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Buy Loose Morganite Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

The Morganiteis a type of Beryl and it is also called Pink Beryl, Cesian Beryl and Pink Emerald. It has the light pink to rose color which is considered very rare. It also has the varieties of yellow and orange. The color bandingof the gemstone is common. In order to remove its yellow patches, it is heat treated in routine. In order to improve the color, it can also be treated by the irradiation. Its pink color is accredited to Mn2+ ions. All of its varieties are highly liked and appreciated and these are widely being used all over the world.

History of the Morganite:

The Pink Beryl was discovered in 1910 on an island of Madagascar. The discovered gemstone was consisted of a good size and fine color. The largest gem of this specimen that is ever discovered was found on the 7th of October in 1989. It was found at the Bennett Quarry, Maine United States. Eventually it was named the rose of Maine. It actually was orange in hue andit weighed over 23 kg and was almost 12 inches across and 9 inches long.   

Available Shapes and Sizes of Morganite:

We always have a huge regular stock of the Pink Beryl in wholesale freesize and calibrated sizes. The freesize can be provided in limited sizes and shapes. We can also deliver the gem in its rough form in any of your required quantity. It is a semi-precious gemstone that has an amazing pink hue which is irreplaceable. There is no other gem available that has the same pink hue as this particular gemstone. You can get the Pink Beryl in any calibrated size. We can provide you any of your required size including the hard to find big sizes.You can get it in the forms of beads, cabochons, faceted and singe stones.

Competitive Prices for Morganite:

We are providing our quality products and services for many years. We have our factories in Thailand as well as in India which help us to fulfill the demand of the high quality gem. It is a semi-precious gemstone that is manufactured in Thailand. Because we have our manufacturing factory in Thailand, we can offer you the gemstone at a competitive price. Our prices are directly derived from the source, which helps us to offer the amazing prices for the highly quality and color gems to our customers at wholesale. If you need a wholesale supplier, you can always count on us for the delivery of large quantity of these gems.

Reliable Morganite Supplier:

If you are searching for a reliable and quality gem supplier, you have come to the right place. The Navneet Gems and Minerals are highly appreciated and well-reputed suppliers of Morganite. We have our satisfied and loyal customers all over the word including United States, Europe, Middle East, Australia and China. We have a wide range of different gemstones and diamonds that can be provided in rough form as well. We have all types of semi-precious gemstones including Chalcedony, Moonstone, Apatite and many more. We can deliver all types of Sapphire, Ruby and more from our precious gemstone category.  We can also provide various rare gems to our customers.

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 16:04

Buy Loose Moonstone Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

The Moonstone serves best in the making of various types of jewelry. It is one of the highly used gemstones all over the world. Each and every stone of this beautiful gem is totally unique. You can enjoy different beautiful gemstones in different types of jewelry.A pendant made using the gemstone may sooth your heart emotions in a better way or may a ring serve the purpose best. Its use can make any jewelry look stunningly beautiful and can get you lots of compliments in any of the parties you wear it. You can have a wide range of jewelry made with the gemstone to wear in various parties or occasions.

What Moonstone is:

It is a semi-precious gemstone which is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate.It got its name from the sheen or the visual effect that is caused by the light diffraction which occurs within s specific microstructure that consists of the feldspar layers of regular succession. It has high energy rays of blue, purple and gold that grant it the shimmering milky white energy it has. This elegant gemstone existed for many years and it has been used in different cultures and civilizations for many centuries. It is considered as the perfect expression of the yin and the bringer of the peace, calm and balance. It has soft glow of creative energy and optimism.

Available Colors of Moonstone:

The gemstone has distinct attributes and colors which are the key reasons of its high popularity. This beautiful and attractive gemstone comes in a variety of colors including the white, pink, blue, grey, red and orange. It also comes in amazing and extremely attractive rainbow color. All of the colors of this eye-catching gemstone are delightful and very feminine. It can quickly grab the attention of anyone with its attractive color and its attribute of adolescence. The gemstone can create a mystical and magical effect when the light shines upon it. We can provide you the gemstone in any of your required or preferred colors with ease and convenience.

