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Natural Green Tourmaline

Natural Green Tourmaline

55 pieces
395.58 carats lot
Price I will tell you later but between 70$ - 100$ per carat
Some are no inclusions (FL - Flawless)
Some are SI
Some are VS

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline


Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 19:34

Natural Green Tourmaline Lots

n/a Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 19:05

Everything you need to know before ordering from us.

Welcome everyone. This is a page for those resellers, jewellers or individual suppliers who are looking to source Gemstones at wholesale from our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals.

Myself, Navneet Agarwal, heading the Online marketing team at Navneet Gems and Minerals, would like you to spend just a few minutes reading about getting to know us better and everything else you would need before ordering or sourcing from us.


We arent stuck to just one quality of Gemstones. There are two category of Gemstones we make.

One category are usually the less expensive stones such as Crystal, Smoky, Lemon, Moonstone, Chalcedony, Lapis (And many more), where the customers "usually" demand only one quality which is the best. For example: Less than 5% of our customers ask for Crystal quartz with inclusions, and we usually provide "AAA" quality for these stones. So in this category we usually make "AAA" quality of stones as prices for lower quality in this category barely gives a 20%-30% lesser price, so no point. But some customers still want these, and ofcourse we supply as we have our own manufacturings producing any quality. We usually stock all qualities of raw materials in order to be flexible to cut all types of dimensions and qualities.

The second category of stones are usually the better priced Semi precious stones (which are absolutely beautiful), such as Garnet, Peridot, Tanzanite, Tourmalines, Tsavorites, Amethyst, Citrine and many more. These usually come in three qualities, in every individual stone the quality may mean different. For example in Amethyst Brazil, A means Light (Pink) Amethyst, AA means Medium color, and AAA means top intense purple color. This is so because most Amethysts come inclusion free. In these stones we usually need a very detailed description from you about what quality you want (with inclusions or without) (light color, medium color or dark color?) So do mention that to us.

All stones you recieve will not have the following things unless asked for:

  • Color band (when you move the piece around, you will not see white or any other colored lines in the stones)
  • Badly polished girdle
  • Broken pieces
  • Thin height or Low height of stones (makes them have no depth)
  • Uneven color
  • Synthetic stones
  • Chipped pieces
  • Inclusions visible with the eye

All stones we deliver will have the following characteristics:

  • Even color
  • No Inclusions visible to the eye
  • Girdle thin and polished
  • Normal height of stones (50%-60%)
  • Depth in stones (Beautiful)
  • As described

Payment, Delivery time, Shipping, Returns

Payment: We usually accept 100% payment before starting production, unless the weight is not known to us or to the customer, in that case we keep a deposit and then start production, right after production has taken place, we send the invoice to our customers from Bill.com (Its a great software), and they can pay us via: Paypal (semi-precious@hotmail.com), or Bank transfer (You may ask us for Bank details personally), for payments via credit card; we send a paypal link made by us, then payment can be done by putting in all the information of your credit card and it sometimes may take 1-2 days for us to recieve the payment.

Delivery Time: Once the payment has been done, we send the order right away with all details to our factory manager, he processes it. Now delivery can sometimes be unpredictable to be honest. We tend to deliver all our orders between 1 week - 2 weeks and sometime when I say 1 week, the customers come and complain, so honestly 1 week - 2 weeks, it all depends on what time of the year we are in, how big or small the order is (Smaller orders usually take more time as we have to wait for the right cycle time), but you know what we also supply some orders in as quick as 2 hours, if we have them in stock, or any of our customer urgently needs them, we quickly get it made and ship in a day or two. :)

Shipping: We operate our shipping both from Thailand and India (from our factory). For orders that are stones produced in our Thailand factory we ship it from here using Fedex and that would cost around 50$ on average to the customer. The shipping from India usually takes place using DHL (Jaipur is not the best place with good infrastructure, so Fedex doesnt operate there properly) and it costs between 35$ - 50$ per shipment with a tracking number and full insured (Unless customer doesnt pay full frieght)

Returns: We havent gotten too many returns from our customers in the past 10 years to be honest. We send pictures a day or two before shipping the goods to our customers and we deliver the quality we discuss. We may take half a day or 1 day more, but we ensure we deliver the right goods that meet your needs. But exceptions happen and we take in returns 7 day after recieving the gemstones, we return back all the money (100% refund) after checking that everything is in tact once we get the returned shiment. Shipping costs of the return is paid by the buyer.

