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Unheated Sapphires vs. Heated Sapphires

Today’s article will be about the difference between Unheated versus Heated Sapphires, how each type has a different market in the marketplace, the different types of treatments in Sapphires today.


Sapphires, which are the third hardest mineral on the Mohs scale of hardness, are the beautiful gemstones, commonly worn in jewelry. If you talk about unheated and heated Sapphires, then you will come to know that there is a big difference between both the Sapphire categories. The Natural Sapphire, also known as Untreated or Unheated Sapphire, are exceedingly spendy and the range starts from $ 5000 per carat, while the Heated or Heat treated Sapphire price range starts from $ 1 per carat.
In the market, almost 95% of the Sapphires are heat treated. The high treated Sapphire is the lowest is the price. There are different levels of heat treatment which affect the price of Sapphire. If you are a gemstone buyer then you should know how to distinguish between unheated and heated Sapphire. This is a very important skill a buyer should learn. If you do not want to be scammed for what you are buying, then you should check the certification of the treatment and for that you should have knowledge about the certifications.

As you can see in the image above the difference of both Heated and Unheated Sapphire, it is clear that the heat treatment increases the attractiveness of the stone. In the above image you can see the cloud (with nano silk) inclusion in the Natural Sapphire, which become disappeared after the Heat treatment.

Same for the image below, you can clearly see the change in clarity and color after the heat treatment.

The difference between Unheated and Heated Sapphire is like the difference between processed and natural food. Natural food is always healthier than processed food. The heat treated Sapphire lost their effectiveness almost to zero.

Unheated Sapphire

This is true that gemstone market is flooded with the heat treated Sapphires but, it is not impossible to find Unheated Sapphire in the market. Unheated Sapphires are rare and expensive, but available. Our sources of Natural, Unheated Sapphires are Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
The Natural unheated Sapphires are also available in different colors like yellow, white, pink, violet and violet blue. We also deal in Blue Sapphires with large size, over 2 carats, from Madagascar and Australia. The Unheated Sapphire has natural inclusions like finger print inclusions, rutile needles that are fine, intact and intersecting at 60 degrees angle in the same plane or other fine needles at near right angles, intact two phase inclusions, unaltered mineral inclusions, clear or opaque color, color zoning and color banding, etc.

Photo Courtesy: GIA. These “intact” rutile needles clearly show how they are very sharp and this usually means that the Sapphire is unheated, untreated. When these same needles start to expand during heat treatment, the result is much thicker, broader and blur, or dotted looking needles.

Photo Courtesy: The Midtown Gazette

Heated Sapphire

Heat-treatment is a common practice to improve the clarity and enhance the color of Sapphire. A Sapphire is "Cooked" in furnaces to temperature between 500 and 1800 degrees Celsius, which is near to the melting point of Sapphire. Some of the treated Sapphires, which are slightly heated, are not cheap. Good ones still cost upward at $ 3000 per carat.

The blue pool reflected light

The blue pool reflected light

Other Common Treatments in Sapphires

Some of the other treatments are as follows:


This treatment changes the color of the Sapphire permanently at the molecular level. This treatment is used to provide the colors which are not naturally available. You can see an example in the image below.

Surface Dyes:

This is a temporary treatment which can modify the color of the gem. When a seller wants to pass off an imposter gemstone as a Sapphire, he uses this treatment. Below is the image, which will clear most of the things.

Fracture Fills:

This treatment is used to mask the large and unattractive inclusions and cracks from the stone. This treatment temporarily increases the transparency and clarity. It can also change the color of the stone. Below is the image which will clear your doubts.


Beryllium treatment is used to change and enhance the color of Sapphire. It is devastating and expensive to expose this treatment in Sapphire. You can see an assortment of Sapphire heating with Beryllium. You can see that many of them change from yellow to orange and many remain blue.

Diffusion Treatment:

The most common treatment is the "Diffusion- treatment". This treatment is an artificial enhancement of color and may be impossible to detect without very sophisticated Lab procedures and instruments. To enhance the color of Sapphire, this heat treatment is provided in a reducing and oxidizing atmosphere. In the following image, phases of diffusion treatment are shown.

Below you can see the certificates of Natural Sapphire and Heat Treated Sapphire. You can see in the images that in one certificate it is mentioned that “No indication of Heating” in the Treatment Section and in the other certificate it is mentioned that “Indication of heating”, which means that the Sapphire is Natural, but heat treated. 




Here is the summary in a table form about the difference between Unheated and Heated sapphires.

  Unheated Sapphire
Heated Sapphire
Price At least 3 times more than Heated 1/3 of Unheated
Availability Low Higher

Rutile needles: “Intact” & sharp.

Inclusions: Many visible

Rutile needles: “Blurry” & thicker due to expansion

Inclusions: Only some, due to heat treatment

Colors Light – Medium shades Medium – Dark shades
Size Usually Small Available in different sizes even larger sizes
Clarity Cloudy with natural inclusions Almost transparent and without inclusions
Sharpness No Yes
Symmetry No Yes
Shape Low shape choices High variety of shapes available
Finishing No Yes

The following video will help you to understand about Heated Sapphires.

