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About Morganite – History and Introduction -
Morganite comes in beryl category and famous for its color and basically it comes in two colors peach and pink colors. It belongs to same group that emerald belongs to so sometimes it is also reffered as ‘pink emerald’. All beryl gems are rare and high in market value so morganite is.


First Pink morganite was first found in California, USA, by George D. Kunz (American gemologist) in 1910, that time it was called ‘pink beryl’ but after few years it was renamed as Morganite in honor of J.P Morgan (Gemstone collector and American banker), since that time it has become an investment gemstone.

Mines of Morganite gemstone -
It is an aluminum beryllium silicate and color ranges from pale pink to peach color. Generally it comes from Madascagar and Brazil. Madagascar is famous for pink color and Brazil material color is peach. Material from Madagascar mines has been stopped almost because of no deposit available, only old material is coming in market. Low availability of this mines’ material, has been raised the prices of Brazilian mines’ material which comes in peach color. In recent years prices have been almost two to three times and gems anticipators anticipate more high prices of this stone. Unique peach color is main reason behind its skyrocketing prices. Other mines are available in China, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Russia, Zimbabwe and the USA (California)

It has hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. The refractive index is 1.562 to 1.602 and specific gravity of 2.66 to 2.87. When we talk about clarity then Moragnite stone is very clearer than other beryl stones, it hardly comes in heavily included quality. It is well known for its brilliance, luster and clarity.

Morganite hardly comes in intense color; most stones are very pale colored. Big sizes stones come in stronger color than small sizes stones. Almost all morganite stones come in faceted, only rare pieces which shows the cat’s eye effect come in cabochon cutting. Ovals, pear and cushions are popular shapes in this stone. Most of the big size morganites are used as gems collection.

Morganite Color Chart

Treatment on wholesale morganite gemstones
Morganite is often found untreated and unheated stone. In some stones heat treatment (At low temperature) is used in order to improve the color and remove yellow tone which looks bad.

Morganite Gemstone jewelry design ideas –

All beryl gems are known for their excellent appearance in jewelry. Morganite comes with good transparency, hardness, durability and luster and this makes it one of the favorite stone of all jewelers.  Jewelries made by this stone, are not only for parties even though you can use in daily life. When we talk about in perspective of value and it is quite affordable. People but jewelry of this stone for both investment and uses purpose simultaneously. We cut morganite in every size and shape. Morganite peach color is so elegant and suits with gold, white gold and other metal easily.

Morganite Gemstone

Here and below are photos of some of our Beautiful Morganite from our stock.

The world’s largest morganite stone is exhibited in the British Museum, it was found in Madagascar. This one is cushion shaped stone. Some other claims that largest morganite is heart shape 169 carats stone which is currently showed in exhibition in China. Morganite is more rare than diamonds, when we talk about rarity then it is thirty thousand times rare than diamond.

How to pay right value of loose morganite gemstone

I would suggest you to always buy loose morganite gemstone to save 30% of your money because all jewelry charge high for gemstones they use in jewelry because they also buy it from somewhere and add their high profit and it is difficult to estimate the price idea of stone engraved in jewelry.

wholesale morganite

Color and size – Color plays an important role than size in this stone. If a stone which is small in size but good in color then price will high so always prefer color than size.
Heated or unheated – This factor is for gems collectors because they highly consider unheated stones and completely natural even though color and size is not good. This is not only in case of morganite but also in case of other stones also. Jewelers never prefer unheated morganite because total cost of jewelry becomes so high that they can not even sell it on costing price.

Why to buy morganite stones from us
Navneet Gems and Minerals has a regular stock for Caliberated Morganite, along with Wholesale Freesize Morganite in limited shapes and sizes. We have a huge supply of Rough Morganite, which is further treated in Pink Colored Beryl (Morganite), this amazing Semi Precious Stone is quite amazingly pink, the pink hues available in Morganite are ir-replacable and not available in any other Gem.

Size: Available in all caliberated sizes, easily available. However, big sizes is difficult to get. However, it can now be found at Navneet Gems & Minerals. Here are some of the pictures from our stock:


Research on Morganite Engagement rings – its results are summarised here but to read a full detailed story about our research that was conducted in 2015, go to the bottom of the page:

Research on morganiteThe Four pieces of Morganite below are Top color from the Western Heat Process in Morganite. The picture below this one is Light Morganite, which uses Thail Heat Process, which is much lighter. Any orders for Morganite in Wholesale will take atleast 3-4 weeks if we dont have in stock. If we have them in stock then we could send the same day.

Thailand is known for cutting of morganite stones and we have our own factory to cut morganite gems. Every piece of our pass through a strict manufacturing process and this is the reason we are standing here today. We have separate quality and control department to check every single piece and then it goes for selling. We have our factory in India too but Indian labors are not that skilled to cut morganite so we prefer to cut in our other factory which is situated in Chathaburi, Thailand in Bangkok city.

morganite Colors

How we work and how you can contact us? Every buyer expects to see the stones before he/she buys so we do send nice pictures of stones to confirm with your customers before we ship them. We have simple process for communication and dealing, all you need to drop us email or send us an inquiry through contact us form and we will be reply you back within few hours with prices, pictures and other information. We serve every small to big customer in different price range morganite gemstones.

IMG-20150708-WA0030 IMG-20150708-WA0031 Morganite Ovals

6×4, 7×5, 8×6 Wholesale Morganite ovals

Morganite Gemstones