Our Team

At the moment, we have more than 50 people in our factories in Thailand and more than 100 in Jaipur. Here in Bangkok, our sales team is located which is headed by Sachin Goyal and me. My father, Suresh Agarwal, is the CEO of the company and gives us his guidance every once in a while when he gets free from "looking at the bigger picture" our of manufacturing and setup. Apart from us, there are 5 female staff in our Bangkok office who take care of the "Administrative" sector, such as Finance, Invoicing etc. We have 10 well trained assortment and selection staff here who take care of every order and make sure that the smaller sized gemstones are "louped" and well polished in the girdle especially.

My personal email address is navneet@navneetgems.com and well I work 16/7 and not 24/7 and thus I will be mostly available during working hours plus sometimes after hours. I am available on skype for a faster communication at navneet.agarwal1, as well as on whatsapp or a phone call at +66900797650

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013 - 22:41

Multi Tourmaline, Wholesale Multi Tourmaline, Indicolite Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline,Pink Tourmaline,

Wholesale Tourmaline Gems - Pink Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline

Introduction to Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the fascinating gemstones that our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals limited, works with. Tourmaline is the only Natural gemstone that comes in so many different colors, I mean when you think of gemstones, how many natural colored gemstones are you aware of that come in red, green and multi colors? Ruby? Emerald? Well, the price we know of these materials are obviously the biggest "oh" we react, the prices for these Precious gemstones are too high to afford sometimes. The only Semi precious gemstone that really is very pretty and available in all colors are Tourmalines. If Multi tourmalines form like the Rainbow in the sky, then Green tourmalines are like the next emeralds, except that every piece of Green tourmaline comes in a different tone of color. No piece ever looks the same in terms of its color, we are not talking about the quality here. Thats the case in Emerald, every piece in Emerald has a different quality, but very similar color and it does get boring.

Multi Tourmaline

We are your supplier of Tourmaline - reasons why we are the answer to your needs of buying Wholesale Tourmaline.

Navneet Gems and Minerals, the name that serves the Gemstone industry with very nice quality Tourmalines in all colors, also at very competitive prices straight from our factories. We make sure that every step of the production of Tourmalines is done to optimize the efficiency, and reduce cost to the most bottom. The first such step is our buying of Rough Materials from Africa and other Rough Tourmaline producing countries such as Brazil, but mostly they come from Kenya, African. Our contacts, which were made from our great grand father, Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal, give us a very big competitive edge. To be importing from the African continent isnt easy and thats why these contacts provide us with very nice quality Tourmalines, be it the Pink Tourmalines, Green Tourmalines or the Multi tourmalines. Importing can only be desired when the quantity imported is in big quantites, and our Rough department sells the Rough to local Indian manufacturers as well as other resellers.

Multi TourmalinePink Tourmaline

Customer Service: We at Navneet Gems have a small customer service team of 5 members, all located in India, but these customer service staffs of ours act as Salesman, as well as service providers. Our team's members are quite fexible in terms of work, they also sometimes are passionate about photography and thus do it when in free time. 

All about Loose Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline are the best of the best really. Pink Diamonds have always had the highest bids in Christie's auctions, and this color has been the top item on the list of items for public. All girls love pink, and if its Diamonds its something every girl would wish to own. But Pink Diamonds are expensive, and thats when Pink tourmalines make it a sigh of relief for women. Pink Tourmalines cabochons start as low as 3$ per carat , amazing eh, and as high as 1,000$ per carat for Top quality single facetted pieces of Pink Tourmaline.