Video Courtsy: The Natural Sapphire Company

If you want to Buy Unheated Sapphire, then you must complete all the checks before buy it. Unheated Sapphire holds all of its physical, metaphysical properties and natural properties. I hope this article will help you in Buying Natural Sapphires for your loved ones.

Few pictures from our stock

Red Sapphire 0.64 carats pearshapegreen sapphireNatural Sapphirenatural sapphire gemsNatiral unheated sapphirenatural sapphire
blue unheated sapphire emerald cutnatural unheated sapphireunheated sapphire

Contact us for heated and unheated sapphires -
Please write us a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com to get more information or know pricing of natural sapphires.

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London Blue Topaz: Price, Treatment, Stock.

London Blue Topaz - from mine to supplying 'em to Jewellers.

What is London blue topaz?

London blue topaz is one of the three shades of Blue topaz that is the result of Irradiation and Heat treatment. One of the most desirable shade of Topaz (Blue and Green hues) in todays market is London blue topaz. The reason being the resemblence to Sapphires and the amazing shade that it just suits any occasion and also creates a whole classy look when worn on every occasion.

London blue topaz ring

How is London blue topaz colored?

The only way to really get this color in Natural topaz is by Irradiation and heat treatment together. The process of Irradiation and heat can take quite long (Upto 3 years), this is because governments and suppliers make sure the safety of consumers as top priority and thats why the half life of London blue topaz neuclie's are usually longest and thus they take longest to get their radiaoactivity reaching a safe level.

Why source London blue topaz from us?

Here are the following reasons which should make you choose us over any other supplier:

  • Consumer Safety is what matters in the ends - Our London blue topaz is not treated in China, which is very unsafe and it goes through a strict control over how much radioactivity is allowed for the stones to emit to make it 100% safe for consumers.
  • Different shades of London blue topaz - We at Navneet Gems and Minerals completely understand the different shades of London blue topaz available in the market. The market has Baby london blue topaz which is in the middle of Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz. The other shades are more "Greeny" and some are a litle bit too dark to be classified as London blue topaz. Having understood that, we supply the perfect caliberated and more importantly stones that have a perfect and the right color, the "Dark Blue green" London blue topaz which is what consumers like.
  • Make of our London blue topaz' - What does matter is where the London blue topaz is being made in, if in India you cannot expect every piece to shine or sparkle. Price yes will be better, but really the whole point of someone spending 500$ on a nice Cocktail ring is not because he/she wants a good price of 450$ and get a product that does not sparkle. Women love sparkly things. Reminds me of that slogan - Women love sparkly things. Thailand is the only place that cuts/polishes 90% of the Ruby and Sapphires and is still able to maintain a competitive edge on products that want a good sparkle.

Prices of London blue topaz

For any price related questions simply contact us at info@navneetgems.com. Our prices are all wholesale for Jewellers, Designers and also Wholesellers.

What London Blue Topaz does Navneet Gems have? Our stock..

Due to the ever changing stock for this gemstone, we cannot disclose our stocklist but in order to obtain an upto date stocklist of our London blue topaz, all you have to do is EMAIL us RIGHT NOW at info@navneetgems.com and you will have what you need in 24 hours.

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Creative Gemstone design manufacturer, Customised gemstones design supplier

Fancy Gemstones designs, Customised gemstones designs' manufacturer and supplier -

Are you a jewelry designer and looking for a gemstone supplier who can make your gemstone designs then your supplier search ends here. We have been manufacturing custom cut and design gemstones in many colors since last 5 years.We have been running our factory since last 18 years but 5 years ago we started off customised gems manufactuing as per seeing the demand of jewelry designers.


You can send us a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com for customised design. Here is procedure we follow -

1. Once we get your inquiry, we assign a one skilled sales representative to you with them you can chat on skype or communicate on mails regarding your designs.

2. In start, you need to provide us stones name or color in which you want stones along with sizes.

3. Our gemstone experts also suggest you ideas for your bezel settings.

SO MAKE your CUSTOM SHAPES ideas true now with NavneetGems.

We have been making different types of shapes ina many gemstones for overseas customers. Have a look of some designs made by us in recent months. In some countries it is also called "Fancy Shapes" -

Fancy Malachite gems

Fancy Malachite made for miss Julie from Brooklyn, New York, US

Fancy Lapis

Fancy Lapis design made for Sethi Lu from Western Austrailla

Sky topaz fancy

Fancy Sky Topaz Hexagon Made for Mr. Richards from California, United States

These are some sample designs, apart from these we have made pencils, balls and many other designs for our customers in wholesale quantites. Please drop us a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com for your custom and fancy designs. We will right back with reply with in few hours.


© 1993-2014 navneetgems.com all rights reserved

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Wholesale very fine colored Sky Blue Topaz Rough

Buy Sky Blue Topaz rough from us at wholesale prices in 10gms+, 20gms+, 25gms+ and other sizes also

Sky Blue Topaz made by heating of white topaz rough. Navneet Gems has been producing sky blue topaz rough and stones in its own factory.

