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Looking for a Supplier of Wholesale Tanzanite? America’s favorite gemstone.

Introduction about loose Tanzanite gemstones -

“Tanzanite” which comes under “Zeosite” category, is purple blue gemstone that shares the optical phenomenon of  Pleochroism (It shows different appearance of color from different side) and different level of lights give striking look. Blue color of this stone is so fascinating that it replaced blue sapphire in some jewelry designs. As mentioned above that it shares the pleochorism property that’s why cutting of stone plays a vital role in market value of tanzanite, and real challenge is to cut the stone in a way that it shows most pleasant color through the crown part and another challenge to make sure that is should be cut as minimum as possible because carat size matters a lot in this stone.  When we talk about treatment all tanzanite gemstones are normal heated and which is acceptable and understood in market. Our factories are located in Thailand & India, producing High quality and Medium quality Wholesale Tanzanite Cut and Wholesale Tanzanite Cabochons. We specialize in both cut and cabochons.

Chemical Formula of Tanzanite is Ca2Al2(SiO4)3(OH) ( Calcium aluminum silicate ) that come with orthorhombic crystal structure and 6.5 to 7 hardness on Mohs scale and 3.35 density. Luster and transparency level is also good of Tanzanite stone which comes with 1.691 to 1.700 refractive index. It comes with purple hue with primary blue color.

Tanzanite is a blue colored, Semi precious gemstone that has been used since quite long. Its dark pleasant blue color pleases customers worldwide, especially the Americans. Our factories produce everything in caliberation sizes, be it small or medium sizes in almost all shapes for Cabochons and Cut. However in cabochon, Ovals are the most common and the most available shape, becuase of the rough structure. We gurantee to provide Wholesale Tanzanite Prices, to our customers, even if its a few pcs order, or a large order. Please get in touch with us instantly if you want a consisten supply of Tanzanite, at Wholesale prices, because India is a hub for 60-70% production of Tanzanite.

Supplier of Wholesale Tanzanite, but Communication, Quality Control, and Punctuality is what they will lack. Navneet Gems & Minerals is the right supplier and wholesaler of Tanzanite, one of the Semi precious stones available in the market. We have stocks available in all qualities. Once a sample is presented, or target price quoted, we can work on a continous order basis.

Sometimes we think who named it “Tanzanite”? How the real value of this stone was recognized? Who discovered the mines of this stone?
In 1967, a Masai Tirbesman found the vivid blue and transparent crystals in north Tanzania (East Africa) and later on he informed his local person there and claimed and registered new mines there. It was mistaken by Sapphire in very starting time because of same intense blue color. In next few months this news spread in near areas and more hundred claims were registered in near range.

Soon this news aired in gemological circles and gemologist started to study the mineral, chemical structure and composition of this stone and they found that it was a combination of Al, Calcium and Sio2 with hardness of 6.5-7 on mohs scale. The interesting thing is that the demand graph of this stone increased rapidly. Tiffany and Co. took the first step to promote this stone in market by the name of “Tanzanite” because it was discovered in Tanzania and they marketed this stone as replacement of blue sapphire and Africa’s mystery.

Tanzanite Facetted Stones

Tanzanite Octagon


Tanzanite Cushion

Tanzanite Pear

Tanzanite is America’s pride, it is the American dream. But dreams do come true and thats whats happening around this country America; dreams are coming true. Tanzanite is one of the loveliest gemstone in todays market, facetted stones are the most commonly bought and thus produced type of cutting style. With not too much room to play around with the creativity in this highly valued stone, most common shapes are just Ovals, Rounds, Pears, Octagons, Hearts, Marquises. But Ovals really stand out at the top of the pyramid.
tanzanite grade chart

We have a great supply of Tanzanite Facetted gemstones. Here are some of the pieces from our stocklist, if any of you are interested in sourcing freesize stones from us, simply contact us at navneet(at)navneetgems.com

Color and quality chart of Tanzanite
Same like other stones, 4c’s (Color, clarity, carat and cut) play an important role in price of this stone. More bigger and vivid blue stones are higher in prices. A manufacturer takes a decision based on market price whether to cut considering size or face-up color. You can understand the clarity very easily by seeing a normal quality tanzanite cabochon and tanzanite cut stone because normally cabochons comes in unclear quality as comparison to cut stone. A nice quality tz stone must be clouds and cracks free with good transparency and color saturation. Here is general color chart of tanzanite and you can easily ask the price to us based on your desired color, a gem quality tanzanite is an intense violet-blue all over the stone with perfect saturation of color. Another price factor is shape, ovals, rounds, cushions and octagons are much valued than marquise, trillion and square.

