When it comes to style and fashion then jewelry is second thing that comes in mind and yes clothes are always on top of the list. There are various metal jewelries available in market like gold, silver, platinum, bronze, German silver and many more. Gold metal can be polished (rhodium) in different colors. Gold jewelry is not possible to make with 100% purity. At least 5 to 8% silver, bronze alloyed to enhance its strength and solidness. Our article will follow about antique, contemporary and all types  of silver jewelry manufacturing.

When it comes to silver jewelry then it is inexpensive metal for jewelry and does not tarnish. Silver is a beautiful white metal that can be easily polished. Silver metal has good polishing properties, strength and durability.  When you buy it and use it for 10 years, after that if you polish it again then it gives same new touch and finishing. Silver jewelry trend has been increased a lot in recent years and jewelry designers are using expensive stones in silver metal. As we informed above about gold jewelry, it is same with silver jewelry that silver can be mixed with other metals like cooper, bronze and others while making jewelry of it. You have definitely heard a word 92.5 which stands for purity that means 92.5% silver is present in that pieces of jewelry and rest other metals are alloyed. All 92.5% silver jewelry is stamped 925 which show silver presence.

Silver jewelry is not a new trend. It has been used by old civilizations for example ancient Anatolian community people. They used to do mining of silver, now that part comes in Turkey country. Not only Anatolian people but also Sumerians of Mesopotamia civilization and other people also used it a lot. Silver and gold has been also valued from old times. They believe of god creation made of gold and silver. Some people associate gold and silver with respectively sun and moon.

Silver jewelry is used all around the world. China, Thailand and India are well known silver jewelry hub. We produce silver jewelry in our factories in India and Thailand. We stand out from other suppliers because we have in house production of gemstones as well. Thailand and India are famous for gemstones jewelry. We started silver jewelry factory nine years ago and so far we have gained many customers because of our products and service. We have been silver jewelry with both semi precious and precious stones.

We have been making cocktail rings, bracelets, birthstone rings, pendants and earrings as per your design. We currently have staffs of 40 people who are involved in silver jewelry production. Every staff of ours is more than five years experienced.

We have been manufacturing jewelry with loose faceted stones, cabochons, carvings, slices and other fancy stones as well. We have in house CAD designing set up as well so basically we are doing all things in house. This makes the things fast and cost efficient. We deliver the goods on time.

Silver jewelry manufacturing can be categorized based on hand made and casted jewelry. Here is the process –

  1. CAD computer 2D or 3D design – CAD is used to prepare design mould. Plastic wax is used to create two or three dimensional graphical representation.
    CAD Silver jewelry
  2. Silver item prepare – After plastic mold filling process is used to prepare silver item by using machines.
    Mould to Silver
  3. Stones setting – Once all work of silver is done, diamond or zircon or gemstone setting is processed.
    Stones setting
  4. Polishing – Polishing is done after setting process. Chemicals and machines are used in this step. Ultra cleaners are used to remove tarnish. Boilers are used to generate steam during the process.
     Polishing jewelry
  5. Rhodium plating (if needed) – In this process, metal is deposited on a surface (conductive). This is used in gold jewelry as well.
  6. Sometimes stones setting (step 3) is performed in the end.
  7. We have quality control department who check every piece thoroughly as per customers’ requirements.

 When it comes to silver jewelry then it can be categorized in plain silver jewelry and gemstone silver jewelry. We are famous for 925 silver sterling jewelry and known as wholesale exporter and manufacturer of silver jewelry. Our factories in India and Thailand is making both handmade and casting.

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