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Latest News from Gemstone Industry

The energy in Gemstone Pyramids & Crystals

When I started supplying Gemstone Pyramids at wholesale prices around last year, I started to understand the energy in that these Gemstone Pyramids had and what these Crystals, whether it be Massage wands, Magic Wands, Crystal Balls or Double terminated Crystals, all these had. In this page I would like to show you how believing in something like this may change our lives.

Today is October 2013, where this world is turning so fast, faster than ever. People (not us) dont have time for small things and are looking to capture the bigger things in life. In such times, there are lots of negative energies around you which werent there in the early 21st century. Technology has made people into a "techno saviac", I dont know how else to put those that are trapped. We love our phones, we love our lives, we love our money, but we dislike others phones, we dislikes their money. Almost everyone has turned themselves into this, but some self-recoginzable human beings who arent caught in this trap, perhaps you or me who have the time to read these articles of mine. In such a world, its important to be happy, important to have time for small things, important to clear away all those negative energies that we get, either from others or self created.

Such energy sometimes cannot come from within, we need objects to move us. We need cars to make us travel, we need the phone to help us love, we need portable food to make us save time. We need a push, and here is a push for all those people who are either looking a wholesale supplier of Gemstone Pyramids and other related items or who are looking to clear this negative energy by the use of these Magical gemstones, created by nature, and manufactured by human.

How to believe in these Gemstone Pyramids?

Its simple, tell yourself they will change your life. (They may not instantly maybe because of too high a negative energy around you, but eventually will). Tell yourself that these natural gemstones will give you a push towards a new world, a world that doesnt have "any" negative energy at all, may seem hard to believe, but its what you believe happens. This is how you probably are towards say a Rose quartz gemstone Pyramids, this may be your vision, right? (have a look at the below picture of Rose quartz gemstone pyramid)

Rose quartz pyramid

Most people are only focused on their own lives, not on these small things like Gemstone Pyramids that can change life. But now see my (and perhaps your) vision:

The vision you should have

The above image (Photographed by me) was taken when my mind, my heart and my soul were fully engaged into creating this energy which was again "pushed" by these Gemstone Pyramids. These quartz gemstone pyramids come in many types, sizes and shapes.

Different colors of Pyramids and their importance

The reader may wonder why we need so many different types of gemstones. We need them no, but they exist and each gemstone has different powers. If you are reading this, you would be knowing that every substance has energy and everyone transmitts energy, this is the rule of science. Science tells us that energy cannot be created, not destroyed but transmitted - heard of this yeah? Why do you feel energetic when you are getting married? Why do you have tons of energy inside you after getting your first pay check. Its all emotions that create these energy, and emotions come from within, the cells in our body get charged up because of this "transmission" of energy. Sometimes when the energy within isnt as high as we expect it to be, we use these Gemstone Pyramids and the different types of Crystals to provide the balance of emotions right, create positive energy by transmission, bring us good luck and other related things that most Asians (Chinese, Indian, Thai's) and also Americans and Europeans believe in.

Gemstone Pyramids are available in our stores (And generally) in these colors:

  • Pink (Rose quartz, Pink Topaz, Pink tourmaline)
  • Black  (Obsidian, Smoky quartz, Onyx, Spinel)
  • White (Obsidian, Agate, Crystal, Moonstone)
  • Green (Aventurine, Tourmaline, Malachite, Jade)
  • Purple (Amethyst, Jade, Fluorite, Tanzanite)
  • Blue (Obsidian, Lapis)
  • Red (Aventurine, Ruby, Garnet)

The importance of these gemstones vary. First you need to understand the Seven chakras:

The Seven chakras


This diagram created by our company (I stole it from our IT department), illustrates the different chakras and their meanings. We also have attached a picture of the different parts of the bodies that are related to each chakra, this gives a clear understanding of each part and their relation. You may take time to read this and understand the meaning and importance of it, just dont stop and facebook or tweet, instead share this post and let your friends and others know what you are reading and the importance of the Energy and gemstone related chakras. Spread the word. 

Relation of each chakra to our body parts

These clearly explain that each different body part has a different relation to the chakras. Now this is what I mean, you must be curious why we need different gemstones. This is why. One medicine cannot cure all deseases, same way different gemstones may cure different chakras and energize them in different ways. 

