What kind of a stone is a Peridot?
A Peridot is a green gemstone formed deep in the earth’s mantle. Some of its story is as fascinating as its association with the ancient Egyptian civilization. Some historians believe that the famous gems that decorated Cleopatra may actually have been Peridot gems. Believed to offer special powers to its wearer, it predominantly signifies strength.



This gem is most often formed through volcanic activity. It’s an August birthstone and symbolizes strength at its best. When set in gold this gemstone was said to protect the wearer from nightmares. It is also sometimes referred to as the stone that gives plenty. Interestingly enough, Peridot was originally probably referred to as topaz, for it is found son the island of Topazos (Zabargad) in the Red Sea and has been mined there for over 3,500 years.


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Rough Peridot is not terribly expensive so cutters can focus on beauty more than weight retention. One can expect good cutting, proportions and symmetry from Navneet Gems and Minerals because we give native cut gems – it simply means that the stones were cut in the country where they were mined – unless they are cheap enough to give them a custom cut.


Peridot has a fair to good toughness which makes it durable for jewellery wear but should be worn with care so as not to scratch it.  To consider Rough Peridot into your items of jewellery it is rarely necessary to have your jewellery items professionally cleaned. Just warm, soapy water would do the job. Navneet Gems and Minerals always provide or offer stones of your choice, not what you are led to believe you want!


Stone name:  Peridot or Chrysolite
Color:  Yellow-Green, Olive Green with golden hue
Chemical formula:  (Mg,Fe) 2SiO4 Magnesium iron silicate
Birthstone:  July. 23 – Aug. 22.
Care: It has to protect from scratches as it is easily scratched as well as from any hard blows since it is known to burst under great stress.

*Store your peridot jewellery away from other gems and jewellery items, if possible wrap them in a soft cloth.
Mined in:  Egypt, Norway, Burma, Australia, China, Pakistan, Brazil, The US and many other countries
Hardness:  Peridot has a hardness of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale


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