Know everything about Iolite history, origin, prices, quality, color and all the information is written by graduate gemologist from GIA, California.

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History, etymology and optical properties of Iolite gemstones – This stone quite resembles to tanzanite even sometimes amateur gems business men get confuse among sapphire, tanzanite and iolite because all three comes in same color, transparent and shares same optical property of pleochroism.   Tanzanite was suspected as cordierite in very starting time; ‘Iolite’ is trade name for cordierite. Iolite is silicate material of aluminum, iron and magnesium. As we detailed in our tanzanite product page about pleochroism, same challenge a cutter takes to cut this stone in the best way.
Iolite history is not new, when Leif Eriksson and the other famous adventurous guys ventured out into Atlantic Ocean and they used to use Iolite to find their position. Are you wondering how? They used to keep thin pieces (As polarizing filter) and used to use this to determine the esact position of sun and guide their way back to starting point. Iolite has different hue colors from sides so they used this optical property.World’s biggest Iolite – The world’s largest iolite crystal was found in south of Palmer Creek, in Grizzly Creek.  Approx weight for the crystal is 24,000 carats.

Iolite qualities and cuttings-
Iolite has two features – A violet hue derived from presence of iron and pleochroism optical property which can be seen easily by eyes no need of any magnifying loop. Blue-gray, blue-purple and dark blue and somewhere colorless, it shows when you see it from different sides. We explained in Tanzanite product page about cutter’s challenge when he/she cut this stone, in the same way this goes. Cutter tries best to cut in a way that grayish, yellowish, colorless and brownish hue don’t show through crown or face. When you will see a rough of Iolite piece then it is very difficult to analyze the side for the best color, only experts know this, we have 18 years experienced team for gems cutting job. When we talk about treatment then Iolite is completely natural stone without any enhancement. Iolite is mined in Mozambique, India, Sri Lanka and Brazil and other countries.Cordierite is typically opaque gemstone and this quality is used in cabochons, while fine gem-quality iolite comes in transparent to translucent quality. Cutting of faceted iolite gemstones matters a lot, if it shallow cut then it shows window and deep cut reduces transparency so it should be cut perfectly in order to get perfect transparency and color.

It has been a little difficult task for a normal person to distinguish among tanzanite, iolite and other transparent blue stones. There is simple trick, when you rotate iolite then it gives grey to colorless tint/hue. On the other hand tanzanite gives purple hue when you rotate it.

Iolite cut and cabochons stones -
Mainly Iolite is cut in faceted stones because of transparency but slight week color material or SI material is used in cabochons. You can find 5 carats below Iolite stones without struggling hard but over 5 carat sizes are difficult to find; generally it ranges till 10 carats.  We have all regular to free size Iolite faceted and cabochons stones.Iolite Round cabochons

Iolite Gemstones

How to identify Iolite?
Tanzanite, Sapphire quite resembles Iolite, the only way is hue to identify the correct stone. If color is sapphire blue then it is blue sapphire, if it violet-like blue then it is Tanzanite and if it is light-blue with Grey and colorless some point then it is Iolite. If we compare based on hardness then it is harder then Tanzanite and softer than Sapphire. A good quality Tanzanite comes in vivid blue that color you cannot get in Iolite and blue sapphire. Another way is to see size of the stone because in vivid blue color it is difficult to get a piece of blue sapphire and Iolite above 5 carats. Over 5 carats Iolite and blue sapphire comes in included quality and Tanzanite can found in clear quality easily.
iolite colors
Chemical properties and astrology of Iolite – Magnesium aluminum silicate are chemical name of Iolite with hardness of 7-7.5 on Mohs scale with orthorhombic structure and with 2.58 to 2.66 density. This stone is suitable for third eye chakra. As we explained above how legendary guys used this in while going on adventure so it’s considered to be a stone of strong vision. Insomnia, eye disorder and weak memory can be overcome by using this gemstone.

How Iolite is good for jewelry designing
Iolite hardness is good enough so it can be used in rings and that can be worn on everyday basis. Iolite is perfect gemstone for bracelet center stone, pendant and brooch. Because of royal color, this stone is used in many accessories of men like cuff-links, tie-tacks and center bow stone because of its nice blue color.

Jewelry designers have long searched for an affordable gem to complement the rich blues so prevalent in fashion, from denim to velvet. They found it in iolite, an unusual gem that offers rich blue color that won’t break the bank. Named from the Greek ios , or violet, iolite at its best is a rich violet blue that might remind you of better-known gems like tanzanite and sapphire. Although it is still not well known, iolite has a long history, but lets not get into that.

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