To exactly see how to use a "Gemstone Wand" you may check this website: http://crystal-cure.com/article-wands-healing.html, it tells you how to recharge your wands, how to use it, where to use it and some other useful information.

Crystals Crystals Crystals..

The reason why Crystals have always been the most powerful tool to cure someone, something, somewhere. This is the reason why many fans gift these Magical wands to other friends or colleagues or family so they can pass on this positive "white" crystal energy and transmit them on to their friends.

Here are one of the best clicks I have dont of Crystal Massage wands. Oh well, the next time you are massasing your friend, girlfriend, mother buy a Crystal Gemstone wand first and try to use it and ask the user how he or she felt after the massage (but make sure you read about how to massage, there is a great youtube video here of how to massage using these gemstone massage wands, but please dont be as harsh as the person in the video, you can be softer please):


Crystal Massage Wand

Gemstones wends
wands dingle terminated

Contact us & Share this post if you liked it

If you are looking to buy, source these Gemstone Pyramids, Gemstone Wands, Tumble Stones, Gemstone Spheres at wholesale or even if you are looking to buy some for your own house or for your own use, you may contact a wholeseller like us and get great prices and savings.

For those who loved reading this post about Gemstones crystals, then please share this post on Social networks, or post a link of this on your blog etc. Thanks.

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Wholesale Garnet Gemstones - Indian Garnet, Mozambique Garnet, Wholesale Rhodolite, Wholesale Tsavorite

Garnet is one of the favorite Semi precious gemstone out of all for us Navneet Gems and Minerals - many reasons why.

Garnet Beads Garnet Cabochon Gems Garnet Gemstones

Garnet is the most biggest category that exist in the Semi precious category. The different types of garnet gemstones available in todays market vary the most today, October 2013. This page will tell you:

  • About us
  • About understanding the different types of Garnets in the market today.
  • About the different shades and qualities of Garnet.
  • The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.
  • The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

About us

 We are Navneet Gems and Minerals, a Thai-Indian company with our headquarters in Thailand which is the biggest hub of quality Gemstones from Asia. Our company is a specialist in providing Garnet gemstones to wholesale customers, Local Jewellers, and retailers in their own countries. Our factories in India produce the lower ranged Garnet, where as expensive like the Tsavorites are produced in our Thailand factory located in the hub of precious gems, Chantaburi. 

Understanding the different types of wholesale Garnet loose gemstones in the market today

No one is always getting this right. There always is some confusion and this confusion will persist. That is because there are really way too many names of the different types of garnets available. Thats exactly when we as a wholesale supplier of Garnet come into play to solve some of these confusions.

1) The first type of Garnet and the most common one in terms of scale of production and quantity is Indian Orrisa Garnet.

As the name suggests, it is originated from India (Orissa is the state), and thats where all this Red Indian garnet comes from. This is the reason we produce all our Orrisa garnet from India due to location. The color of the Indian Garnet is rather like red wine, however there are many variations in this Indian garnet itself. In this come the ver dark (almost black) colored Indian garnet which obviously is very less expensive. Here is a picture below of the most common colored Indian garnet, which is like wine. Then there is also a more open color Indian orissa garnet which resembles Mozambique but is usually only available in smaller sizes and sold at the same prices of Mozambique. The prices of Indian Orissa garnet for example for 6x4 Ovals would be 0.30$-0.40$ per carat for a wholesale quantity. (You can compare these prices with other origins of Red garnet). Below is a picture on the left hand side of the "Dark Indian Red Garnet", as it has darker shades of red and some black at the outskirts of the stone. On the right hand side it is the more open color of Red Garnet, which is usually refered as "Indian Red Garnet"

Indian GarnetRed Garnet

2) The second type of Garnet in the market most commonly available in terms of availabiltiy and price is: Hyderabadi Indian garnet.