We have been selling Sky Blue Topaz at wholesale prices in large quantities. We ensure that no one can give you sky rough in our prices.

Color, sizes and quality of Navneet Gems’s sky blue topaz rough-

We have been selling good color raw material, you can also call it “Baby Swiss Color”. We have availability of 10 grams, 15 grams, 20grams and 25 grams + rough availability in sky blue topaz. Our prices start from 1500-2000 USD per kg and go high according to sizes and quality, our all rough is completely clean with no inclusions.

Navneet Gems has been selling blue topaz rough since last 15 years-

We have built a strong position in the market especially in Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine and Opaque stones. We are selling both loose gemstones and rough to our customers. Mainly Chinese, Americans, Sri Lankans and Indians buy rough from us.

Why to buy Sky Blue Topaz rough from us-

  • Safe mode of payments
  • Fine return policies
  • Very fine color and quality
  • Long time existing supplier
  • Competitive prices

Contact us for Sky Blue Topaz Rough
Please write us a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com to buy sky blue topaz rough at wholesale prices. We will reply you in less than 2 working hours.

 © 1993-2014 navneetgems.com all rights reserved

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Loose London Blue Topaz at Gemstones at wholesale price

Buy Loose London Blue Topaz Gemstones at wholesale prices from us

Blue color is all time favorite of many people in every nation. Blue Sapphire, Iolite and Tanzanite are blue colored stones but comes very expensive so it is not easy to afford by every person, on other end lapis lazuli, kynite, fluorite are lower ranged blue stones but these stones are not good for daily use and not elegant enough to carry on daily basis this is the reason why Blue Topaz is becoming so popular all around the world.

It is not doubtable a bit that blue topaz has become one of the top selling gemstone in the jewelry business, since blue topaz comes with good hardness, brilliance and color.

Blue Topaz gemstones come with three shades: London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz

In Blue Gems, more saturation of color tends to more value because of this reason london blue topaz comes more expensive than swiss and sky.

Properties of London Blue Topaz

  • London blue comes with bluish with grey tone or also referred as “inky” and dark grayish blue.
  • Hardness on moh’s scale is around 8.
  • White topaz has a special property to change the color in blue permanently.

Process of London Blue Topaz

Natural Topaz comes in white or brown color and when it heated and irradiated it turns into London Blue Topaz, this process takes years. In a nuclear reactor radiations are imposed on white topaz. Fast neutrons exposed on topaz changes color and later heating is used to lighten the ink color after all that cooling is used to stabilize the color. Whole process takes years and after that it comes in the market for selling.

NavneetGems.com is having our own treatment center for blue topaz

Blue Topaz is one of our main products, producing and selling more than 0.3 million carats in a year in all calibration sizes and free size.

Loose london blue topaz

Different shapes, sizes and cuttings we have for selling

We have all shapes like round, ovals, square, baguette, trillion, cushion etc, in different cuttings like briolette, normal, cabochons, drops or fancy.

In following cuttings we have or any other special cuttings we can make on order too -

Rose cut Gemstones in different sizes ands shapes, Normal Cut Gemstones in different sizes and shapes, Normal Cabochons in different sizes and shapes, Briolettes Gems, Fancy Cut, Diamond cutting , Concave cut and Princess cut

Loose london blue topaz cabochonslondon blue topaz free size 25 cts+

Contact us for Loose London Blue Topaz Gemstones at wholesale prices

We complete you all requirements in London Blue Topaz. Please write us mail at navneet@navneetgems.com for any color in topaz. We will get back to you in few hours.

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Buy Loose Blue Zircon Gems & Cabs from Cambodia By Us

Buy and Source Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon gemstones from a wholesale supplier

 Introduction of Blue Zircon gems -
Zircon which comes in many colors like yellow, orange, red, and blue. Blue color is more popular from all of zircon’s colors. This stone is not very famous like Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Moonstone and others, some jewelers don’t even know about this but others who know; know the real beauty of this stone. It is favorite stone of collectors and they love the blue hue of this stone and more than 80% zircons which have been sold, are blue and in rest 20% all other colors come. According to gemologist and big gemstones selling companies, this stone is going to be famous in upcoming years. . I am graduate gemologist and would like to share my thoughts over this stone, this stone is actually underestimated and not completely recognized in market but recently seeing the increasing demand graph shows that people are gradually knowing the beauty of this fascinating gemstone. In upcoming few years, this is going to be a new history in gemstone industry like Tanzanite.

In the middle ages, zircon was used for good sleep, prosperity and positivity. One who wants to know how the name was discovered so zircon word comes from ‘zargun’ (Persian word), which means ‘gold-colored’ but it comes in many colors.

Sometimes buyers take zircon and cubic zirconia same because of almost same names and fact is that cubic zirconia is lab-grown imitation of different stones.