Available Shapes and Sizes of Moonstone:

We have the gem in all sizes and shapes. We can conveniently deliver the custom gems that are cut and made according to the requirements and needs of the customers. We are offering the gem in freesize and calibrated both types. You can rely on us for buying the gems in any of your required size which starts from 2mm and goes up-to every possible big size. You can always rely on us for the receiving of high quality gems within a competitive price range.

Reliable Suppliers of Moonstone:

If you need the gemstone in any size, shape or color, you can always rely on us. We can convenient deliver any of your required quantity of the Moonstone. The Navneet Gems & Minerals are working for many years in the industry and has a vast experience of all types of gems and diamonds. We can provide you a wide range of semi-precious and precious gems and diamonds. We can even provide you various rare gems as well. We are dealing in rough stones and preforms as well. We have a team of professional and experienced staff who help us to ensure the selection of high quality gems and diamonds for our customers.

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 16:00

Buy Loose Peridot Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

The Peridot is a gem that is a type of olivine which is a silicate mineral. This eye-catching gem is magnesium rich. It enjoys a high level of popularity among women of all ages from all around the globe. It is being used for many years for the ornamentation and jewelry. It is believed that it is being used since the ancient times. At those times the high quality gems were mined from Zabargad that is an island in the Red Sea. There is a group of historian who believe that these gemstones were among the most favorite and famous emeralds of Cleopatra. 

Best Quality Loose Peridot Stones:

We can ensure the delivery of best quality loos gems and stones to all of our customers all over the world. This gemstone has a vibrant green color as its basic color with a smooth and elegant touch of gold shades. It is one of the key reasons of its fame and popularity.The Navneet Gems & Minerals is also established in Kashmir which has a huge mine of the gems that consist of high quality and brilliant color. As we are operating in Kashmir as well, so we can provide you the best quality gems including the rare ones.

Available Colors, Shapes and Sizes of Peridot:

If you want a gem that is extremely attractive and wonderful and not as known, you should definitely consider buying this eye-catching and beautiful gemstone. It has olive green hue as its primary color which is very attractive and stunningly beautiful. It is not as popular as other green gems and stones like Emerald, but still it is very popular among many people because of its unique color and great qualities.

It can be found in various different sizes. You can easily get a stone that is over 15 carats. It is being cut in different sizes and shapes as per the requirements of its usage. If it is going to be used in making of a beautiful necklace it will require different shape and size than the size and shape required in making some other types of jewelry. As we have our own manufacturing factory operating in India, so we can provide you the gemstone in any of your required size and shape. We have the gem in freesize and calibrated sizes. We have a wide range of the loose Peridot stones and can offer you the gem in the shapes of beads, briolettes, cabochons, faceted and single stones.

Loose Peridot Stones Suppliers:

The Navneet Gems & Minerals is one of the most reputed companies that are dealing in the gems. We are operating for many successful years and have huge numbers of our satisfied customers that belongs to various countries of the world. We are providing our products and services in United States, Europe, Australia, China, Middle East and many other areas. We started our journey of success in the year of 1993 and since then the company is growing more and more and it is enjoying a whole new level of reliability and trust of our customers. You can always rely on us for the availability of the loose Peridotstones in any size or shape.

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 15:55

Buy Loose Kunzite Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

Women of all ages have a particular weakness for the gems and diamonds. The gems and diamonds are known as the symbol of wealth and prestige. There are huge numbers of gems that are extremely popular among the women all around the world. Kunzite is one of these gems. It is highly loved and liked for its beauty and attractive colors. It is being studded in different jewelry and ornaments which offer women a convenient way to use the gems in various ways. It can be worn in various parties and occasions like engagementsand official dinner parties. The delicate and fine gemstone is an ideal precious stone which is also famous for its healing properties.

What the Kunzite is:

It is a gemstone that is colored from pink to lilac. It is a type of spodumene. Its color is because of the manganese traces. Some of these gems can fade when they are exposed to the sunlight. These gemstones were discovered in 1902. It is named after George Fredericks Kunz who was a noted mineralogist and chief jeweler of Tiffany & Co. The gemstone can be found in various parts of the world including Canada, Mexico, United States, Brazil, CIS, Sweden, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has its wide use in various types of jewelry including the Russian Palmette necklace and tiara that were worn by the Duchess of Gloucester.

