventually. Diamonds had a good reign for being the most precious gemstone for humans since time unknown. But now it feels like diamonds are no longer the first preference of even the people who are capable of buying them.


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 This is the change that we are talking about here, diamonds are out of fashion. Now this one will come as a surprise to you but diamond jewelry has witnessed a fall in the sells over recent years. The fall in sales was an indication of the changing trends. It was a sign that something else was taking over and becoming the preference of the people. These were the fashionable gemstones that were seen dethroning the diamonds. And there is no chance that you don’t fall in love with the beautiful designs that these gemstones come in. For instance, let us take a look at this beautiful piece of jewelry made of Emerald:
Diamond Jewelry

Over the recent years, a tremendous increase in the sales of gemstones was seen. These gemstones came in trend and are now becoming popular in every section of society. From people walking on the street to Hollywood divas walking on the red carpets of the various award functions, these fashionable gemstones are marking their presence everywhere. It has not been very long when Halle Berry was spotted wearing a gemstone engagement ring. Also, we see pictures of Angelina Jolie wearing Emerald while she walks on the red carpet of several prestigious award functions.
Emerald ring

And if these style Goddesses are wearing the gemstone, there must be a shift in trend in the fashion industry and that’s for sure.

Also, the gemstones are available in a variety of colors, unlike diamonds. And it is not the color availability of these gemstones but also these gemstones that have qualities like hardness in which they are second only to diamonds. Longevity and ruggedness are other features that make gemstones more preferable to diamonds. 

Also, it is for sure that in a price package where you can only afford one set of jewelry with diamonds in it, you can get numerous jewelry sets if you opt for gemstone jewelry. And who doesn’t like having options?

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Recently, Salt and Pepper’s diamonds have had a huge demand for being used in unique engagement rings and alternative rings. We have started manufacturing many types of alternative engagement ring stones in 2019. 

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Not only are these gemstones fashionable but also these offering almost the same qualities as the diamond. In diamonds versus gemstones, gemstones win at several points. First of all these gemstones come at quite less prices as compared to diamonds. Now not everyone can afford the expensive diamonds and if something offering almost the same qualities is available at remarkably low prices, what is the harm in that?

So for all these reasons, one can see that due to numerous good reasons, diamond’s monopoly over the jewelry market has come to an end.