Best Quality of Swiss Blue Topaz at Wholesale Factory Prices is available at Navneet Gems and Minerals.

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We buy the raw White Topaz straight from Brazil and Africa. We enhance the color of the gemstone by treating it with the help of advance machines and tools. We have an expert panel who are highly qualified in their field. The best color in Blue Topaz is Swiss Blue Topaz. However, we also have Sky Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz which are equivalently great gems.

We are not selling by clicking online, but you can visit our website for more details about Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz. To order, all you have to do is click the Contact Us link above, and use the form or send an email, with your requirements about shape, size and cut.

Please see the pictures below to see the quality of the Blue Topaz. Note: the pictures were not photoshoped in any way (Only text was added). These pictures are 100% natural, and we provide what you see on your screen.


Swiss Blue Topaz Trillion

Swiss Blue Topaz cabochons   Swiss Blue Topaz HeartShape

Blue Topaz can come in many different ways. White Topaz Rough, Swiss Blue Topaz Rough, Swiss Preforms, Finished Swiss Blue Topaz or even custom designs.

Apart from Freesize Swiss Blue Topaz (30 carats-200 carats), we also keep all sizes and shapes in stock, as we get continous orders for this stone.


Swiss Blue Topaz Pears

Swiss Blue topaz Bagette

Swiss Blue Topaz Bagette 5x3Swiss Blue Topaz pears 18x13



We manufacture Loose Swiss Blue Topaz in our own manufacturing units. So, we can make any shape, size and cut according to your choice. So, you can write to us an email at without any hesitation and find out latest revised prices for Swiss Blue Topaz. We are a supplier of Wholesale Blue Topaz, including Sky, Swiss and London Blue Topaz.