Buy and source Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon gemstones from a wholesale supplier - We have been selling Blue Zircon Gemstones at wholesale prices. Generally it is not easy to source Blue Zircon Gems but in our case it is not like this. We have been manufacturing this in our own factory.

Properties, quality and color of blue zircon gemstones -There are relatively few natural gemstones which come in blue color with good hardness and blue color brilliance. Sapphire, Tanzanite (Violet Blue), Aquamarine (Light Blue), Blue Tourmaline are some stones which come in blue color shade. In irradiated blue gemstones, Blue Topaz (Swiss and London) is also famous for its blue color, BUT without any doubt the most brilliant blue gemstone is Natural Blue Zircon. This stone comes with more refractive index than sapphire, tanzanite and other blue stones. It is found in a big range of colors, including rose, white, orange, blue etc.

Most of the Blue zircons are heat treated and clear with no inclusions but few hundred percent nature zircons come with smoky and cloudy appearance. Who knows the trend, this smokiness made this stone famous in times of Victorians. Blue zircon is heated and that is acceptable in market and no need of any disclosure because everyone know it.   Hardness of this stone is 7-7.5 on Mohs scale which attracts jewelers to make rings, pendants and bracelets using this stone. It can split white light into spectral (rainbow) colors and that unique property makes this stone more interesting.  

Basically it is produced by heat treatment of Natural brown zircon but all brown zircon stones which are heated do not turn into Blue, only those which are having congenial physical structure change into blue, this is the reason this stone is rare. We have been running our own heat treatment center Thailand to produce this stone.
natural blue zircon
Only good companies, who have experienced gemstones cutters, are manufacturing this stone because cutters can increases or decrease the market value of this stone. Mostly brilliant cut is famous to bring out the luster and firing, even though they modify brilliant cut in order to make the appearance more better and that modified cut is called ‘zircon cut’ but it labor cost of this cutting is high.

Natural Blue ZirconNatural Blue Zircon

Why our selling prices are competitive and wholesale for Blue Zircon?
In gemstones business main thing is sourcing and contacts. Cambodia is big source of raw material of this stone and that is near to our country where we have our factory (Thailand) so it becomes very easy for us to source raw material and this way we reduce our manufacturing costing and ultimately our buyers take the advantage of this.  Our buying is huge, we buy raw material in big volumes and this makes our buying prices low and it’s a simple math if raw material and production costing is low for us then we will sell at very low prices to our customers. 

Availability of Natural Blue Zircon at Navneet Gems
We have all small to big sizes in stock which start from 1 carat and goes up to 10-12 carats per piece. Normally our starting prices for good quality is 50$/carat and goes high according to size, quality and color. Color of every piece is magnificent and drives to top gem quality. We just take few hours to ship you a piece because we have many pieces in stock however we make in order too if need any special design, cut or cutting.

Zircon is heavier than other semi precious stones and that’s the reason it looks smaller in size when we compare the weight with other stones. Blue zircon comes has good hardness however it should be kept with care. Most of the dealers keep this stone in soft paper (In India) and gemstone box in other countries.

Few Pictures from our stock

Blue Zircon from Cambodia

Contact us to buy Natural Blue Zircon Gemstones-
If you are a collector, reseller or jewelry designer then please feel free to ask any question and we will send you detail information with dimension, carat size, size, shape with picture, in short whole certificate and this way it will be easy for you to buy with us. Please contact us through mail or call to buy Natural Blue Zircon. You can also visit our office in Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t get late; drop a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com to get more pictures, prices and quality information. KEEP READING.

© 1993-2014 Navneetgems all rights reserved

Zircon which comes in many colors like yellow, orange, red, and blue. Blue color is more popular from all of zircon’s colors. This stone is not very famous like Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Moonstone and others, some jewelers don’t even know about this but others who know; know the real beauty of this stone. It is favorite stone of collectors and they love the blue hue of this stone and more than 80% zircons which have been sold, are blue and in rest 20% all other colors come. According to gemologist and big gemstones selling companies, this stone is going to be famous in upcoming years. . I am graduate gemologist and would like to share my thoughts over this stone, this stone is actually underestimated and not completely recognized in market but recently seeing the increasing demand graph shows that people are gradually knowing the beauty of this fascinating gemstone. In upcoming few years, this is going to be a new history in gemstone industry like Tanzanite.

In the middle ages, zircon was used for good sleep, prosperity and positivity. One who wants to know how the name was discovered so zircon word comes from ‘zargun’ (Persian word), which means ‘gold-colored’ but it comes in many colors.

Sometimes buyers take zircon and cubic zirconia same because of almost same names and fact is that cubic zirconia is lab-grown imitation of different stones.

Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 11:34

Where to buy Sapphire Beads Wholesale online

This article here today will explain the reader if they are lookin how and where to buy Sapphire beads at wholesale prices on the internet with so much complications about the quality, price etc today.

