Everyone who has earned an honest day’s wage wants to have his money’s worth. That would mean best possible materials and craftsmanship but at lowest costs.

When the same principle is applied to jewellery it can go any of the three ways

    Buying jewellery locally from a store of repute is convenient and the safest method but also the most expensive option as well. This option is expensive as whatever costs the jeweler has to incur in the form of import duties, cost of transportation and security etc, it is transmitted to the customer. More the number of middle men in a supply chain, the higher the product is going to cost to the customer. Therefore though your friendly neighborhood jeweler might have been your go to place since ages, you should check out the rates of precious and semi-precious stones online before you take the plunge.
    One can buy loose gemstone locally. This way you can be sure of the quality of your gemstone. This gem then can be given to your jeweler to be used in your jewelry pieces. This option is more economical than option 1 but not the best option because all gemstones seller source stones from countries where gemstones had been manufactured. And as we pointed out above; more the number of middle men, higher will be the cost of the product. Therefore this option too boils down to the first ultimately.


    One can source gemstones directly from the country of its origin in its uncut form. You can also source these gems from places where the gems have been processed. For example India and Thailand are among the biggest hubs of semi-precious and precious gem stones respectively. This option was a little risky earlier because of the issues involved with international monetary transactions. With the advent of third party payment methods (PayPal and BitCoin etc) and disclosure of pictures before sending goods has rendered this option safe.Supply chain of the gemstone industry starts with mining. The raw materials are mined and sent to the dealers of rough stones. From these dealers the gems then move to the stone manufacturing and processing companies. After this it passes into the hands of wholesale gem dealers. Then it goes to the retailers and jewelry companies. In every step the dealer adds his/her own profit for services rendered. In this case if you remove the middle men and buy the gem stones straight from the manufacturer, then one can save more than 60% of his money. Many big jewelry companies buy gemstones from India and Thailand and pass it to silver and gold jewelry manufacturing units in Thailand, thus saving the cost of shipping and therefore reducing the cost of the product overall.

When you buy loose gemstone separately, it opens a plethora of options for you. One can choose your desired gemstones based on cut, clarity, color and use it in a design of your liking. For example if you like a certain design that is made of emerald gemstones at a jewellery retailer, you have to buy whole piece at a high price. Alternatively you can buy your own gems, select your design and get the stones set.

Scenario 1
Miss Cristina goes to a jewelry showroom and buys a necklace from there. After a few months, the gem stone set in the jewelry comes loose and falls out. Miss Cristina notices a strange thing. The back of the gemstone has a crack in it!
Q. Why has this happened?
A. Miss Cristina didn’t get to inspect the stone before it was set and hence got duped. This is another disadvantage of buying readymade jewelry.

Scenario 2
On the other hand, Miss Jennifer did her research and ordered a good quality customized gemstone online for her jewelry piece from Navneet Gems & Minerals, Thailand. The Gem cost her 60% less than what it would cost her in USA and she got to customize her jewelry design.

On comparing scenarios 1 and 2, we can clearly see that Jennifer got a good quality customized gemstone. This suited her needs and she got a better bargain. You can call this smart buying.


Mr. Richards from America wants to buy a Tanzanite gemstone of the size 10×8 mm in an oval shape.
He wants to purchase 2 pieces for earrings, to gift his wife on their wedding anniversary. He checked the local price of the stone and found out that the prices were too high for him to be able to afford them.

Then he was told about online mediums of gemstones purchasing by his friend. These mediums are in the form of Alibaba and Ebay or independaent retailers like us, Navneet Gems & Minerals.. After that he makes the payment via PayPal. The gem stones are shipped to Mr Richards who gets them set into ear rings at his local jeweler.

CONCLUSION: Navneet Gems and minerals is a trusted source of both uncut and cut precious and semi precious stones. Choose from our range of options and you can order gemstones at whole sale rates. This turns out to be much cheaper than getting a readymade jewelry piece. Once you select a wholesale gemstone from Navneet, our executives will get in touch with you and give you details of the deal.


Email us on info@navneetgems.com (as we don’t sell the stones online). In the subject please write “Information on *name of gem stone*”. In the body of the email, you can ask about the shape, size and cut of the stone. Also you can get in touch with us over Whatsapp and Skype.
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