Wire Wrap Cabochon is produced in our factories in Thailand.

NavneetGems.com is an excellent supplier of Wire wrap cabochon, as we specialize in supplying gemstones and cabochon to Individual Jewelers that are making wire wrap jewelry to earn some extra business in the side.

Our wire wrap cabochon are priced for Wholesalers, so even if you are looking to buy a few pieces of Wire wrap cabochon, or in bulk quantities, we are the ultimate supplier of these excellent high quality, medium quality, and also low quality cabochon that can be used for Wire wrap and also for Jewellery itself.

The trend for wire wrap cabochon started in early 21st century, when small house-wives or working wives, started to produce their own jewellery, and then realized that Wire wrap cabochon have their own niche market, and they started selling to individuals. Their business is still based mostly around excellent personal touch and contacts.

Wire wrap cabochon have started to be used in every designer/Jewellerys designs and brochures, because of its excellent popularity we have increased our supply and command in supplying these and we have become America’s most famous supplier of Wire wrap cabochons. We also supply Wholesale Gemstone cabochons to many American and British Jewellery companies.