Healing Properties of Kunzite:

This gemstone has its wide use in various types of jewelry that women love to wear to look stunningly beautiful and elegant. But that is not just it; the gemstone is also being used for its various healing properties. It is believed that the person who wears this gemstone gets blessed with the good fortune.  It has soft pastel colors, which symbolize purity. It is also known as the calming and relaxation stone that can be used for the releasing of tension and promoting a peaceful disposition.

The gemstone has a gentle energy that provides an aid in releasing the blocks in various matters of the heart. It helps the person who wears it to move into a more respective state. Because of these properties of the gemstone it is considered as a wonderful and perfect stone to gift. It helps a person to release his stress and calm his nerves as well as smooth-out the knotted muscles. It also helps a person to have a better control over his state of fear and anger.

Available Colors, Sizes and Shapes of the Kunzite:

We have our own manufacturing units,which enables us to deliver the gemstone in any size, shape and color according to the requirements of the customers. This gemstone is available in wide range of colors. The yellow gray is the most common color of these gemstones. The lilac pink and bright green colors are extremely popular among huge numbers of people especially among the collectors. We can offer you this gemstone in any of its available color either the most common one or the rarest one. We can provide you the gemstone in any of its shapes and sizes as per your requirements. We can get you a gemstone in freesize and calibrated sizes both. You can get the Kunzite in various forms including the beads, cabochons, faceted and single stones.

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 15:46

Buy Loose Ethiopian Opal Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

There are huge numbers of people who love and adore the Opal. It is present on the face of the earth for many years. There are many civilizations that have been using different opals in various ways. The Ethiopian Opal is comparatively a new type of opals. It was re-discovered in Mezezo, Ethiopia in the early 1990s.The opals have a wide use in various types of jewelry and ornaments all over the world. It is the one and probably the only gemstone that have various colors. It can cover the whole color spectrum, which is one of the reasons of its wide use.

What the Ethiopian Opal is:

The opal is poorly crystallized silica that is amorphous. It contains water content that typically varies from four to ten percent. Although there are some cases in which it is as low as 0.8 percent and can go as high as 21 percent.Its usual gravity is almost 2 but in some cases it was reported extremely low that they would even float. Its hardness can vary from 5.5 to 6.5, which is why it is considered as a soft gemstone. It is even softer than the quartz. There are some opals that can present the play for color that is a fiery rainbow dancing around the stone when it is moved.

It is believed that the opal is quite old. An anthropologist found evidence of its existence in a cave in 1939 that led to the conclusion that it was being used for many centuries. Finally they discovered the opal during the 1990s. It was found at Yita Ridge, Shewa Province, Ethiopia. It has the chocolate color inside the nodule that is why it is also known as the Chocolate opal.

Available Colors of Ethiopian Opal:

These opals from Ethiopia are found in a nodular that has a thick layer of 3 meter. These are the layers of welded volcanic ashes. There are just 1 percent of these nodules that contain colors. It has very beautiful and striking colors. Red is the most common color of these opals whereas the blue color is very rare. There are some of the opals that have vivid colors and splendid patterns. These opals are known as the Ethiopian fire opal. We have a wide range of these opals in various colors including dark red, caramel, chocolate, brown, green, orange, pink, white and more.

Available Shapes and Sizes of Ethiopia Opal:

We have our own manufacturing factories, which offer us a huge edge for providing a wide range of these opals in all customized sizes and shapes. We can provide you these opals in freesize as well as all of the calibrated sizes. You can buy it in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and it goes up-to 12 mm. You can even buy it in the special or large sizes. We are providing beads, faceted, cabochon and rough forms of these opals.

Reliable Suppliers of Ethiopian Opal:

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier who can provide you the best quality of these opals, you have come to the right place. The Navneet Gems and Minerals are offering a wide range of theseopals in various sizes, shapes and all of its colors. We can offer you the best quality Ethiopian Opal in a very competitive rate.