The Pink Tourmalines at Navneet Gems are available now in caliberated sizes from ovals, rounds, cushions to Squars and Bagettes. We do have rough available to produce good quality Pink tourmalines, however they cost very high. More preferred these days are freesize or single pieces of Pink tourmaline which arent replaceable as each piece has a different feel to it, and its a bit more challenging to differentiate different qualities of Pink tourmaline gemstones.

Pink TourmalinePink Tourmaline

All about Green Tourmaline wholesale

Green Tourmaline is the most rare tourmaline yet one of the most common colors of tourmaline. Green tourmaline since the early 20th century has been the favorite semi precious gemstone which are priced higher than similar colored Peridots, yet Wholesale green tourmalines sell really well in good quantities. Larger sizes are starting to get more rare in caliberation but a wholesale tourmaline supplier like us stores many different sizes of rough including the larger sizes like 10 mm rounds which our customers constantly demand for jewellery production.

The below Green tourmaline lot is just an example portraying that green tourmaline always has some variation in colors, especially in the bigger sized single stones. Its difficult to find a replacement with the same looks as the previous one. Source your wholesale requirements of green tourmaline from us today and save up many hands.

Multi Tourmaline

All information about Multi Tourmaline gemstones

What is the UPS (unique selling proposition) of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline sells the most in many of the semi precious stones because of its variety of colors, them being natiral and also.

Posted on Sunday, October 20, 2013 - 01:02

Buy wholesale Green tourmaline, loose multi tourmaline gemstones

Are you interested in sourcing Multi tourmaline gemstones at wholesale prices?

Navneet Gems and Minerals, we are a company producing Multi tourmaline gemstones in bulk quantities, being manufactured in India and Thailand very cleaverly. India has the advantage of cheap labour, thus Navneet Gems and Minerals has its "sawing" and "cutting" factory in India, where it does the manufacturing of Rough Tourmaline into Preform Tourmaline. Our professional cutting team of more than 30 staff ensure the weight is optimized. The next step, all our Tourmaline is facetted and Polished in our factory in Thailand, which is known for expensive stones as the labour is expensive and its the best country in Asia to get the optimum look on Expensive stones.

Multi tourmaline gemstones have been the most used tourmalines in the past 2 years or so. The reason behind this is that there are so many colors in Multi tourmaline, that every piece itself is a unique piece and makes the wearer look special itself. They say you can never find two pieces of the exact size,shape,color,weight in Tourmaline - is it true? Lets have a look below at these magical Multi tourmalines which are available to buy at wholesale prices.

Multi tourmaline lot

Multi Tourmalines

As you can see this Multi tourmaline gemstone lot is like candies. So yummy in so many different colors of varieties. Pink Tourmalines and Green tourmalines are a great way 

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 - 23:21

Multi tourmaline lot

Welcome to the Multi tourmaline lot page by Navneet Gems and Minerals

If any of you are interested in this Gemstone lot, kindly contact us right away.

Sizes: Average is 7 carats

Lot weight: 1,500 carats

Number of pieces: 215 pieces

Total lot price: Contact us at info@navneetgems.com

Origin: Cut in Jaipur (India), polished in Thailand, Rough from Africa

50 pcs Multi tourmaline lot

   Multi Tourmaline Lot

Multi tourmaline  Multi tourmaline

                 Multi tourmaline

        Multi Tourmaline Lot

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 - 20:41

Buy loose wholesale Tourmaline cabochons and faceted stones - Pink Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Indicolite Tourmaline


 Introduction about loose tourmaline gems -Tourmaline is one the stones which has outstanding color range like green, pink, blue, black and olive, this is the one of reason people get confuse about its color. Etymology behind the word “Tourmaline” reflects one of its properties; it comes from word “Tura Mali” which is Sri Lankan word that stands for “Mix color stones”. In beginning era, this stone was mistaken by “Emerald” from 1500s to 1800s. After 1800s scientists tested ingredients, crystal structure and chemical composition of this gem and declared it as a distinct mineral species. Crystal structure of tourmaline quite matches to different colors and only difference of a few physical and chemical properties.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is a wholesale supplier of Loose Tourmaline Gemstones, these include: Wholesale Tourmaline, Wholesale Pink Tourmaline, Wholesale green tourmaline, Wholesale Indicolite tourmaline, Tourmaline Cabochons, Tourmaline beads, Tourmaline Loose gemstones, Tourmaline single pieces in all colors of Green, Blue and Pink.

