White Diamonds can come in many different qualities, sizes, and shapes. Navneet Gems and Minerals keeps all round shapes in all qualities.

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If you are looking for a supplier of White Diamonds in general Round sizes or Certified Loose Diamonds, then we are the right place for you. Our factory in India produces all the different qualities in small sized rounds, along with specialy cut, 0.50 carats up until 2 carat White Diamonds.

Diamond manufacturing isnt easy, thats why we buy our rough of White Diamonds from the major rough importers in Bombay and Surat itself, and then we manufacturer all the White Diamond Small sized rounds in our own factories. These small rounds, can be very very small such as 1 mm and as big as 2 carats, which are all Certified Loose Diamonds. In Diamonds, sizes are less commonly referred in MM, but rather talked in Pointers. 10 pointers is 0.10 carats, this way its easier to Buy Loose White Diamonds in Wholesale.

We keep 1 pointer (0.01 carat) up untill 2 carat Diamonds that are mostly GIA certified (That cost around 250$ for each certificate and most Diamond traders ask 350$ for certification which is a rip off), we also keep some HRD certified Diamonds! Some of them most amazing Diamond pieces are Asscher cut (My favorite), but we have many other Exciting Certified diamonds loose for sale, as we have a huge turnover.

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For the prices, you really have to shoot us an email at info@navneetgems.com. Our factories are located in Thailand & India, but for Diamonds all the processing, manufacturing, is done from our Indian factory whichis quite effecient and low cost, as we dont sell online, but we just complete your sourcing for White Diamonds, at Navneet Gems and Minerals.

Wholesale Diamonds can come in many different origins, ours is completely ethical and green techniques that are being used to make least an impact on the environment, and we keep ourselves from Blood Diamonds, as we keep away from Diamonds that have a hidden story behind them!