Wholesale bead supply by Navneet Gems and Minerals is quite profitable for you as we own manufacturing units where we manufacture beads and other jewelry accessories. We have these units in India and Thailand from where we are able to import beads at very reasonable prices.There are many types of beads we manufacture in our manufacturing units and you will get wholesale bead supply. Here are some examples of beads, which manufacture in our units. We expertise in semi precious stones beads, currently making in opaque, transparent and translucent beads. Our prices for beads are quite cheap as we have in house wholesale production, here are some sample pictures of our beads.

lapis beads, cabochons quality
Gemstone Beads India

Pearls beads – These beads are resemble to natural pearls which are quite expensive.

Glass beads – These are generally available in different styles, sizes, designs and colors with colorful coating and some handmade designs on them.

Crystal Beads – These beads slightly expensive than other beads because they give sparkle and glam finish to any piece of jewelry.

Seed beads – These are available in different sizes and quality.

Plastic Beads – These are the beads which are very cheap and can be used in all types of jewelry making projects and mostly used in kids’ jewelry.

China beads – These are most popular beads available in the jewelry world. These are readily available and are extremely cheap and are high quality.

Metal beads – These beads are made with different metals like silver, gold and all other types of non-precious metals.

Wooden beads – These are made by different wood types and are generally colored or polished to give a refined look.

You can contact us at info@navneetgems.com to know more about wholesale bead supply and you can get online quote too.