We import Tourmaline directly from where they are mined chiefly and glaze them for our clients at our own manufacturing units which are situated at Thailand and India. Our expert craftsmen use advance tools to shape the gemstone and make it beautiful.

We slice it in round shape, pear shape, teardrop shape, cushion cut drop shape, oval shape, side drilled stick shape, needle drop shape, slice drop shape, tri-tube shape, faceted rondell shape, faceted slab shape, trapezoid shape, heart shape, wheel shape, etc. and we also customize it according to the requirement of our customer.

How to choose best quality tourmaline faceted and cabochons gemstones?

Transparency, color, size, shape and quality are factors to know to pick a best tourmaline piece.

Transparency – Tourmaline is transparent to translucent stone. Top quality pieces come with zero percent opacity with good saturation of color. If a stone is less transparent with good saturation of color then price will not be high for that piece so TRANSPARENCY is the most important factor.

Color – We will divide it into two sections – one is different color tourmaline and other one is color saturation of tourmaline. This stone comes in wide and amazing range of colors like candies ;) and price for every color is different. Paraiba, blue (Indigolite), pink, green and then others (Black, yellow, olive etc.) come in order based on value. “Perfect color saturation” is very important. Sometimes buyer think the more darker is more valuable but it is not, if any stone is very dark and giving blackish tone then it will be least valued.


Shape and Size – Oval, Round, cushion, long baguette and triangular cut are popular shapes in Tourmaline. We have been cutting all small 2mm round faceted or cabochon to 12mm and up sizes in different and sizes in our factory. Micro sizes are very famous in pink and green color and widely used in jewelry, sometimes it is used to replace pink sapphire to minimize the total cost of jewelry piece. Over 5 carats sizes are high in price because big size raw material is not easily available.

Tourmaline colour Chart

You can contact us at info@navneetgems.com if you want to buy Tourmaline at affordable prices. We will also edify you if you want to know more about it.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is located in Thailand, with our headquarters in Bangkok and also has a manufacturing units in both India (Jaipur) and Chantaburi (Thailand), where we are producing all varieties of Tourmalines. The cabochons and beads are being manufactured in Jaipur with our workers specializing in the "slicing" of the tourmaline rough, then sawing it into preforms that are then processed into cabochon or beads or small sized caliberation stones in bulk quantities. Our Thailand factory manufacturers all cut stones from 8x6 ovals upto freesize single piece stones that range from 3-4 carat upto 15-20 carat pieces as you may say in the pictures attached.

 Multi Tourmaline freesize stones from our manufacturing -Multi tourmaline is currently being stocked in more than 100 lots, each lot has an average carat weight. For example a recent lot as attached below is of 7 carats average and is a 1500 carat lot, which has more than 200 pieces included. Most of our Multi tourmaline does not contain any "dead" stones, sorry but stones that are very dark and unsellable specially after placing into jewellery. Very dark stones have very less value in Multi tourmaline, thats why we have a mix of lots in all colors, some are bright and some are darker than the average, but not completely light or completely dark stones. All stones are cut to save weight as well as make them look beautiful, to find the perfect balance. All stones are well repolished from our factory in Thailand that cut these beautiful Wholesale Multi tourmaline freesize stones.

Wholesale Pink Tourmaline freesize single stones from our factory -
pink, red, greem tourmalinePink tourmaline in wholesale quantities is one of the most selling products in 2013's market, it sells well because Ruby isnt the right stone. Pink diamonds will always sell better than Red diamonds. Pink Tourmaline is usually found in all shades and all types of qualities, mostly the very nice pinks like in the first picture below sells the most. But again its about preferences, some customers like off shades, some like more red in their tourmalines and some just like them to be perfectly "Pink" tourmalines.

