Historical Magnificence in Gemstone Doublets and Triplets

A Rainbow of Colors with Our Gemstone Doublets and Triplets

Antique Victorian Ring Yellow Gold Garnet Doublet & Seed Pearl Flower Motif – 1900’s (Pinterest)

In the past, gemstone doublets and triplets were popular in antique jewelry. Before quality synthetic gems and long before our gemstone doublets and triplets were available, this was a widely used technique for creating gems that imitated the appearance and optical effects of natural gems. It was also a way to give strength to fragile gems and to create large gems at affordable prices.

To make a doublet, two stones are literally glued together. Such a composite stone for example, to mimic a Ruby, might have a top made of red Garnet and a bottom of colored glass.

For some, the doublet’s color can come from the colored glue holding top and bottom together. Red glue, sandwiched between two pieces of colorless Spinel, produces a ruby simulant. Blue and green glue could be used to simulate Sapphire or Emerald.

Gemstone Doublets and Triplets

A triplet is a composite that uses three pieces, rather than two, to form the whole “gem.” One version, known as a “soudé emerald”, may have two pieces of spinel fused together with a layer of green-colored gelatin or green glass, producing an emerald-looking stone.

A Bi-colored Quartz Doublet

In the gemstone jewelry trends nowadays, with colored Diamonds being favored by celebrities over traditional whites, Fancy Color Diamonds and Doublets are all the rage. The traditional white diamonds are being replaced by pink, champagne and even black diamonds, which allow brides to show off their individuality. Our Gemstone Doublets and Triplets are even more popular for that reason and to change the color and or hue and at a much more reasonable price.

Deep Blue Opal Doublets

Also, in today’s gemstone jewelry trends, to the end users and the new gen people, it seems that they don’t care so much about high value diamonds but love the look of the alternative colors available and our gemstone doublets and triplets can be a fantastic alternative to solid stones as they are much cheaper than solid gems.

Solid opals for example with the same appearance as an opal triplet can be ten times the price as they are rare and valuable, therefore they serve a useful purpose in making beautiful dark opals affordable with our gemstone doublets and triplets. However, you need to be aware of what you are buying and know how to correctly care for them to avoid water damage. We are always open and honest and will explain everything including proper care.

A Green Garnet and Quartz Doublet with Natural Inclusions

How about a fantastic purple sapphire made with a deep pink and blue sapphire? A palette of colors are yours to choose from to create unique and exciting jewelry creations for your jewelry customers, with our wholesale gemstone doublets and triplets and so many combinations to choose from.

Pierre Cardin Australian Opal and Diamond Doublet Watch

More recently, faceted doublets have been re-appearing in the market as inexpensive Quartz doublets made from a thin Quartz section for the crown and a larger Quartz section for the pavilion, both colorless and fused together with brightly colored glue. Any gem color can be produced this way.

The green Garnet and Quartz doublet pictured above has natural inclusions and is made to imitate an Emerald. The gemstone shows such as the recent JCK Las Vegas have been highlighting doublets and triplets in their displays and all of our clients are very excited about our Gemstone Doublets and Triplets. Many of our larger clients past and present buy bulk orders of gemstone doublets and triplets at wholesale price from us and even more ask about them often.

Our Rainbow Sapphire Watch Bezel

The watch industry has and still does love the doublets and many very classy and expensive watches such as the Pierre Cardin Opal and Diamond Doublet watch above are created with them. The bezel with gemstone doublets is another growing concept and the Rainbow colors of our gemstone doublets and triplets are too.

Our doublet and triplet combinations create an amazing color change and at the cost of maybe 1/5th or 1/3rd of the original stone. With a selection of our Crystal Quartz on top and our London Blue Topaz on bottom it will show the London Blue brilliance through the Quartz on top. With today’s technology the difference is hard to distinguish in fused doublet and triplet gems but again we are only selling honestly here as we always have been to the gemstone jewelry industry.

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