Navneet Gems and Minerals is a supplier of White Sapphire from Chantaburi (Thailand) at wholesale prices.

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If you are an Purchasing manager of a Jewellery company, that is looking for well priced White Sapphires with excellent quality of precision cut White sapphires, or a Gem reseller in your own country, then this is the right place for you to source your White Sapphires from. Currently, most of the White sapphires that are in the market are from Thailand, as white sapphires from here are very much available, and priced very well, to compete with other sources of White Sapphire. Initially white sapphires were coming from Srilanka, but later on, all the heating and cutting started shifting the production in Chantaburi and Bangkok.

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We have been supplying White sapphires to many companies around the world especially Jewellery designers and companies.

Our staff is well trained to treat you in the most professional manner possible, along with the supply of the desired quality White sapphire, and well priced Sapphires. We are a wholesaler, as we source our White sapphire straight from the source, in Africa, and then get the rough sapphires to be facetted.

White sapphire Free size 2 carat sizes rounds

White sapphire rounds 2 carat

White sapphires are priced quite high, because of their resemblence with Diamonds, they are a cheap replacement if someone is looking to buy Low quality white diamonds, they might as well use White sapphires instead. White sapphires have this amazing sparkle in them, as do most sapphires. This is the reason they are so lovely when used in Jewellery.

If you are looking for a consistent supplier of Wholesale white sapphires, either faceted or even cabochons, than please write us an email. You will be assigned one personal staff to take care of all your requirements. Please get in touch with us ASAP.