Pink Tourmaline Pear Shape

Email us today to Buy Pink Tourmaline from a wholeseller like us.

Green/Green BlueTourmalnes stright from our manufacturing units in Thailand -Wholesale Green tourmaline can be sourced also in caliberation as well as freesize. We have from 3 mm upto 10 mm rounds, ovals, cushions, pears, octagons, heartshapes, trillions and all other shapes. We also have very nice Green tourmaline (one of the most common colors in multi tourmalines). Please see some photos below of Green tourmaline at wholesale prices, contact us for this.

Rubellite Gemstone Pear Shape Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut

Green Tourmaline octagon Shape Dark Blue Tourmaline

Also below are one of the most famous Tourmalines which are most priced - Blue/green Tourmalines (Also known as Indicolite tourmalines) and if it the pieces are purely "BLUE" then thats what we call the best "Blue Tourmalines" which are the most expensive out of all.

Tourmaline Beads and Cabochons (MADE IN Thailand) -
These are some of the pictures from our stock. We are manufacturing AAA beads in multi tourmalines, AA beads in multi tourmaline and also Pink tourmaline. A quality beads in multi tourmalines. We are also making Rondells in all colors in Tourmalines, Cabochons in Multi tourmaline in caliberation as well as Beads. Cabochons are also being made into nuggetts that are of low quality. Tourmalines are also coming in Briolettes in mostly small sizes beads but bigger sizes are also available (but to be honest only some things and limited stock in limited sizes and shapes). Indicolite Tourmaline barely comes in Beads or Cabochons form, as they are so limited in availability that manufacturers like us make all Indicolite tourmaline we find into Cut stones. To buy tourmaline or source them from us, all you have to do is shoot an email ;)

Multi Tourmaline Cabochons

Tourmaline cabochons – We have been selling tourmaline cabochons at wholesale prices in small to big sizes. 5mm, 6mm, 8mm are widely used in jewelry however we produce every size from 2mm to 12mm in all different colors. We have distinct customers market like sliver jewelry manufactures, gold jewelry manufacturers, gem collectors and personal users so we make different qualities from A grade to Gem quality.

Green Tourmaline Cabochon Tourmaline Cabochon

Contact us for wholesale loose faceted tourmaline faceted and cabochons and make us your one stop gemstones’ supplier.

© 1987-2014 Navneetgems.com all rights reserved.

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 - 16:25

Buy Tourmaline (Pink, Green, Blue and Multi), Tsavorite and Iolite Lots at Wholesale Prices

Low prices lots are just one click away from you. You can scroll down for lots in Iolite, Pink Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Greeen Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline, Big Size Iolite and Tourmaline Drops.

Natural Iolite Ovals Loose Gems

Weight - 77.85 Carats Lot
Pieces - 23 Pieces
Shape - Ovals
Size -


Price - 311.4 $


Iolite Cabochons

Pink Tourmaline Cabochons

Weight -124.48 Carats
Pieces - 57 Pieces
Price - 1369.28$



Pink Tourmaline Cabs

Loose Natural Tsavorite Gemstones

Weight - 11.80 Carats
No. of Pieces - 11 Pieces
Price - 1180 $




Green Tourmaline
Weight - 101.02 cts
No. of pieces -38 Pieces
Price - 2020.4 $



Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline
Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline
Weight - 18.02 cts
No. of pieces -13 Pieces
Price - 180.2 $



Pink Tourmaline

Weight - 35.42 cts
Pieces - 13 Pieces
Price - 1416.8$




MultiTourmaline Cabochons
Weight - 87.99 Carats
Pieces - 27 Pieces
Price - 615.93 $




multi tourmaline cabs

Big Size Iolite

Weight - 22.36 Cts

Pieces - 11

Price - 894.4$



Big size Iolite

Tourmaline Drops

Weight - 87.90 Cts

Pieces - 30 Pcs

Price - 439.5$



Tourmaline Drops

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 16:54

Gemstones and Jewelry Tools

Welcome to Navneet Gems and Minerals' Gems & Jewellery Tools & Equipement page.

