Looking for a supplier of Pink Sapphire straight from Chantaburi, the hub of Precious Gems from Thailand?

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You are at the right place if you are looking for Wholesale prices for these precious pink sapphires. We are not saying we’r the biggest in terms of market share of Wholesale Pink sapphires but our sources are straight from Chantaburi where most the manufacturing of Precious gemstones take place, and we get them from the manufacturings that are controlled and monitored by the thai people, who are skilled in Sapphires, pink sapphires especially.

Pink Sapphire
                                             Different shades of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphires are the most asked sapphires because of its color. All sapphires are similar properties, and only the color sets these prices. Women love pink, which is why Pink Diamonds and Pink sapphires are so highly asked for. Pink sapphires come in many shades as you would be aware of if you have been using Sapphires for long enough, and obviously the more pink it is, the more expensive and the more valuable the gems are likely to get. We stock all different colors of pink sapphires, as each one of our customer has a different and unique requirement, be it in terms of price of pink sapphires, or be it in terms of quality of these pink sapphires.

Pink Sapphire Ovals  Pink Sapphire Pears

The above two pictures are of Wholesale Rose Cut Pink Sapphire, which is of almost top quality, you could say Medium-Good Color for these ones. These are genuine pink sapphire, which is obviously full shades of pink. However, the one picture you see below has a more purple shade in some of the stones, and this is rare which is why the prices are higher. But Purple sapphire is available in limited quantities, but available at Navneet Gems & Minerals.

Pink Sapphire Oval Pink Sapphire Single Stone Oval

Name: Pink Sapphire

Shapes: Avaialble in all shapes that are most commonly used, especially Rounds, Ovals, Pearshapes.

For price please write us an email since we dont want to disclose our prices online to public.

Cutting: We have rose cuts and normal cuts available in stock, for Pink Sapphire.

For any other type of sapphires or precious gems, please write us an email and we will definitely be able to quote you our prices straight from Chantaburi.