USA is the #1 market for any game or game console. In the month of July 2016, all americans started playing the game pokemon go. Viral videos on Facebook, youtube, snap chat were all over, about how crazy people are about pokemon. The game has many 10000’s of loyal fans. For those loyal Fans; Navneet Gems and Minerals created Pokemon jewellery at wholesale.

Navneet Gems and Minerals are one of the first companies to introduce Pokemon Jewellery into the market. Our designs are copyrights ™, for this reason we cannot disclose any designs. However, the pokemon jewellery is available in bulk quantities for stores and chain stores who want to target those game fans, here are the different concepts we have available with us for lovers of Pokemon Jewellery:

1. Pokemon ceremic jewellery.

Bulgari, Cartier, all other brands created their pieces with flat discs like rings, pendants to attract the buyers, especially in stones like Lapis, Turquoise, Red Coral, all the natural colors. We have also produced a flat red and white with a broken (edged) in between, to represent the pokemon logo.

2. Pokemon Gemstone jewellery

Red agate and white agate. Glass fill ruby and white topaz. These two combitions are a way we can make the pokemon silver jewellery in 92.5 silver.

3. POKEMON pendant is a very simple concept with the 7 words written in plastic and a simple pendant with a simple chain.

4. Customized pokemon jewellery is possible also, as we customise a lot of our jewellery where we simply produce what concepts our customers give out to us in CAD or JPG files.

For any pokemon jewellery related information, ordering, pricing, catalog, simply send us an email at, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a complete answer and information.