Navneet Gems and Minerals is a specialist supplier of Cabochons in 2 mm and 3 mm sizes in all Semi precious and Precious gemstones.

We have stocks of 2 mm Cabochons and 3mm cabochons in almost all the Colored gemstone category. Sometimes we may be out of stock for some colors, but our manufacturing is continously producing Following is the stock list for our inventory in 2mm and 3mm cabochons.
Cabochons Color             Available Quantity in Stock in both 2mm and 3 mm
Swiss Blue Topaz             10,000 pcs available
Sky Blue Topaz                 7,500 pcs available
London Blue Topaz         1,500 pcs available
Citrine (3 colors)              7570 pcs available
Amethyst (3 colors)        9500 pcs available
Rose Quartz (Pleasant)   3500 pcs available
Smoky Quartz                   1500 pcs available
Green Amethyst                5000 pcs available
Lapis                                    8000 pcs available
Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire/Others     Available on orders, and maybe in stock. Email us!

These above are only the colors we have in stock for 2 mm Cabochons in Gems, and 3 mm Cabochons in Semi precious gems. For Precious Gemstone Cabochons or for other colors in Semi precious cabochons in sizes 2 mm and 3 mm round cabochon, then please contact us for available and prices for the available stock cabochons, at

We maintain quality of every piece, as we want long term customers so we focus on quality and quantities (more quantities, more lower prices available for customers). Here are sample pictures of small size cabochons.
Round Turquoise

2 mm and 3 mm gemstone cabochons are quite famous in Jewellery settings, for micro settings sometimes too. These are the smallest sizes that are “comfortably made” and are easily available. Since we are in Thailand, we also have lots of excess to 2 mm and 3 mm Precious cabochons in Sapphire and Ruby. Wholesale Ruby cabochons and Wholesale Sapphire cabochons in both 2 mm and 3mm are also very famous because of their price attractiveness and also their fine quality, and resemblance to expensive stones.

gemstone cabochons
Arizona Turquoise natural

Navneet Gems and Minerals has been a consistent supplier of these small sized round Cabochons at Wholesale prices, to many companies, especially those specializing in big necklaces, with specialize in small sizes. Many Jewellery companies and Nail Art companies source Colored gemstones from us, in these small 2 mm and  3 mm cabochons in various colors.