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Buy Loose Tanzanite Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

The Tanzanite is one of the most attractive and beautiful gemstones. It is widely being used all over the world. The women belonging to all age groups love to wear it in various parties and occasions. It can get you many compliments while you are wearing it any party. Diamond and gems are considered as the symbol of wealth and prestige. This gemis known as the elegant and prestigious gemstone that is being used in various types of jewelry so that the women can conveniently wear it in any party and on any occasion including the weddings, dinners, anniversaries and many more.

The History of Tanzanite:

It is an elegant, sophisticated and rich folklore which was discovered in 1967 in the Manyara Region’s Mererani Hills in the northern Tanzania by the tribesmen of Maasai. It was first seen by Emmanuel Merishiek Mollel who was a tailor and a gold prospector. He was living in Arusha, Tanzania.He found the gem crystals on a ridge near Mererani which was almost 40 km in the southeast of Arusha. The gem crystals were composed of vibrant blue and blue-purple colors. With the passage of time it gained a huge popularity and finally it was added to the industry’s official list of birthstone in 2002.

What the Tanzanite is:

It is one of the varieties of the mineral ziosite that is a calcium aluminum hydroxy silicate. It is widely being used as a gemstone all over the world. It has a remarkably strong trichroism. That is why it has an alternately appearance of sapphire blue, burgundy and violet, which is dependent to the crystal orientation of the gemstone. When it is viewed under the alternate lighting conditions it can appear differently. It usually has the reddish brown color when it is in a rough state. In order to bring out the blue violet of this beautiful gem, the artificial heat treatment is required. It is treated at a higher degree of heat in a gemological oven for the purpose.

The Available Shapes and Sizes of Tanzanite:

Its dark and prevailing blue color attracts huge numbers of people to wear it. It has a huge demandall over the world. We have a huge stock of these gems and can provide the gems in any size and shapes as per the requirements or needs of our customers. We are offering the gem in various sizes including the freesize and calibrated sizes both. We can get you the gem starting from 2mm and it can go up-to 12mm. We can also get you any special or required big size of the gem. We are providing the gem in all of its available shapes including the customized shapes that are required by the customers.

Buy Best Quality Tanzanite:

The Navneet Gems and Minerals are working in the industry for many successful years. Our experience provides us a great help in selecting and crafting the best quality gems in order to provide only high quality of these gems to our customers. We are well-aware of the importance of customer satisfaction very well that is why we always deliver the high quality and genuine gemstones to all of our customers. You can always rely on us for the buying of Tanzanite in any of your required quantity. 

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Buy Loose Chalcedony Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

The Chalcedony is a form of the silica that is known as the cryptocrystalline. It is composed of excellent intergrowth of the moganite, minerals and quartz. It consists of both silica minerals and moganite. The moganite is monoclinic whereas thesilica minerals consist of trigonal crystal structure. Some people think that its name was derived from the Latin word chalcedonius, whereas others believe that it received its named from the Chalcedon which is a town in the Asia Minor. There are some other theories as well regarding the name of the gem. The gem can be found in various parts of the worlds. 

Available Colors of Chalcedony:

We can provide you the whole range of its colors and shapes. Basically it consists of a waxy luster and it can be translucent or semitransparent. It can be found in a wide range of colors but the grayish blue or white to gray are the commonly seen ones. It is also commonly seen in the shade of brown that is ranging from the pale to nearly black. It is available in various colors including the white, green, yellow, purple, blue, brown, red, pink, gray and black. You can buy the multicolored or even colorless gem as well from Navneet Gems and Minerals.

Varieties of Chalcedony:

You can always rely on us for buying any of its varieties that will be consisting of the best quality. We have the whole range of its varieties including the carnelian, onyx, sard, jasper, plasma, agate, prase, flint, chert, bloodstone, chrysoprase,pertified dinosaur bone, pertified wood,thundereggs, sardonyx and many more. These are the names of some of its well-known varieties. We always ensure the delivery of the best quality and genuine gems from any of its varieties.

Available Shapes and Sizes of Chalcedony:

Because of our own manufacturing factories working in India and Thailand, we can ensure the availability of the gems in all of its possible sizes and shapes. We can provide you the gems in various sizes including the freesize and calibrated. We can get you the gems in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm up-to 12mm. You can contact us even if you need the gems in any special or bigger size.

