Tsavorite or also known as Green Garnet and Navneet Gems and Minerals is a supplier of this Colored gemstone.

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Tsavorite Garnet information, Origin, History, Color and availability
No one can estimate the idea of market value of the stone by just keeping the category in his/her mind, there are semi precious stones which are more expensive than precious stones like alexandrite and apart from these Tsavorite (Green garnet), Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Iolite and other stones don’t fit in their assigned category because of medium to high price range.

Tsavorite, the chrome green garnet which has superior gemological characteristics and comes from east Africa. It is called ‘replacement of emerald’ because of better price, color and quality than emerald and can be easily used in daily use rings and earrings. Another big thing is that it is not even treated in any way and completely natural where most of the emeralds are oiled.

It’s has not been long time when tsavorite was discovered. The first sample of this grossularite garnet was discovered by Campbell bridges (that time was working as consultant of Tiffany and Co.). Campbell discovered first deposit across the Kenya’s order in 1970 and Henry Platt (Tiffany and Co.’s president) named it Tsavorite.

If we talk about big size Tsavorite above 1 carat then only 2.5% were above one carat and 85% were under 1 carat that shows the importance and low availability of Tsavorite above 1 carat. It is difficult to find a tsavorite above one carat with top quality without any inclusions, even rarer than emerald.

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Tsavorite Ovals

Tsavorite Big Ovals

Our manufacturing and selling of Tsavorite stones
Only few companies like us have good quality Tsavorite in more than 1 carat in nice color. We also sell calibrated sizes as well. Pears, ovals, rounds are most popular shapes in this stone.  Tsavorite Garnet has recently become popular, since the start of the 21st century. Earlier the deposits were found in very less amounts and in very poor quality, but the recent increase in the supply has meant alot of Jewellers have started using this Green Garnet, as a replacement for Emerald, which is quite expensive and not clean.

If you are looking for a supplier of Wholesale Tsavorite, at very competitive Factory prices, straight from Thailand, than kindly contact us. We currently have all the shapes and sizes in stock for Tsavorite. We also make Tsavorite garnet on orders, for custom shapes or cuts, as our skilled cutters will shape the rough in the customers orders’ way.

Tsavorite is used in many countries, including the United States of America, and the European countries, including Turkey which uses alot of Emerald as well as this replacement for Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet.

Why Tsavorite is far better and demanding than other green color stones
Vivid and radiant green color of Tsavorite is desirable and demanding. Let’s compare the other green color stones with Tsavorite – Green tourmaline and Emerald are other green stones, if you see chrome color of tsavorite in front of other green stones then you will see how deep green and sparkling color tsavorite has and this green intensity makes this stone unique, even though you can see the light of this stone through cloth.
Tsavorite is one of two green varieties of garnet, though arguably the more important of the two. Especially in smaller sizes, tsavorite creates competition for emerald because it is less included, rarely treated, and more durable. Like some emerald and green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet owes its green hues to the presence of vanadium and chromium.

Different color and cuts of Tsavorite gems
-  Tsavorite Garnet is come in different shades from pale green, medium-green to vivid blue-green, the most expensive color comes with nice luster and saturated green without any yellow tint and not dark in anyway.  Price of Tsavorite Garnets also depends on shape. Ovals, rounds and cushions are most popular shapes and you will always see 1 carat or above stones in these shapes.


Contact us for loose Tsavorite gems
This completely natural stone we produce in Bangkok, Thailand as we run our own factory in Chanthaburi for loose semi precious and precious gems. We source raw material from the Scorpion Mine in Taita, Kenya and other mine from Tanzania, Scorpion mine material is better than Tanzaian mines and mostly big size (near 1 carat and 1 carat up) are made of scorpion mine’s material. It became easy for us to source rough of this stone because we were already having our sources in Tanzania who are also supplying us Tanzanite material. Tsavorite is younger brother of Tanzanite in matter of availability, as tanzanite is only found in Tanzania, in the same way Tsavorite is found only in a few mines. Due to low availability of raw material, prices for ready stock have been raised. Only few companies are able to supply ring or earring size tsavorite stone and we are one of them.

There are thousands of buyers in market; some ask for light color, some ask for top color so we have all different colors available with us to complete requirements of every buyer. We understand the market scenario and jewelry costing so we suggest and offer stones to our clients based on that and so far all our clients form different countries are satisfied with us. You just need to drop a mail on our email id or if you personally want to meet us then you can visit us in Bangkok, Thailand. Here we can show you all available material and if you want to place order then we can also process that but most of our customers place order online to save their transportation cost, precious time and other expenses. You can find our email in contact us form, we also have an inquiry box there, please take few minutes to fill the columns and we will get back to you with in few hours. Make sure to check out our Tsavorite’s color chart so you know what tsavorite color you are looking for, usually there are 3 colors, but realistically this is the color chart that you need if you are looking for very particular colors:

Tsavorite color chart