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The purple variety of quartz stones is known as Amethyst. It is the most valued stone in quartz family. To be Amethyst, it should be color purple. But if you look it from different angles, then it shows a variety of color shades like deep purple, light lilac, lavender and mauve. Deep medium purple with rose colored flashes Amethyst stones are the top quality stones.

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Amethyst stones wholesale is generally found in Brazil and Africa. We also import top quality of this direct from Russia, Brazil and Africa. The best quality of these stones are generally called “Siberian” or “Russian” Amethyst. The reason behind this is that the best quality Amethyst was originally found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Brazilian and African stones are also good quality Amethyst stones.

Wholesale Amethyst gemstones come from pink to vivid purple color (mostly light color come from Brazil and vivid purple come from Africa).
Amethyst Color chart

Available grades of Amethyst stones wholesale are as follows: Apart from these big countries, Amethyst stones wholesale occur from many other countries like Namibia, Canada, Mexico, etc. These stones can occur as a crystal which is six sided on either end.

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