We have been selling Tools for Jewellery & Gemstones at wholesale quantities to our customers for the past 15 years, especially our close customers who demand to use these tools in their everyday work life Our customers have been loving our high quality of Materials from Thailand, which produces and still is the biggest exporter of Jewellery tools and equiment. Dont believe me? Come see the Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Show and you will see a complete different section for Tools and Equipments. Most of the exports are to Europe and United States.

Please feel free to have a look at the below items which are all available at Wholesale prices for all the wholesale supplies of Jewellery and Gemstones. There are more items available but these are the most common ones, more coming up soon.

Here are the different items we have on sale for our Jewellery and Gemstone buyers and resellers

10X Professional Loupe  
  • Magnification: 10X Loupe.
  • Standard Features: Anti-Glare Coating, Achromatic Glass
  • More Standard Features: Distortion Free, Lightweight, Hard Plastic, Easy to Carry

    A quality
    AA quality
    AAA quality
    23 USD 43 USD 55 USD

    Zeiss Company Loupe


Tweezer For Beads & Loose Gemstones

  • 2 pieces of different styles nippers.
  • Size: about 16.5 cm
  • Color: Silver Made of Stainless Steel
  • Usage: It is perfect tools to pick up rhinestones, gems and other nail decoration.
  • Different styles of tweezer help you when you are checking Inclusions inside Gemstone.

    Without Grip With Grip & High sharp edges
    4.99USD per piece
    29.99 USD per piece


Tweezer tweezer

Gauge for Measurement  
Looking for a gauge for measuring accurately your gemstones or other realated items? We have two varieties of Gauges', the first one measure stones upto 10 millimeters, which can measure stones from 0.10 mm upto 10 millimeters. It is not an electronic gauge but gives a great accurate result, good enough for small sized stones.
Plastic Bags
 plastic bags   Platsic Bags   plastic bags

plastic bags 

Japanese Plastic Bags for Gemstones

  japanse plastic bags

Size/Code 3
Quantity Per Bag 100 Cts 1000Cts 1300 Cts 1500Cts

Price (Per 10 bags)

3.99 USD 5.99USD 6.99USD


Jewelry Price Tags

Price - 2 USD for 70 Tags+

Salvet or Valvet Cloth for Gemstone Cleaning

Price - 9.90$ per piece

This is a fantastic Polishing 14x14 cloth (Velvet or also known as Selvet) for all types of Gemstone and Jewelry.  This is actual use for removing dust and fingerprints over Gemstones and Jewelry. The inner rough cloth removes small scratches, tarnish and marks and gives a new look to Gems.

Posted on Friday, August 23, 2013 - 16:16

Loose Wholesale Tourmaline

This page is for Tourmaline Gemstones that we have in our stock. As it is not possible to put every single Tourmaline picture on this single page so we have put sample pictures according to category with cut, quality and shape.

Caliberated Tourmaline:  We are completing small to big orders in Tourmaline. In Calibration we have all regular sizes in stock that we can ship right away but any other sizes are not possible to ship for us right now, it may take some time to ship (1 week or 2 week). Delivery depends completely on order. All Colors (Pink, Green and Multi) are available in stock.

Quality's:  Navneet Gems' definition of defining Tourmaline Quality is: A, AA and AAA. A quality will has inclusion and weak color, where as AA will have less inclsuion and better color. The AA quality is the most common quality, which are the pictures below. We also have AAA (VVS inclsuion, Very Fine Color) Quality but it costs high for buyer.

Pink Tourmaline Pictures

blue Tourmaline Gemstone

blue Tourmaline Gemstone

blue Tourmaline Gems

blue Tourmaline Gemstone

blue Tourmaline Gemstone

green tourmaline gemstone

green tourmaline gemstone

green tourmaline gemstone

green tourmaline gemstone

green tourmaline gemstone
green tourmaline gemstone

Green Tourmaline Pictures

Multi Tourmaline Pictures

Tourmaline Cabochons

Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2013 - 14:33