Introduction about loose tourmaline gems -Tourmaline is one the stones which has outstanding color range like green, pink, blue, black and olive, this is the one of reason people get confuse about its color. Etymology behind the word “Tourmaline” reflects one of its properties; it comes from word “Tura Mali” which is Sri Lankan word that stands for “Mix color stones”. In beginning era, this stone was mistaken by “Emerald” from 1500s to 1800s. After 1800s scientists tested ingredients, crystal structure and chemical composition of this gem and declared it as a distinct mineral species. Crystal structure of tourmaline quite matches to different colors and only difference of a few physical and chemical properties.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is a wholesale supplier of Loose Tourmaline Gemstones, these include: Wholesale Tourmaline, Wholesale Pink Tourmaline, Wholesale green tourmaline, Wholesale Indicolite tourmaline, Tourmaline Cabochons, Tourmaline beads, Tourmaline Loose gemstones, Tourmaline single pieces in all colors of Green, Blue and Pink.

We import Tourmaline directly from where they are mined chiefly and glaze them for our clients at our own manufacturing units which are situated at Thailand and India. Our expert craftsmen use advance tools to shape the gemstone and make it beautiful.

We slice it in round shape, pear shape, teardrop shape, cushion cut drop shape, oval shape, side drilled stick shape, needle drop shape, slice drop shape, tri-tube shape, faceted rondell shape, faceted slab shape, trapezoid shape, heart shape, wheel shape, etc. and we also customize it according to the requirement of our customer.

Paraiba tourmaline is quite rare stone and demand is so high, it is high priced stone and only very a few companies do stock of Tourmaline. Mozambique, Brazil, Nigeria and some other countries are known for availability of raw material of this stone. It was first discovered in Nigeria then Brazil and Mozambique. Mozambican Paraiba tourmaline is bluer and cleans other mines.

How to choose best quality tourmaline faceted and cabochons gemstones?

Transparency, color, size, shape and quality are factors to know to pick a best tourmaline piece.

Transparency – Tourmaline is transparent to translucent stone. Top quality pieces come with zero percent opacity with good saturation of color. If a stone is less transparent with good saturation of color then price will not be high for that piece so TRANSPARENCY is the most important factor.

Color – We will divide it into two sections – one is different color tourmaline and other one is color saturation of tourmaline. This stone comes in wide and amazing range of colors like candies ;) and price for every color is different. Paraiba, blue (Indigolite), pink, green and then others (Black, yellow, olive etc.) come in order based on value. “Perfect color saturation” is very important. Sometimes buyer think the more darker is more valuable but it is not, if any stone is very dark and giving blackish tone then it will be least valued.


Shape and Size – Oval, Round, cushion, long baguette and triangular cut are popular shapes in Tourmaline. We have been cutting all small 2mm round faceted or cabochon to 12mm and up sizes in different and sizes in our factory. Micro sizes are very famous in pink and green color and widely used in jewelry, sometimes it is used to replace pink sapphire to minimize the total cost of jewelry piece. Over 5 carats sizes are high in price because big size raw material is not easily available.

multi tourmaline faceted stones mix color stones

You can contact us at info@navneetgems.com if you want to buy Tourmaline at affordable prices. We will also edify you if you want to know more about it.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is located in Thailand, with our headquarters in Bangkok and also has a manufacturing units in both India (Jaipur) and Chantaburi (Thailand), where we are producing all varieties of Tourmalines. The cabochons and beads are being manufactured in Jaipur with our workers specializing in the “slicing” of the tourmaline rough, then sawing it into preforms that are then processed into cabochon or beads or small sized caliberation stones in bulk quantities. Our Thailand factory manufacturers all cut stones from 8×6 ovals upto freesize single piece stones that range from 3-4 carat upto 15-20 carat pieces as you may say in the pictures attached.

Multi Tourmaline freesize stones from our manufacturing -

Multi tourmaline is currently being stocked in more than 100 lots, each lot has an average carat weight. For example a recent lot as attached below is of 7 carats average and is a 1500 carat lot, which has more than 200 pieces included. Most of our Multi tourmaline does not contain any “dead” stones, sorry but stones that are very dark and unsellable specially after placing into jewellery. Very dark stones have very less value in Multi tourmaline, thats why we have a mix of lots in all colors, some are bright and some are darker than the average, but not completely light or completely dark stones. All stones are cut to save weight as well as make them look beautiful, to find the perfect balance. All stones are well repolished from our factory in Thailand that cut these beautiful Wholesale Multi tourmaline freesize stones.

Wholesale Pink Tourmaline freesize single stones from our factory -
Tourmaline in different colors

Pink tourmaline in wholesale quantities is one of the most selling products in 2013’s market, it sells well because Ruby isnt the right stone. Pink diamonds will always sell better than Red diamonds. Pink Tourmaline is usually found in all shades and all types of qualities, mostly the very nice pinks like in the first picture below sells the most. But again its about preferences, some customers like off shades, some like more red in their tourmalines and some just like them to be perfectly “Pink” tourmalines.

Pink Tourmaline

Email us today to Buy Pink Tourmaline from a wholeseller like us.

Green/Green BlueTourmalnes stright from our manufacturing units in Thailand -Wholesale Green tourmaline can be sourced also in caliberation as well as freesize. We have from 3 mm upto 10 mm rounds, ovals, cushions, pears, octagons, heartshapes, trillions and all other shapes. We also have very nice Green tourmaline (one of the most common colors in multi tourmalines). Please see some photos below of Green tourmaline at wholesale prices, contact us for this.

Indicolite Tourmaline

Also below are one of the most famous Tourmalines which are most priced – Blue/green Tourmalines (Also known as Indicolite tourmalines) and if it the pieces are purely “BLUE” then thats what we call the best “Blue Tourmalines” which are the most expensive out of all.

Tourmaline Beads and Cabochons (MADE IN Thailand)
These are some of the pictures from our stock. We are manufacturing AAA beads in multi tourmalines, AA beads in multi tourmaline and also Pink tourmaline. A quality beads in multi tourmalines. We are also making Rondells in all colors in Tourmalines, Cabochons in Multi tourmaline in caliberation as well as Beads. Cabochons are also being made into nuggetts that are of low quality. Tourmalines are also coming in Briolettes in mostly small sizes beads but bigger sizes are also available (but to be honest only some things and limited stock in limited sizes and shapes). Indicolite Tourmaline barely comes in Beads or Cabochons form, as they are so limited in availability that manufacturers like us make all Indicolite tourmaline we find into Cut stones. To buy tourmaline or source them from us, all you have to do is shoot an email ;)

Tourmaline cabochons

Tourmaline cabochons – We have been selling tourmaline cabochons at wholesale prices in small to big sizes. 5mm, 6mm, 8mm are widely used in jewelry however we produce every size from 2mm to 12mm in all different colors. We have distinct customers market like sliver jewelry manufactures, gold jewelry manufacturers, gem collectors and personal users so we make different qualities from A grade to Gem quality.

Mix tourmaline cabochon

Contact us for wholesale loose faceted tourmaline faceted and cabochons and make us your one stop gemstones’ supplier.

Here is another Color chart of Tourmaline if you are interested in finding all the different shades of Tourmalines.

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