Navneet Gems and minerals have a supply of wire wrapping cabochons in all colors. We have cabochons in both Semi precious Cabochon and Precious cabochon at wholesale prices. The cabochons we have are suited for wire wrapping as we understand the quality requirements of a “wire wrapper” or individual designer or Jewellery company.

We have three different quality of cabochons for Wire wrapping cabochons into different prices, which are High quality with no inclusions in cabochons with excellent color of that cabochon. Second quality is Medium Quality which is Slight inclusions, with decent gemstone colored cabochon. Lastly is the Low quality, which has a lot of inclusions and have light-medium color, depending on the customers’ cabochon requirements.

Wire wrapping is a great work, with cabochons, that’s why Wire wrapping cabochons have become so famous and highly asked for. If you are looking for a supplier of wire wrapping cabochons, then Navneet Gems and Minerals has huge stocks for Cabochons that can be used for wire wrapping.

We have many big size cabochons available in all types of semi precious gems, you can see gemstone cabochons list here and choose which stones do you use and we can supply that gemstones in Kgs. We charge you wholesale production prices, not retail. Our prices are 4 times lower than retailer and we are confident about our prices and quality.

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