100% Natural Unheated Tanzanite Cushions

100 % Natural Unheated Tanzanite Cushions Navneet Gems

















Who we are? What we supply? What you can expect from us?
Every buyer who is going to spend his precious money always looks for a gemstones supplier who can consistently supply desired quality products at competitive wholesale prices and we do. We are NavneetGems, wholesale manufacturer and supplier of loose tanzanite gems. We have our own factories in Bangkok, Thailand for tanzanite, tourmaline, ruby, sapphire and emerald and all semi precious gems we are cutting in Jaipur, India.We supply different qualities in tanzanite stones (A, AA, AAA and Gem quality) and you can call us “one stop shop” for retailers, wholesalers, designers and stores. We have our nice sources for raw material and in all small to big sizes. When you buy online gemstones then you look for the same quality, color and clarity for what you are paying and you can expect this from us. Our company has been working in gemstones field since last 18 years and served more many customers from different countries.

Tanzanite demands in market and supply -
Price parameters of Tanzanite, are same like precious stones and there are different markets for calibrated, big size, top quality stones. How calibrated and low quality came into the market that you will understand by reading interesting study behind tanzanite. There is an interesting graph between demand & supply, prices & supply of this stone. In very starting when Tiffany and Co. started to promote this stone to big jewelry companies as replacement of blue sapphire, at that point supply was available in big quantities but demand was low, later on this stone became very popular and Tanzanian government took the supply and mines under their control and supply became low and low supply raised the prices of available material in market. By seeing the skyrocketing prices, big companies stopped using this stone in their designs. After 10 years, Tanzanite story took new turn when thousands of independent suppliers took over it and low supply became oversupply and both calibrated sizes and big sizes were available in big quantities in market so prices came down and later on Tanzanian government released some strict rules and supply of this stone become limited and now right now prices are increasing day by day.

Tanzanite Cabochons -
Tanzanite Cabochons are really very famous for their prices. I mean Americans love Tanzanite and since the early 21st century it really took of. But recently since the general quality has started to go down, Tanzanite cabochons have also like other cabochons become very trendy. Tanzanite cabs are un-replaceable. Nothing can really beat them in terms of Tanzanite’s color and its quality. Can ya think of a different stone other than Tanzanite which comes in the same quality, color, properties as Tanzanite? The answer is probably no.

Tanzanite Cabochons Photos from Our Recent 2014 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Shows’ Booth

Tanzanite Cabochons OvalTanzanite Cabochons Ovals

Generally not the most preferred quality of Tanzanite Cabochons, here in the picture. But when it comes to the price point of view, the price is way lesser than the lots above.

Most of the Tanzanites we have right now are in 2 qualities or sometimes depending on what price range the customer is looking for. Can you see that the Tanzanite lots usually have Purples and the Blues mixed together? Try looking for the Tanzanite pieces that look quite purple-ish and on the other hand the ones that have just a blue tone ONLY to them. We sell Cabochons in the caliberated too but are less common due to its small price difference between these and the Facetted rounds. But due to our huge inventory in Tanzanites it just becomes easier for the customers to select what they like, how much they are willing to spend on each item.

Navneet Gems & Minerals is a leading supplier of Wholesale Tanzanite, and we have grown since the past 5 years incredibly, because we source our gemstones straight from Tanzania, the only place where mining for Wholesale Tanzanite takes place.

Calibration sizes in Tanzanite-

Tanzanite RoundsTanzanite Rounds Faceted

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