Which Gemstones are pink?

Pink = Girls right?

Well we all know the universally recognized color for girls, women, the fairer sexes don’t we. Yep PINK of course! So today we will be talking about which types of gemstones come in pink ? specifically.

So as we know Gemstones come in various shapes, sizes, forms, cuts and prices. All of which we have here.But Which Gemstones are pink?  Pink is generally associated with girls, love and a lot of engagement rings contain pink in this day and age. Let’s take a look at the different varieties of Pink Gems that you can find in the world today. We will break it down for you a little, give you a general idea on how hard getting these pink gemstones, will be on your pocket.

Which Gemstones Are Pink?
Which Gemstones Are Pink?


Lets see Which Gemstones are pink?

Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine. Prices range from $20/carat to $150/carat.

Kunzite if heated is sometimes not too stable, Kunzite is the light pink to violetish purple variety of the mineral spodumene. It’s found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and the US state of California. Prices range from $3.00/carat up to $25.00/carat

Natural Pink Diamonds are super expensive from Argyle mines, radiated pink diamonds are cheap. Prices per carat range from the hundred thousands to millions of US$’s  In November 2010, In April 2013, Christie’s sold the Princie Diamond, a 34.65-carat VS2 clarity Fancy Intense Pink diamond for a fantastic $39 million ($1.1 million per carat).

Sotheby’s Geneva sold The Graff Pink, a 24.78-carat potentially flawless Fancy Intense Pink diamond for an astounding $46.2 million.

In December 2009 Christie’s Hong Kong sold The Vivid Pink, a 5.00-carat potentially flawless, type IIa, Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ring for US$10.78 million (US$2.1 million per carat).

Highest Auction value pink diamonds

According to our research these Pink Diamond values increased from 67% to 544% over a period of between 6-12 years. Looks like a very valuable growth to me!

Treated Pink Topaz, well Topaz that can be turned pink seems only to come from Brazil, much of it from one mining locality, Oro Preto. Prices range from $1.50/carat-  $10.00/carat however this is wholesale pricing.

Natural Pink topaz comes mostly from Pakistan or Brazil and can be expensive. Topaz with a vivid purplish pink is the most rare color of topaz, color is more important than country of origin in assessing quality. 1 Carat sizes can go for as much as $200 per carat

Pink sapphire – Describes a pink sapphire with natural beryllium, the next best alternative to a pink diamond because of the Corundum hardness. Prices vary considerably and can range from carat for the small sizes – $10,000/carat for single 6 carat pieces in a hot pink shade. If you want to know the difference between Pink sapphire and Ruby, check this page.

Pink CZ-Or Pink Cubic Zircon as it is known is a synthesized material that is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless, but may be made in a variety of different colors including pink. Other interesting colors that can be made are, yellow, purple, green and even multi-colored.

Rose quartz – is one of the many quartz varieties used as a gem material. It gets its name from its delicate pink color, which ranges from very light (almost white) to medium-dark. Usually available in rough chunks or polished pieces, as it rarely forms defined crystals. The coloration is due to the presence of titanium, and polished rose quartz often displays a chatoyancy (cat’s eye) effect, or asterism (6-pointed star), created by included microscopic titanium crystals. A single Rose quartz crystal sphere can be picked up for as little as $3.

Pink Spinel – The spinel used in jewelry is a small part of a group of minerals that share the same crystal structure, intense reds and pinks are caused by traces of chromium. The higher the chromium content, the stronger the red hue. A little less valuable than Sapphires but still a beautiful choice and according to Forbes Magazine was recently declared the August Birthstone. Have a look here: http://bit.ly/2aC9kY0

Rhodochrosite – Can be most commonly found in the N’Chwaning mining area in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Facetted Rhodochrosite can be quite expensive and super pink, almost hot pink.

Pink tourmaline – Tourmalines can come in many shades and colors. In fact, tourmaline has some of the most varied color ranges, Rubellite is a name for pink, red, purplish red or brown/red tourmaline, however many professionals in the industry say that it should not be used for pine tourmaline.

Well this I think is the most I have used the word pink in a day I am sure .One thing is for sure, Pink Gemstones are a beautiful and dainty option on jewelry. It also continues to be one of the most highly fashionable colors for Gemstones.

So there we have it! Spoilt for choice and variety right?But at least you now have a better understanding of Which types of gemstones are pink? As a conclusion, today we will categorize each gemstone in order to help you out a bit when it comes to the time of making a decision. I doubt you can ever go wrong with getting your prettier half a Pink Gemstone jewelry piece. Here is a couple of suggestions on when.

  1. So when you do decide to “Pop The Question” (Will you marry me?), we at navneetgems.com suggest either Pink Diamonds, Pink Sapphires or Pink Spinel.
  1. For everyday, casual, fashion ware we would suggest one of the following, Pink CZ (cubic zirconia), Rhodochrosite, Morganite or Kunzite.
  1. Last but not least your girlfriend, or should that be first? Well we shall leave that up to you. For her we suggest Rose quarts. However I will leave you folks with one last thought.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

By the way here is a full image of Semi precious stones’ – with most of the gemstones for those who are looking for other colors.

Semi precious stones