We can provide you gems in any of your required shapes. We have a team of expert craftsmen to ensure the quality cut of the gem. These experienced and skilled workersare providing us their convenient help to ensure the availability of all types of shapes of these gems. We can provide you the gems in the forms of beads, briolette, cabochon, faceted and single stone.

The Reliable Suppliers of Chalcedony:

The Navneet Gems and Minerals are the reliable suppliers who can ensure the delivery of high quality gems worldwide. We have a whole range of all of the varieties of this beautiful and attractive stone. We can conveniently deliver you all of the shapes and qualities you are looking for. It is a type of quartz that is found in various countries of the world including the Unites States, Malaysia, Africa, China, Thailand and India. We have our factories in Thailand and India that is why we can ensure you the best quality of this quartz. It also helps us to meet the high demand of the Chalcedony worldwide.

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Buy Loose Tsaviorite Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from NavneetGems

Etymology behind this stone

Tsavorite is a variety of green grossularite that is used as a gemstone. This stone was first found and discovered in 1975 in Kenya. Its naming originates from the park situated in Kenya where the stone was actually found, the so-called Tsavo National Park.

Tsavorite rough and deposit

Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania are the regions where Tsavorite is commercially mined.

History and beginning

It is considered that Tsavorite has a long history. Its beginning can turn back to ancient Romans and Greeks. It was discovered with thousands of years ago. Dr. Campbell R. Bridges plays a significant role in the discovery of Tsavorite because he was the one who found the first stone in Tanzania, in the year of 1967. According to his appreciations, the stone looked similar to a potato.

Bridges wished to present Tsavorite to the market but due to political problems that the country was just going through didn`t let the government to admit the doctor`s action. The same Tsavorite stone was rediscovered by Bridges in the nearby country, in Kenya in the year of 1971. 1974 is the year that marks the great promotion of the stone by a campaign.

Tsavorite colors availability

Green is the only color in which Tsavorite is available. However, its green color might range from the brightest to the darkest green.

Buy Tsavorite

Wholesale Tsavoriteis a great idea. There are numerous websites where you can buy this stone online. You can also choose to be supported by the help of an online supplier, so you can make the best possible Tsavorite deal.

Best look time

Tsavorite looks the best way if there are more stones placed, following each other. It is said that “invisible setting” is the best option for the best look of this stone.

Tsavorite astrology

Tsavorite is associated with Venus and is suitable for people with Taurus zodiac. According to astrological science, this stone represents water and fire. There are several flowers as well that remind us of the beauty of this stone, such as rose and freesia.

Animals and children are not recommended to use Tsavorite. On finance and environment there isn`t enough evidence about the power of Tsavorite so far. There are some health benefits associated with this stone, such as detoxifying the kidneys, beneficial for rheumatism and arthritis and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 15:11

Which Gemstone Ring should you wear for which Occasion?

Its not easy to just wear any Gemstone Ring you want and just go out with your happenin' group! You need to sit down and think right? Well not any more, thats why we have this blogpot for those Ladies who cant decide what to wear..


Which Gemstone Ring to wear when you are going for a Birthday Party?

On this occasion, its someone else's birthday so its obvious you cannot wear something too fancy and eye appealing otherwise it can look "Over dressed" or "Over catchy" and will create the Papparazi that you arent even supposed to get. Wear a simple Reasonable 50$-100$ ring that you may have. The stones in such rings are usually Malachite, Onyx, Moonstone, Sky Blue Topaz, Chalcedony, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Black Spinel, Drusy Quartz. All these Gems rings will definitely enhance your look and appeal, and which Gemstones from the above to wear should be your combination of choice.


                                                               Courtsey: Cofetti Rings

Which Gemstone Ring to wear when you are going for a Cocktail Party?

