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Navneet Gems & Minerals has introduced another Colored Gemstone to its product line, Emerald. Emerald has been manufactured in India, almost 90% of it because of the skill that the  Rough requires to be cut in a particular way, which is why our factory has put our efficient techniques into Emerald Business.

We have good stocks of Caliberated/Freesize Cut Stones, and also Cabochons in Zambian Emerald. From the smallest of sizes 3×4 Ovals up untill 50 carats stones. Available in all shapes (Rounds, Ovals, Octogons, Pearshapes, Trillions, and many more)

Size: Caliberation up untill 10×8 and then Freesize

Shapes: All common shapes:

Quality: Depending on transparency (Water) and Color requirements.

Prices: Mail us to find out.

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emerald CabsEmerals Ovals

Emerald StonesEmerald Slices

Emerald OvalsEmerald Gemstones

We also have available quite amazing cut stones that can are unique and quite brilliant like the 1.21 carat Pearshape (In the picture)

We supply to many parts of the world, the recent Bangkok Gem Fair gave us optimistic signs that our entry in this Market is going to be quite positive.

Below gives you an insight into where this beautiful stone comes from.

World map of emerald regions

Color chart made by our company. If anyone wants to share, its only legal to share it if you give credits to our website.

Quality of Emerald explained via pics_0

Emerald quality chart1-1_0

Emerald quality chart1-2

Emerald quality chart1-3

Emerald quality chart1-4

Emerald quality chart2-1

Emerald quality chart2-2

Emerald quality chart2-3

Emerald quality chart3-1

Emerald quality chart3-2


Emerald quality chart3-3

Emerald quality chart3-4