Navneet Gems and Minerals are supplier of designer cabochons at wholesale prices. It is beneficial for wholesalers and retailers to buy these from us because we have manufacturing units for these in Thailand and in India.

There are three major qualities in designer cabochons i.e. AAA quality, which is top quality among Cabochons, then AA quality and then A quality. Following are the examples of designer cabochons:

Spectrolite Cabochons
New Drusy Cabochons
Fine Jasper Cabochons
Ocean Jasper Cabochons
Fossil Cabochons
Agate Cabochons
Opal Cabochons
Scenic Cabochons
Ammolite Cabochons
Fordite Cabochons

These designer cabochons are not just stones but they are more precious than diamonds to us. Each one is quite unique and it seems like miniature worlds or massive landscape scenes. There is endless variety of these stones.

If you think that you are fed up wearing boring bog standard stones, then you are at right place to change your taste and try something very new and different. You can contact us at and tell us if you have any specific choice. You can check designer cabochons online and you can also enquiry online for the gemstone you want. Please send along with details like shape, size and expected price.