It can be a challenging thing to buy Sapphire Beads online from a wholeseller. It may be difficult because of the following reasons:

  • Online wholesellers dont show a 100% natural clicked image under normal light which makes it difficult to judge this right
  • Prices on the internet for Sapphire beads may be not wholesale but retail and at the same time to benchmark them against each other because of so much variation being present in todays Beads supply. 
  •  The quality in todays market is so varied that pictures just cannot describe how the Sapphire beads will look in real, or whether they will be real, treated, heated, irradiated, dyed or not. 

The best ways to find an online Sapphire beads seller is to see the credibility of their website, their social networks to understand how people are interacting with them and how they are responding back. The credibility can be checked by seeing what organizations they are affiliated with and to check those websites with the name of the Gemstone company that you have found on the internet. For example: our company's names and websites are located in HKTDC's website under the Alphabetical order of "N" for Navneet Gems and Minerals. Another way to find out is whether their website is looking good or not, well designed means they have spent time and money on it - which is likely to prove they arent a spam. Have a look below at a website that sells Sapphire Beads wholesale, but would you find enough time spent on the design of their upper half of the first page? Guess not.

A poorly designed page isnt credible

So these are the factors and ways to decide in choosing your supplier of Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Multi Sapphire and other colors of Sapphire Beads. Here is some basic information about Sapphire Beads:

Sizes: Sapphire beads wholesale are available in almost all sizes, but mostly the smaller ones. The bigger sized beads are usually lower quality as its more desirable for the manufacturer like us to make those bigger pieces in cut stones or cabochons in order to really get a higher price per carat for it. 


Rondell Bead Shape in Blue Sapphire - these are one of the most common shapes to avoid weight loss and make them look like "tyres" which are another name for these beads

Rondells Beads in Blue Sapphire

Another common shape in Sapphire beads are: Plain beads which are also called as "Cabochon" Beads. These are also very common on Blue, Pink and Multi sapphires as they are all polished well just not facetted.

Plain Blue Sapphire Beads-"Cabochon" Beads

Prices of Sapphire Beads start as low as 10$ per string (for the lowest quality) and as high as 1,000$ per string, depending on color and quality of the beads and ofcourse Cabochons are less expensive than the Facetted Rondells.

Lengths: Many different lengths of Sapphire beads are available. Some of them are 9", 13" 15" 18" 21", these are all in inches and some companies like us can customize the size of beads to suit the individual customer as we understand each Sapphire beads wearer would require a different length upon their requirements.

Quality: So many different qualities are available in Sapphire beads that its difficult to answer this. But low, medium and high are the three most common qualities available. A, AA and AAA is also sometimes a measure of quality. A beads are usually with inclusions and the color is light, the AA quality of Sapphire beads are darker but still in the medium range and with some or almost no visible inclusions, lastly thet most expensive ones are with no inclusions and are "Dark" or more colored Sapphire beads wholesale. I mean Blue becomes more Blue-er, Pink becomes more "Pink-er" and so on.

AAA Pink Sapphire Beads

If you do trust our website, our content, our words and if you are willing to select us your supplier Sapphire beads wholesale then please get in touch with us and email us at info@navneetgems.com

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The energy in Gemstone Pyramids & Crystals

When I started supplying Gemstone Pyramids at wholesale prices around last year, I started to understand the energy in that these Gemstone Pyramids had and what these Crystals, whether it be Massage wands, Magic Wands, Crystal Balls or Double terminated Crystals, all these had. In this page I would like to show you how believing in something like this may change our lives.

Today is October 2013, where this world is turning so fast, faster than ever. People (not us) dont have time for small things and are looking to capture the bigger things in life. In such times, there are lots of negative energies around you which werent there in the early 21st century. Technology has made people into a "techno saviac", I dont know how else to put those that are trapped. We love our phones, we love our lives, we love our money, but we dislike others phones, we dislikes their money. Almost everyone has turned themselves into this, but some self-recoginzable human beings who arent caught in this trap, perhaps you or me who have the time to read these articles of mine. In such a world, its important to be happy, important to have time for small things, important to clear away all those negative energies that we get, either from others or self created.

Such energy sometimes cannot come from within, we need objects to move us. We need cars to make us travel, we need the phone to help us love, we need portable food to make us save time. We need a push, and here is a push for all those people who are either looking a wholesale supplier of Gemstone Pyramids and other related items or who are looking to clear this negative energy by the use of these Magical gemstones, created by nature, and manufactured by human.

How to believe in these Gemstone Pyramids?

Its simple, tell yourself they will change your life. (They may not instantly maybe because of too high a negative energy around you, but eventually will). Tell yourself that these natural gemstones will give you a push towards a new world, a world that doesnt have "any" negative energy at all, may seem hard to believe, but its what you believe happens. This is how you probably are towards say a Rose quartz gemstone Pyramids, this may be your vision, right? (have a look at the below picture of Rose quartz gemstone pyramid)

Rose quartz pyramid

Most people are only focused on their own lives, not on these small things like Gemstone Pyramids that can change life. But now see my (and perhaps your) vision:

The vision you should have

The above image (Photographed by me) was taken when my mind, my heart and my soul were fully engaged into creating this energy which was again "pushed" by these Gemstone Pyramids. These quartz gemstone pyramids come in many types, sizes and shapes.

