Glass fill or composite ruby – a mix of low quality natural corundum (Ruby) with lead-glass – It first came in market in 2006. Initially some fake supplier sold it as natural ruby because treatment was not commonly known, was limited with a few people. Soon when quantities came in market then it got recognized. After this treatment low quality or commercial grade rubies are coming in market with lead glass treatment because it is more priced than low quality natural ruby.

Basic criteria in market to judge the quality of glass filled rubies is clarity and color. Well, it should be percentage of lead glass present in the piece that is why there is difference in price of different suppliers. If there is lead glass component above a certain percentage (decided by gemologist association) then it is considered imitation so buyer should always take care while buying glass fill rubies. There are some properties that differ the imitation and naturally treated ruby – glassy appearance, fragile, unusual big size and unexpected color.

Glass fill rubies wholesale

We are NavneetGems from Thailand, wholesale genuine supplier of original glass filled rubies made as per instructed by gemologists. Thailand was the first country to start the treatment of natural ruby, many other countries like China and India are selling fake rubies or composite rubies or imitation in price of natural lead glass filed rubies.

We have all sizes and shapes in stock. Basically round, oval, square and cushion are preferred shapes but we do manufacture all shapes on order and keep in stock as well. We sell big sizes for rings, earrings and pendants and selling mix lot as well.  We are producing and selling from regular faceted normal cut , cabochons to all fancy shapes as well.

wholesale ruby glass fill