santa maria aquamarine


What if you were born as Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebrew, you must be using this stone as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. And if you were or might be still a believer of folklores, then you must use it to get victory in battles and legal disputes.

Sounds strange and bit mysterious, right? Well, if you are a true lover of the sheer beauty of Gems then you must have recognized gem it is the ‘Aquamarine’ also known as ‘Stone of Sailors’. Today, we will tell you everything about this incredible stone. If you are a kind of person who is really not interested in those historical legends of the stones, then you can directly scroll down for buying tips section.


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 If you are inquisitive about this, then I welcome you in this short journey where you will learn and experience everything about Aquamarine.

Introducing Aquamarine
‘Aquamarine’ is derived from the Latina terms “aqua marina” which means “sea water”. It belongs to Beryl family and is the sister of Emerald.

Aquamarine Octagon, round, oval
             Aquamarine Octagon, round, oval


If you were born in March, then grab this splendid stone and wear it in any form of beauty and luck.

Brazil is a leading producer of wholesale aquamarine, with many mines spread throughout the country. Other places where you can dig-out it are Australia, Burma, China, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and America.

This beauty is known for its stunning color of either turquoise or bluish-green. Its intense color and clarity makes it favorite amongst females and jewels designers. In market, it is available in different hues and colors, of course according to its shades its price varies.

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aquamarine beyrl
Aquamarine 7.18ct

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In market it is available in many sizes and shapes rectangular, long rods etc. But if you are seeking one manufacturer and supplier who can provide you a wide range of cuts like beads, briolette, cabochons, faceted, and single stones then visit one of the leading brand, wholesaler, and manufacturer of Gemstones at They also provide loose, free sized, and customized sized aquamarine.

Aquamarine cabochons 6mm
Aquamarine Cabochons Aquamarine cabochons 6mm

It is considered as quite hard gem having hardness approx 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

Legends, Sagas, and Astrology:
Some believed it is the stone of courage and is the perfect match for those who are into meditation and spiritual healing.

Well, if you search there are multitudes of myths are there in different mythologies. In Roman mythology people used to believe that if a frog is crafted using this stone, then its miracle can change mind of your foes and can force them to become your friend. It was considered as the best gift for groom by his bride for everlasting happy marriage life.

People say that it works as a sea-saver and safe sailors from sea-storms and sea-dangers. It’s funny but if you dream of Aquamarine, it is said that you will get post friends.

There are many others, like it is also believed to be a superior stone for fortune telling or it can work miracle to calm down your nerves.

An Aquamarine looks amazing if it is wired up in gold, pearl, and other nuggets, as its splendid hues can mix with charms and give you the royal charm.