Different colors of Pyramids and their importance

The reader may wonder why we need so many different types of gemstones. We need them no, but they exist and each gemstone has different powers. If you are reading this, you would be knowing that every substance has energy and everyone transmitts energy, this is the rule of science. Science tells us that energy cannot be created, not destroyed but transmitted - heard of this yeah? Why do you feel energetic when you are getting married? Why do you have tons of energy inside you after getting your first pay check. Its all emotions that create these energy, and emotions come from within, the cells in our body get charged up because of this "transmission" of energy. Sometimes when the energy within isnt as high as we expect it to be, we use these Gemstone Pyramids and the different types of Crystals to provide the balance of emotions right, create positive energy by transmission, bring us good luck and other related things that most Asians (Chinese, Indian, Thai's) and also Americans and Europeans believe in.

Gemstone Pyramids are available in our stores (And generally) in these colors:

  • Pink (Rose quartz, Pink Topaz, Pink tourmaline)
  • Black  (Obsidian, Smoky quartz, Onyx, Spinel)
  • White (Obsidian, Agate, Crystal, Moonstone)
  • Green (Aventurine, Tourmaline, Malachite, Jade)
  • Purple (Amethyst, Jade, Fluorite, Tanzanite)
  • Blue (Obsidian, Lapis)
  • Red (Aventurine, Ruby, Garnet)

The importance of these gemstones vary. First you need to understand the Seven chakras:

The Seven chakras


This diagram created by our company (I stole it from our IT department), illustrates the different chakras and their meanings. We also have attached a picture of the different parts of the bodies that are related to each chakra, this gives a clear understanding of each part and their relation. You may take time to read this and understand the meaning and importance of it, just dont stop and facebook or tweet, instead share this post and let your friends and others know what you are reading and the importance of the Energy and gemstone related chakras. Spread the word. 

Relation of each chakra to our body parts

These clearly explain that each different body part has a different relation to the chakras. Now this is what I mean, you must be curious why we need different gemstones. This is why. One medicine cannot cure all deseases, same way different gemstones may cure different chakras and energize them in different ways. 

To exactly see how to use a "Gemstone Wand" you may check this website: http://crystal-cure.com/article-wands-healing.html, it tells you how to recharge your wands, how to use it, where to use it and some other useful information.

Crystals Crystals Crystals..

The reason why Crystals have always been the most powerful tool to cure someone, something, somewhere. This is the reason why many fans gift these Magical wands to other friends or colleagues or family so they can pass on this positive "white" crystal energy and transmit them on to their friends.

Here are one of the best clicks I have dont of Crystal Massage wands. Oh well, the next time you are massasing your friend, girlfriend, mother buy a Crystal Gemstone wand first and try to use it and ask the user how he or she felt after the massage (but make sure you read about how to massage, there is a great youtube video here of how to massage using these gemstone massage wands, but please dont be as harsh as the person in the video, you can be softer please):


Crystal Massage Wand

Gemstones wends
wands dingle terminated

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Wholesale Garnet Gemstones - Indian Garnet, Mozambique Garnet, Wholesale Rhodolite, Wholesale Tsavorite

Garnet is one of the favorite Semi precious gemstone out of all for us Navneet Gems and Minerals - many reasons why.

Garnet Beads Garnet Cabochon Gems Garnet Gemstones

Garnet is the most biggest category that exist in the Semi precious category. The different types of garnet gemstones available in todays market vary the most today, October 2013. This page will tell you:

  • About us
  • About understanding the different types of Garnets in the market today.
  • About the different shades and qualities of Garnet.
  • The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.
  • The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

About us

 We are Navneet Gems and Minerals, a Thai-Indian company with our headquarters in Thailand which is the biggest hub of quality Gemstones from Asia. Our company is a specialist in providing Garnet gemstones to wholesale customers, Local Jewellers, and retailers in their own countries. Our factories in India produce the lower ranged Garnet, where as expensive like the Tsavorites are produced in our Thailand factory located in the hub of precious gems, Chantaburi. 

Understanding the different types of wholesale Garnet loose gemstones in the market today

No one is always getting this right. There always is some confusion and this confusion will persist. That is because there are really way too many names of the different types of garnets available. Thats exactly when we as a wholesale supplier of Garnet come into play to solve some of these confusions.

1) The first type of Garnet and the most common one in terms of scale of production and quantity is Indian Orrisa Garnet.

As the name suggests, it is originated from India (Orissa is the state), and thats where all this Red Indian garnet comes from. This is the reason we produce all our Orrisa garnet from India due to location. The color of the Indian Garnet is rather like red wine, however there are many variations in this Indian garnet itself. In this come the ver dark (almost black) colored Indian garnet which obviously is very less expensive. Here is a picture below of the most common colored Indian garnet, which is like wine. Then there is also a more open color Indian orissa garnet which resembles Mozambique but is usually only available in smaller sizes and sold at the same prices of Mozambique. The prices of Indian Orissa garnet for example for 6x4 Ovals would be 0.30$-0.40$ per carat for a wholesale quantity. (You can compare these prices with other origins of Red garnet). Below is a picture on the left hand side of the "Dark Indian Red Garnet", as it has darker shades of red and some black at the outskirts of the stone. On the right hand side it is the more open color of Red Garnet, which is usually refered as "Indian Red Garnet"

Indian GarnetRed Garnet

2) The second type of Garnet in the market most commonly available in terms of availabiltiy and price is: Hyderabadi Indian garnet.

