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Contact Number : +66-818323858

Wholesale drusy quartz or druzy quartz supplier straight from Thailand in both gold and titanium

Looking for a supplier of High Quality Drusy Quartz (Window and Flat)?

Drusy Quartz CabochonsDrusy Quartz FacetedDrusy Quartz Single stones

Well you are at the right place, Navneet Gems & Minerals is just about the right place where you can find all types of different drusy quartz. Navneet Gems is one of the BIGGEST manufacturer of Drusy Loose Stones, Drusy Quartz, Drusy Druzy, from India, where we Import the Natural fine crystals from the Earths Crust, and we make it into this Amazing Semi precious gemstone, classified under Quartz. Drusy Quartz has a layer of Agate at the bottom, with natural white/colored crystals that make the wearer a great look and stand out in the crowd.

Wholesale Drusy Quartz 

Buy Drusy Quartz

Not only do we sell but we also educate people about this new stone that is available at our stores. Moreover, our manufacturings in India are efficiently producing this new Quartz that has gained popularity. Click here to write us an email!

If you want to know more drusy or druzy then you can read this - http://www.leaderpage.com/cms_upload_docs/everything-you-need-to-know-about-flat-and-window-drusy-quartz-gemstones-29.pdf


Understanding quality of Drusy quartz at Navneet Gems and Minerals

Drusy Quartz Quality explained

Flat Drusy

As you can see below we have all the colors in Quoted titanium drusy, as well as Golden 22k Flat drusy that are flat in look but look fabulous. (Crystals all around on the surface, full coverage and is most commonly used type of Drusy Quartz)

Flat Drusy Quartz

Drusy Quartz in Different colors

 So what is special about Drusy Quartz that makes it so famous?

The fact that is natural, and can give a very shiney look makes it being used in many sorts of things. Example: Belt Buckles, Dress add-on, and most commonly in Jewellery. Those tiny crystals make Drusy Quartz a very big hit in today's market. Drusy is also one of the most reasonable starting at 4$ a piece for the smallest sizes along with the biggest sizes going upto 25$ a piece for the biggest size in Golden Drusy.

Golden Drusy Quartz

Drusy Gemstones

Window Drusy Quartz

Titanium Coated
Gold Coated
Sizes Pcs Pcs Pcs Pcs
5MM 4.0 2.7 5.3 4.0
6MM 4.0 2.7 5.3 4.0
7MM 4.6 3.3 6.0 4.6
8MM 5.3 4.0 6.6 5.0
9MM 6.0 4.0 7.3 5.6
10MM 6.6 4.6 8.0 6.0
11 &12MM 8.0 5.3 9.3 7.0
13 &14MM 9.3 6.0 10.6 8.0
15 &16MM 10.6 6.6 11.9 9.0
17 &18MM 11.9 7.0 13.3 9.9
19 &20MM 13.3 8.0 14.6 10.9
21 TO 25MM 15.9 9.3 17.2 12.9
26 TO30MM 18.6 10.6 19.9 14.9
31 TO 35MM 21.2 11.9 22.6 16.9
Navneet Gems and Minerals
Please note: Prices are in USD per pcs
Prices are subject to change from date of issue.

Window drusy quartz can also come in Golden Colors, as well as Titanium Drusy loose stones that Navneet Gems has a large collection of in their stocks. (Usually a little cheaper, has there is partial coverage of Crystals as below picture demonstrates, with the agate showing on the surface)

These are all the different colors in Drusy Quartz, and we accept orders in wholesale only, we dont intend to sell one or two pieces. So please place your order for Drusy Quartz with us, as we have our factories in Thailand and India, producing this mind-blowing Semi precious gemstone.

Window Drusy

Drusy Quartz

Drusy Quartz Fancy


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