To write this article, I did a lot of research online on various blue sapphires with their prices, shapes and origins. Mostly, I did research on Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burmese Blue Sapphires with their prices as they are popular worldwide and these countries are prime resources for these sapphires. Also, I went through many websites that sell blue sapphires and many other stones, including ruby. Everything that is mentioned in this post is 100% true as I research a lot on everything, then mentioned.

Blue Sapphire, a naturally-occurring gemstone is made of aluminium oxide (corundum) and tinged with tenuous traces of cobalt and other metals, which lead to its tempting blue hue. Actually, the word ‘sapphire’ means ‘blue stone’, and found in igneous rocks with alluvial deposits. This unique gem has long held the admiration as well as wonder of all kinds of people, right from kings and queens to travellers and explorers. A Blue Sapphire Gemstone has respectable sparkle and might display various colors when viewed from different angles. They can be heat treated, and diffused with beryllium or irradiated to enhance their blue brilliance. These gemstones can have secondary hues such as violet and purple too. One of the largest blue sapphires ever found weighed about 42 kilograms discovered in Sri Lanka.

Blue Sapphire ovals

Blue Sapphire gem is a precious stone, and the prices of blue sapphire also known as Neelam Stone in Hindi vary according to origin, color, quality and cut. Apart from Sri Lanks (Ceylonese Blue Sapphire), this amazing gemstone is also mined in Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and Madagascar.
blue sapphire from different origin

One of the classic precious gems is blue sapphire, and valued for its excellent hardness and vivid color. We know that fashions come and go, but these sapphires are always popular for vital jewelry items, including engagement rings, necklace, pendants and many more. But, the most important question asked by retailers, distributors and individual buyers of gemstones is “How much is blue sapphire cost? The cost you pay for any blue sapphire gem should be in direct relationship to the quality and rarity of the stone you are buying. However, buying direct from Gemstone manufacture and supplier you’ll get the best value in the market.

  • Burmese Blue Sapphire Prices : Min price 7,040 Rs / carat to Max 183,000 Rs / carat
  • Thailand Blue Sapphire Prices : Min price 1,000 Rs / carat to Max 7,020 Rs / carat
  • Sri Lankan Sapphires have a price range of around Rs. 5 600 to Rs. 20 000 / carat

burmese, sri lankan and thailand blue sapphire
Some stones are more rare than other gems, for example, Rubies are more rare that sapphires. So, a Ruby would be of a higher price because Ruby is rarer than an Sapphire. Also, a Burma Ruby would be higher priced than a Thai Ruby because it is more rare than the Thai. Now, you know Burma Ruby is more prized than a Thai, so what is complicated? Color! An Imperial Pigeon Blood Burma Ruby is higher in price than a pinkish red Burma Ruby.

Most of the best-quality blue sapphire in the market has been heat-treated to enhance the clarity and color. Carat size is a very significant factor in pricing, and  where a best heated blue sapphire in the 1 carat size may sell for $200 to $600 per  carat, and excellent quality gems in the $800 to $1,200 / carat range. Remember,  the cost of the gems per carat increases insignificantly for bigger stones. For example, the prices per carat for 2 carat heated blue sapphire are $ 1,000 to $15,00, with very fine stones selling for $1,500 to $2,500 per carat. And the same pricing principle applies  for the rare 4 and 5 carat blue sapphires.

Natural Blue sapphires Colors:
The color grade of blue sapphires is the most important characteristic when finding a sapphire’s price and rarity. The best color for a natural blue sapphire is AAA+ quality and  is the most expensive and rare. Second would be a medium rich blue color graded on AAA quality and blue sapphires with a little gray undertone would be considered an AA quality and a very dark and opaque blue sapphire is considered
oval blue sapphire

Below, I have provided a table with blue sapphires color grade, carat weight and price.

Carat (s) APrice AAPrice AAAPrice AAAAPrice

0.50 to under 1.00

$40-45 $65-70 $150-200 $250-300

1.00 to under 1.50

$70-75 $ 200-250 $450-500 $650-700

1.50 to under 2.00

$75-80 $ 250-75 AA- $500-525 $725-750

2.00 to under 3.00

$150-175 $ 275-300 $525- 700 $750-800

3.00 to under 4.00

$200-225 $350-500 $700- 1000 $850-1300

4.00 to under 5.00

$240-250 $ 550-600 $ 1000-1350 $81400- 1700

5.00 to under 6.00

$300-350 $ 675-800 $1450-1800 $1900-2000

This table can be helpful for you when you are going to buy blue sapphires as it provides you a clear idea about prices of different colored graded blue sapphires. For example, if you want to buy a 3 carat AAA blue sapphire, then you can easily know how much will be the price of the gem. Besides, you can easily identify whether the stone is AA grade or AAAA grade simply by looking at the color.

Factors affecting Gem Price
What is the right way to determine the correct Gem Price. There are lots of factors that determine the price per carat of precious gemstones like Blue sapphires. The prices are directly proportionate to many factors and the prices of gemstones do not increase with mathematical progression, instead of geometrical progression. For instance, if a gemstone, which weighs 1 carat, cost $1000, but if all things remain equal the same gem of 2 carats may cost up to $4000 per carat because a 2 carat Gem would be rarer than a 1 carat Gem. Do you know that there is no set price range for colored gems? And the price for the same colored stones can vary from as little as $10 per carat upto $10000 per carat depending upon the quality and other factors.

Rarity is directly proportional to Gemstone price
Gems that are rarer, so command a higher price per carat in compared to the gemstones that are available relatively easier. Gems such as Rubies and Sapphires are more expensive than gems like Amethysts or Garnets.

Gemstone Color:
Color is the most important factor that finds out the price per carat of a colored gemstone. Color is everything in a Gemstone, and color of stones is made up of Hue Tone and Saturation. Additionally, you must keep in mind that color may vary from one region to another region.

Shape Of The Gems
The most popular cuts in blue sapphires are Ovals and Cushions. As you know that the fanciness and complexity quotient of the gemstone cut increases, so does the price. Among the oval and cushions, a cushion cut gemstone fetches a better price than an oval. Keep in mind that the cut of the gem impacts the brilliance of the stone while master cutting of gem makes sure the best play of light in a gem. If there is any cutter err on cutting, particularly vis-à-vis the critical angle the light will leak away and neither the color or brilliance of the gem is best displayed.

Blue Sapphire Benefits And Effects
The Blue Sapphire Gemstones are connected to the planet Saturn, which is associated with kingly luck and abundance. Also, Saturn is astrologically and spiritually extremely strong and also recommended to wear a blue sapphire stone embedded in gold or diamond rings. In addition, Blue Sapphire Gem unblocks the wearer’s Ajna Chakra as well as protects the pituitary gland. The Ajna Chakra is related to imagination, intuition and creativity, and therefore the Blue Sapphire helps the wearer in being more intelligent, charismatic and intuitive that leads to peace of mind and with a better judgment.

If you don’t know much about Blue sapphire stones prices, but by reading this post anyone can provide price idea on any Blue sapphire by looking at its Size, shape, origin, color, clarity, etc. You can email us for more information. We have videos uploaded to guide you. We are always here to assist those who are interested to know.