These hyderabadi Indian garnet are mostly available in the form of Cabochons as the cut is not highly valued becasue of its orangy color. Ofcourse orange sells less for the Red, right? Common sense that is for us all. Now, if you compare the price of a 6x4 Oval in Mozambique you may get it as low as 0.10$ per carat with minimum inclusions. Thats the different type of price this category of Garnet has to offer. Just a slight change in color and origin gives it a completely different price and look. Indian Hyderabadi garnet are available in both with Inclusions and without inclusions. Here is a picture of how the Indian Hyderabadi Garnet cabochons look like. They are red, but more open orangeish red which give them a lower price tag on these beautiful garnet cabochons.

garnet hyderabadi

3) The third most common Garnet is Mozambique Garnet semi precious gemstones.

The best of the best you can say, in terms of its price and its terms of its color. Resembling ruby, Mozamique garnet has almost quadrippled in prices over the past few years and thats a phenomical growth for any gemstone to be having. Wholesale Mozambique garnet is something we used to sell alot past few years but since things have changed and the supply has reduced. Some of the Mozambique garnet sold on the market is actally just good colors of other shades such as the Indian orissa or the Reddish Hyderabadi. An Oval 6x4 in Mozambique garnet at a wholesale price would be 0.50$ for good top shade. Almost double that of other gemstones.


4) The type of Garnet that comes in the last few most common ones are: Hessonite Garnet.

Hessonite garnet cabochons are the most famous for its Orange color, but infact because of that it doesnt enjoy the liberty to high prices. Too much availabilty of Wholesale Loose Hessonite Garnet gemstones, and orange/yellow color making them valued much lower than they should. The pictures below show the beautiful Hessonite garnet in Custones which are more rare, but available with Navneet Gems and Minerals as we and our customer understand the beauty of these gemstones.

Hessonite Garnet Orangish shade Hessonite Garnet -More Redish

About the different shades and qualities of Garnet gems in the gemstone indutry.

The different shades of Red garnet available are outlined in short below:

  • The most preferred shade of Garnet is Mozambique garnet and thus undoubtedly they are the most expensive garnets available in the market. Mozambique garnet wholesale gemstones are like Pigeon red ruby, the most preferred color in Ruby. Pigeon red Garnet comes from Mozabique. Just slight difference in the shade can mean different prices. Why do you think Indian garnet from Orissa and Garnet from Mozambique are almost x2 prices? Its because of their shades. Indian garnet is slightly oilish or in simple words more black then Mozabique. Whoesale Mozabique garnet gemstones can be found in bulk, however at much varied quality. Here is an answer below for the different qualities of Garnet gems.
  • When garnet can come in so many different colors and shades, then why not different qualities. There are mostly two qualities of Garnets in the market generally, one is with inclusions and the next is without inclusions. The ones without inclusions depend on which stone they are, but are made into cut stones usually and sometimes into cabochons. Most of the silver companies outside Asia use Clean Garnet because the price is barely some percentage lower than the ones with Inclusions, but companies that have lower production cost like those in India use alot of Commercial quality of Garnets.

The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.

There is barely any gemstone that comes in the between Garnet's ways, it is a gemstone they say that has no competiton. At that price range, at that price, what can you get that gives out the best color in todays market which is red, undoubetdly because of it being the "color of our heart". Ruby, forget it. Todays Red and Pink tourmaline prices forget it. What do you not forget is garnet then, the variety of garnets makes this the most important color and stone in todays market, it was never this important but since people started falling in love again since the late 20th century, this colors importance increased to a point where they couldnt resist wearing jewellery that was red. No matter what happens, red will never go away. Red is the color ladies love to wear, and the men love to gift to the lady of their dreams. In conclusion Garnet will never leave this industry unless one unfortunate day it completely runs out.

The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

The economics behind every gemstone is different. The Tanzanites we know are ONLY based on the American market dominantly, if the Americans get bored of this stone the demand goes down, the prices struggle and the demand struggles to pick up at all. But Garnet is a completely a different stone. What makes a country like a gemstone? Its color, its shade, its price, its astrological importance and its quality.

Garnet is a gemstone that is used all over the world. The Americans love all stypes of garnets, the expensive Demontoids and the cheaper Hyderabadi Garnets. The dark tone on this gemstone makes it attractive for all white skins and it enhances the look of their faces. Have a look at Miley cyrus wearing Garnet jewellery, doesnt it enhance her look? It jus suits the face so much.

