Rough stones to ready material process is called manufacturing process. Thailand, India and China are well known hub for gemstone manufacturing. India is famous for handmade gemstones and china is famous for machine made stones. When it comes to custom designs then no one can beat India and Thailand. Thailand market is known for precious gems and India’s market is popular for semi precious gems. When we talk about particular city in India then Jaipur comes first (more than 85% manufacturing), rest in other part of India.

We are gemstones manufacturer since inception of our company. We are producing all types of semi precious gemstones starting from normal cut, rose cut, flower, diamond, briolette, checkerboard to other customized cut. Our semi precious gemstone factory in India and Thailand has more than 45 labors that are continuously producing gemstones in bulk quantities for our customers. Our customers have been stick with us for a long time and our are satisfied with our quality of stones and services. You can check reviews posted by some of our clients here –

Gemstone manufacturing process – Gemstone supply is a long chain which starts from rough mining holders then follows rough dealers, raw material exporters, local rough dealers then manufacturers and so on. Let’s take an example of Tanzanite rough which is mined in Tanzania (only source of rough). They sell to local rough dealers in Tanzania then they dealers contact with importers (rough buyers) from other countries and they sell them. Further local rough dealers sell to local manufacturers. Local manufacturers ready the stones and release them in market to sell. So basically when you will study this scenario then you will get to know that it is coming through more than 15 to 20 hands and every person (seller) is taking their margin. Here arises a question?

How do we stand from other gemstones manufacturers? Well, we have direct contact from mining holders and our team regularly visits there and buys big rough in big quantities. Big quantities rough come in our own factory for cutting and polishing process. This way we skip many hands and this clearly reflect in our prices and grade of stones.  We have written an article about gemstones manufacturing process which you can study here – A complete guide for wholesale gemstones manufacturing process

Many people think about semi precious gemstone manufacturing and all know pros, only a few only the cons. We have been a consistent manufacturer. We have seen many small ventures started their factory and disappeared in just few years.

Here are some reasons why most of the manufacturers fail and how we overcome all such problems?

1. Inconsistency in labors – Labour market is not officially running basically there is no tenure between a labour and factory. They are working on faith and their own choice.  Most of the small manufacturers fail when their labors suddenly leave them without any prior notice. Reasons may be lack of facility, low pay scale and poor environment of work.

labour strike gems

How do we survive in this scenario? – We provide the best possible facility and pay scale to our staff so they can be happy and work with us as long as possible. This is the reason, we have labours who are associated with us for more than 12 years and that is huge achievement for us. Secondly, we have a huge numbers of labors that in any case if anyone leaves us then we can assign the work to other one.

2. Lack of reliable people and experienced staff – Gemstone manufacturing is big process where everything cannot be 100% monitored that’s why you need reliable people whom can be handover a stage of process. It can be selection of rough, cutting, polishing etc. We have a people who are with us for a long time and most of famous are from our own family. This thing keeps things going.

3. No technology – Many manufacturers do not aware of new technology where as on other hand, smart manufacturers like us keep updating the technology and minimize the cost. This is the reason our prices are competitive.

4. Small customer base – Only manufacturing is not a segment, customer base is important in the same proportion. Prices will be as low as huge your customer base is. We have a big customer base all around the world and this is one of the reason of our success. We have seen many factories who lacked in customer base and unfortunately they have to close down.

5. Lacking in raw material sourcing – As I described above about chain so it is important to skip hands and have direct connections to survive in market. Many manufacturers fail in this and they face the consequences.

 There are many more reasons like funds problem, marketing issues which are faced by companies. We have control on every aspect. Here is a semi precious gemstone color chart made by Navneet Gems:

Semi precious stones