Buy Loose Wholesale Rutile Quartz in Black, Cooper, Golden, Yellow and other Colors

Introduction to Rutile Quartz
Rutile Quartz is one the best Natural Gemstone that we are manufacturing and selling. Rutile Quartz comes in Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow etc. colors. This amazing natural stone seems like man made because of its beauty. Needles or hair inside rutile quartz are really magical.

This article will cover following information about Rutile Quartz.

1. Manufacturing and supply of Rutile Quartz by NavneetGems
2. Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts availability in Rutilated Quartz
3. Price range of Rutilated Quartz
4. Jewelry Use of this Stone
5. Current Market of Rutile

All about our Manufacturing and Supply of Rutile Quartz

Navneet Gems and Minerals is working in Gemstones industry since last 18 years. Our prices are competitive with very fine quality because of our own manufacturing unit of Gemstones in India and Thailand. We have direct source of Rough in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa and other countries. We have many different qualities in Black Rutile Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, Rutile Quartz Cabochons.

We import rough from brazil and then manufacture calibration and Free size in different colors. Long time before we were only dealing in Precious stones but when we visited Brazil, we saw this amazing stones and starting manufacturing since then.

Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts

This stone comes in many colors like Black, Golden, Cooper, Yellow etc. Quality factor is needles o hair inside Stone. If stone is heavily loaded with hair inside then it is not the sign of good quality. Limited needles with proper arrangment makes it elegant.

When we talk about sizes then it comes in calibration to free sizes. Big sizes are more popular because of use in Jewelry as pendants. Different cuts and shapes are available in all colors like Faceted, Cabochons, Beads, Flat bottom etc. Round, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Square, Oval and other shapes are available in all colors.

The interesting fact about Rutile Quartz is that Rutile is the only semi precious gemstone that is valued for its inclusions. Limited Needles or hair inside stone gives a fascinating look. Any rutile quartz that has full of hair doesn’t look good.

Sample Pictures from our stock. We have many Quartz Rutile lots like these –

yellow rutile quartzfaceted rutilw quartz

cooper rutilecopper rutilefacted cut rutile

Price range of Rutile Quartz
This stone is very very cheap when it comes to its natural beauty. Prices starts from 0.07$/carat and goes high according to qualities. Big size rutile Quartz Gems are more cheaper than Calibration because of low costing in Production. We are selling lots of thousand carats also at very minimum prices.

Jewelry use of Rutile
These are sample pictures sent by our Loose Rutile Quartz Cutomers who are Jewerly makers. Mainly we have customers from USA, UK, Aisa and Austrailla. We thank to our customers to give such an elegant look to loose Gemsin Jewelry.

rutilejewelry rutile quartz
    Black Rutile Quartz                                                         Golden Rutile Quartz

Here are the pictures of Pair set Rutile Quartz Loose Stones in different shapes

Rutile Quartz OvalsRutile Quartz Slices

Current Market of Rutile
Now a days Rutile is one the most famous Semi Precious Stone after Garnet . Different look of this natural Gemstone, Unique, Cheap in prices makes it popular. he srilankan material of rough rutile has gone and now no more in market, the chinese are using up all the rough and buying in big quantities but our company Navneet gems has a big stock of more than 50 kilos and thus we can do well and supply good Srilankan as well as Brazillian quality of rutile.

Rutile Quartz

Golden Rutile QuartzGolden Rutile Cabochons

Rutile Cooper Faceted Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz Cabochon

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