Wholesale Tourmaline Crystals are available at Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale prices. We are the one who provide you the assurity of quality and purity at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Tourmaline Crystals are available in different colors like White, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black and Multicolored. We also deal in the rare neon-blue form of Tourmaline, which is known as Paraiba Tourmaline in this trade.
tourmaline  crystals wholesale

Where most of Tourmaline crystals found?
Mainly Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and the California in United States . Many African countries (Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Somalia)

Color – Blue, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Gray, Multi, Brown, Pink  Hardness 7 – 7.5 on mohs scale
Crystal System structure – Hexagonal
Refractive Index 1.616 – 1.650
Specific gravity – 2.9 – 3.3
Appearance – Transparency Transparent to opaque
Double Refraction .018

Schorl species, Dravite species and Elbaite species of Tourmaline crystal are available at Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale prices. Schorl is the most common species of Tourmaline Crystal. We export the raw crystals mainly from Brazil and Africa, where they are chiefly mined. We chisel them at our own manufacturing units in Thailand and India according to the demand of our precious customer. We also deal in factory direct sales.

Wholesale Tourmaline Crystals are available in loose and bulk quantity for the wholesalers and individuals. We provide the wide range of Wholesale Tourmaline Crystals to you in your desired color and shape. You will find this Tourmaline Crystal at the competitive prices and you do not need to worry about the quality and after sales service as we believe to make the long term relationship with our precious clients. We make faceted tourmaline gemstone and cabochons in big quantities from these crystals in our factory.

Here is the color chart of tourmaline if you are interested in sourcing tourmaline crystals in any particular color or shade.

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