Jewelry is something that people choose to wear on special occasions. These jewelries are a symbol of social status and people opt for them for looking more elite and classy than others. it will be no harm saying that the jewelries boost up the confidence of the person wearing them. A jewelry item matched with good dress will definitely bring you ahead of others. Due to all these reasons; the rise in the jewelry designs have been seen and to cop up with these demands; we have witnessed the emergence of single handed jewelry designers.

The term single handed jewelry designers can be used for the small scale jewelry designers that handle the production and design of the jewelries on a small scale. Over the recent years; there have been lots of individual designers that have marked their presence in the market. Unlike the top brands; these small level jewelers are trying to make their presence marked and felt in the market and for that reason being; these designers take good care of their customers. It is often seen that the services rendered by these designers are even better than comparatively bigger and corporate kind of the jewelry brands.

America has been a great jewelry market and over the years and the consumption of the jewelries in the American market has only increased and not witnessed any fall. Although there have been shifts in the jewelry trends but overall jewelry market has not suffered ever a major setback.

To support what I wrote; I would like to present a statistical report of that:
Thus it leads to the existence and rise of the small American designers making jewelries. Although these jewelers have increased in the numbers; their service areas are limited. These designers often take care of the people living in their nearby locality and to highest extent, in their city.

And not just American but there is various other countries also that are encouraging and supporting the SMEs in the field of Jewelries. Take a case of Thailand for instance:

This gives the consumer a natural advantage of being in touch with the designer whenever it is needed. Also as belonging from the same locality most of the times; a trust factor and a bond can be seen building up between them. That bond and the trust are the main reasons for the success and rise of the new Small and Medium Enterprises emerging in the field of jewelry designs. Out of the many things turning to be good from these SMEs; one in particular is that they develop designs that are often unique.

Since most of the work is done on the individual requirements; there are slightest of chances that any design that is wore by one is going to be tagged as common. Everyone gets the unique design that they ordered for and thus they don’t have to choose only from the fancy catalogues and showcases they see in the top brands showroom. Rise of these SMEs in the field of jewelries have been a good indication so far and now there is no doubt that they meet the requirement of the local area in a much better manner.