On a cocktail Party, lots of eyes are needed to be attracted. The moment you enter, that is when everyone is going to look at you, and you "NEED" a cocktail ring, ofcourse because there are so many people and choices in a Cocktail party, its important to wear a Cocktail ring, that is Shiny, Bright, and has a Big Semi Precious Gemstone in it. The stones in Cocktail Rings are most commonly Moonstones, Peridot, Tanzanite (Expensive Parties), Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Beryl, Rainbow/Blue Moonstone. Again depending on what colored clothes you wear , you need to wear the right combination.


Which Gemstone Ring to wear in an Engagement Party of yourself?

Not neccasirily people wear Gemstone Ring on their engagement, infact people wear only a very Limited Colored Gemstone ring! I mean its YOUR ENGAGEMENT, you are not going to wear anything less than a White Diamond or maybe a Black Diamond. The Gemstones that people most commonly wear are: Top Gem Grade Aquamarine, Red Pigeon Ruby, Columbian Emerald, High Quality Solitaire Diamond. Mostly White Diamonds go really well because of the "White floral dress" the bride wears on her Engagement in the Church. Colored Diamonds are also quite a hit.


We, Navneet Gems and Minerals, have lots of clients who order Engagement Rings, Cocktail Rings and sometimes but rarely Birthday Party Rings. If you one of them, kindly email us at info@navneetgems.com, with your Budget, Purpose, Gemstone preferences, Metal Choice (Gold/Silver) and we will make ring for you accordingly. The most recently, I made a cocktail ring for one of my friends sister, it costed her 59$ and contained a very nice Blue Moonstone approx 28 carats, in Silver 92.5 Ring.

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 12:20

Swiss Blue Topaz for Sale, Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz

If you are looking for Swiss Blue Topaz for sale and you want to buy high quality gems only, you should visit one of the best wholesale blue topaz suppliers, Navneet Gems and Minerals.

Thailand is well-known for all types of precious gems especially for its quality sapphire and ruby gems. We have factories in Thailand as well as in India to provide you a wider range of gems and stones. From Thailand we are receiving various precious gems, whereas our factory in India is serving best for the needs of semi-precious stones and gems. We can conveniently provide you various gems and stones of your choice.

The company was established in 1993 by Mr. Suresh, who started working in the industry at the age of 19 years with his father. Earlier the company used to buy rough stones and gems from various mining companies. These rough stones were being manufactured in Jaipur and were exported to various parts of the world. Since the beginning, the company is highly appreciated for its high quality gems. The company has many successful years of delivering its high quality gems and stones all around the globe. Now we exhibit only four exhibitions every year.The company enjoys an excellent fame as a high quality blue topaz supplier.

High Quality Swiss Blue Topaz for Sale -

The company is always highly appreciated for its quality and best price of its loose blue topaz stones. We are offering a wider range of Swiss Topaz. We can provide you Swiss Blue Topaz in extremely unique colors and various sizes and shapes, including oval shapes and heart shapes. We get the White Topaz in raw condition from Africa and Brazil and these are being manufactured in our own factories. Here we enhance its colors using advanced machines, tools and unique techniques to provide a huge range of beautiful Blue Topaz. We have a highly qualified and experienced panel of experts to ensure the availability of finest quality Swiss Blue Topaz for sale.

We can provide you a huge range of Blue Topaz that also includes the London Blue Topaz as well as Sky Blue Topaz that are considered among the finest gems. You can contact us any time and place your order. It doesn’t matter what shape you are looking for or what cut or size do you require, we can prepare the loose blue topaz gemstones as per your requirements. We are manufacturing all types of gems in our own manufacturing units. It enables us to offer you a gem as per your requirements at a very low price.

Ordering Swiss Blue Topaz for Sale from Us -

You can always rely on the Navneet Gems and Minerals for the finest quality of loose blue topaz stones. We have a long list of our loyal customers who have always appreciated the gems purchased from our company. We are offering a huge range of Swiss Blue Topaz for sale in order to help you in your selection. If you want to buy wholesale blue topaz, we can offer you an extremely competitive price. You can conveniently contact us through our email if you have any query. We are accepting the payments through paypal, visa and banks. The minimum order should be of $ 100.

Swiss Blue Topaz Swiss Topaz

Wholesale swiss blue topazSwiss Blue Topaz Marquise

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 13:55