can supply Wholesale gemstone cabochons at excellent prices for Jewellers, Individuals, or for Gemstone or cabochon resellers.We manufacturer all our Wholesale gemstone cabochons from our own factories in Thailand, producing three different qualities of gemstone cabochons, High Quality, Medium Quality, and Low Quality gemstone cabochons.

If you are looking for an excellent supplier of Gemstone cabochons at wholesale prices, for very competitive prices, straight from our own manufacturing in Thailand (Mostly Precious cabochons) and from India (Mostly Semi precious cabochons). We strongly suggest you to ask us some quotes for some sample wholesale gemstone cabochons, because we can save you 30%-40% then compared to your local expensive Gemstone cabochon reseller, that would be having fixed overhead expenses of their shop and import expenses.

If you are looking for a supplier of Gemstone cabochons in wholesale from Thailand, or Gem cabs wholesale in Thailand or Manufacturer of Wholesale Cabs in Gemstones, we have all the different colored stone cabochons, such as Blue Topaz cabochons, Citrine Cabochons, Aquamarine Cabochons, Peridot Cabochons, all these are excellent Gemstone cabochons.

Please write us an email if you are a Jewellery designer looking for excellent priced Gemstones Cabochons, at wholesale prices from a manufacturer who understands a Jewellery designers quality requirements.