Garnet jewellery

Because of Garnets usage being so global, the elasticities of demand are low, as there are no real substitutes, so what will people use if not this red stone at the price range of 1$ a carat? 2$ a carat? In todays gemstone business, there are only a few really powerful markets that can move a particular gemstone or a particular market etc, these are: The United states of America, China, Russia and Japan. There is no 5th country that is strong enough in terms of gemstone consumption. The Americans love garnet, the Chinese and the Japanese are rather neutral and the Russians are the biggest fan of "Pyrope" Garnet is what they call them, and that is one reason for the demand of Garnets being increased to heights in todays market. If any of these countries increases their consumption, the Garnet gemstone business can be effected in days. Thats the economics behind this.

Garnet species chart


We have reached many conclusions in this article about Garnet. Firstly, if you are looking to source Garnet then we can be the right supplier, atleast you may give us a try. Secondly, there are lots of things to learn about this Gemstone which is very broad in terms of qualities, price, colors, shades, origins of the different Garnets available in todays market. Lastly, garnet is a gemstone that is consumed almost in all the major countries and thus moving the demand to a different scale or playing around with the economies behind it isnt that easy but countries like USA and Russia have showed their power.

Any questions and querries you may email us at info@navneetgems.com

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Wholesale Golden Rutile Quartz, Black Rutile Quartz and other colors - AA to AAA quality

 Buy Loose Wholesale Rutile Quartz in Black, Cooper, Golden, Yellow and other Colors

Introduction to Rutile Quartz
Rutile Quartz is one the best Natural Gemstone that we are manufacturing and selling. Rutile Quartz comes in Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow etc. colors. This amazing natural stone seems like man made because of its beauty. Needles or hair inside rutile quartz are really magical.

This article will cover following information about Rutile Quartz.

1. Manufacturing and supply of Rutile Quartz by NavneetGems
2. Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts
availability in Rutilated Quartz
3. Price range of Rutilated Quartz

4. Jewelry Use of this Stone
5. Current Market of Rutile

All about our Manufacturing and Supply of Rutile Quartz

Navneet Gems and Minerals is working in Gemstones industry since last 18 years. Our prices are competitive with very fine quality because of our own manufacturing unit of Gemstones in India and Thailand. We have direct source of Rough in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa and other countries. We have many different qualities in Black Rutile Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, Rutile Quartz Cabochons. 

We import rough from brazil and then manufacture calibration and Free size in different colors. Long time before we were only dealing in Precious stones but when we visited Brazil, we saw this amazing stones and starting manufacturing since then.

Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts

This stone comes in many colors like Black, Golden, Cooper, Yellow etc. Quality factor is needles o hair inside Stone. If stone is heavily loaded with hair inside then it is not the sign of good quality. Limited needles with proper arrangment makes it elegant.

When we talk about sizes then it comes in calibration to free sizes. Big sizes are more popular because of use in Jewelry as pendants. Different cuts and shapes are available in all colors like Faceted, Cabochons, Beads, Flat bottom etc. Round, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Square, Oval and other shapes are available in all colors.

The interesting fact about Rutile Quartz is that Rutile is the only semi precious gemstone that is valued for its inclusions. Limited Needles or hair inside stone gives a fascinating look. Any rutile quartz that has full of hair doesn't look good.

Sample Pictures from our stock. We have many Quartz Rutile lots like these -

yellow rutile quartzcooper rutile quartz

rutile quartz cooperround rutilated quartzwholesale rutile quartz

black rutile quartz

Price range of Rutile Quartz
This stone is very very cheap when it comes to its natural beauty. Prices starts from 0.07$/carat and goes high according to qualities. Big size rutile Quartz Gems are more cheaper than Calibration because of low costing in Production. We are selling lots of thousand carats also at very minimum prices.

Jewelry use of Rutile
These are sample pictures sent by our Loose Rutile Quartz Cutomers who are Jewerly makers. Mainly we have customers from USA, UK, Aisa and Austrailla. We thank to our customers to give such an elegant look to loose Gemsin Jewelry.

black rutile quartz golden rutile quartz
                  Black Rutile Quartz                                                         Golden Rutile Quartz

Here are the pictures of Pair set Rutile Quartz Loose Stones in different shapes

Pair set Rutile Quartzwholesale Rutile quartz loose stone

Current Market of Rutile
Now a days Rutile is one the most famous Semi Precious Stone after Garnet . Different look of this natural Gemstone, Unique, Cheap in prices makes it popular. he srilankan material of rough rutile has gone and now no more in market, the chinese are using up all the rough and buying in big quantities but our company Navneet gems has a big stock of more than 50 kilos and thus we can do well and supply good Srilankan as well as Brazillian quality of rutile.

Rutile Quartz

Calibrate Rutile Quartz Cooper Rutile Quartz

big Size Rutile Quartz Golden Rutile Quartz  

Rutile faceted Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz Cabochon

Contact us to buy loose Rutile Quartz in Black, Brown, Cooper, Yellow and other colors. You can mail us or call us anytime. We will get back to you with in few hours.

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