These hyderabadi Indian garnet are mostly available in the form of Cabochons as the cut is not highly valued becasue of its orangy color. Ofcourse orange sells less for the Red, right? Common sense that is for us all. Now, if you compare the price of a 6x4 Oval in Mozambique you may get it as low as 0.10$ per carat with minimum inclusions. Thats the different type of price this category of Garnet has to offer. Just a slight change in color and origin gives it a completely different price and look. Indian Hyderabadi garnet are available in both with Inclusions and without inclusions. Here is a picture of how the Indian Hyderabadi Garnet cabochons look like. They are red, but more open orangeish red which give them a lower price tag on these beautiful garnet cabochons.

garnet hyderabadi

3) The third most common Garnet is Mozambique Garnet semi precious gemstones.

The best of the best you can say, in terms of its price and its terms of its color. Resembling ruby, Mozamique garnet has almost quadrippled in prices over the past few years and thats a phenomical growth for any gemstone to be having. Wholesale Mozambique garnet is something we used to sell alot past few years but since things have changed and the supply has reduced. Some of the Mozambique garnet sold on the market is actally just good colors of other shades such as the Indian orissa or the Reddish Hyderabadi. An Oval 6x4 in Mozambique garnet at a wholesale price would be 0.50$ for good top shade. Almost double that of other gemstones.


4) The type of Garnet that comes in the last few most common ones are: Hessonite Garnet.

Hessonite garnet cabochons are the most famous for its Orange color, but infact because of that it doesnt enjoy the liberty to high prices. Too much availabilty of Wholesale Loose Hessonite Garnet gemstones, and orange/yellow color making them valued much lower than they should. The pictures below show the beautiful Hessonite garnet in Custones which are more rare, but available with Navneet Gems and Minerals as we and our customer understand the beauty of these gemstones.

Hessonite Garnet Orangish shade Hessonite Garnet -More Redish

About the different shades and qualities of Garnet gems in the gemstone indutry.

The different shades of Red garnet available are outlined in short below:

  • The most preferred shade of Garnet is Mozambique garnet and thus undoubtedly they are the most expensive garnets available in the market. Mozambique garnet wholesale gemstones are like Pigeon red ruby, the most preferred color in Ruby. Pigeon red Garnet comes from Mozabique. Just slight difference in the shade can mean different prices. Why do you think Indian garnet from Orissa and Garnet from Mozambique are almost x2 prices? Its because of their shades. Indian garnet is slightly oilish or in simple words more black then Mozabique. Whoesale Mozabique garnet gemstones can be found in bulk, however at much varied quality. Here is an answer below for the different qualities of Garnet gems.
  • When garnet can come in so many different colors and shades, then why not different qualities. There are mostly two qualities of Garnets in the market generally, one is with inclusions and the next is without inclusions. The ones without inclusions depend on which stone they are, but are made into cut stones usually and sometimes into cabochons. Most of the silver companies outside Asia use Clean Garnet because the price is barely some percentage lower than the ones with Inclusions, but companies that have lower production cost like those in India use alot of Commercial quality of Garnets.

The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.

There is barely any gemstone that comes in the between Garnet's ways, it is a gemstone they say that has no competiton. At that price range, at that price, what can you get that gives out the best color in todays market which is red, undoubetdly because of it being the "color of our heart". Ruby, forget it. Todays Red and Pink tourmaline prices forget it. What do you not forget is garnet then, the variety of garnets makes this the most important color and stone in todays market, it was never this important but since people started falling in love again since the late 20th century, this colors importance increased to a point where they couldnt resist wearing jewellery that was red. No matter what happens, red will never go away. Red is the color ladies love to wear, and the men love to gift to the lady of their dreams. In conclusion Garnet will never leave this industry unless one unfortunate day it completely runs out.

The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

The economics behind every gemstone is different. The Tanzanites we know are ONLY based on the American market dominantly, if the Americans get bored of this stone the demand goes down, the prices struggle and the demand struggles to pick up at all. But Garnet is a completely a different stone. What makes a country like a gemstone? Its color, its shade, its price, its astrological importance and its quality.

Garnet is a gemstone that is used all over the world. The Americans love all stypes of garnets, the expensive Demontoids and the cheaper Hyderabadi Garnets. The dark tone on this gemstone makes it attractive for all white skins and it enhances the look of their faces. Have a look at Miley cyrus wearing Garnet jewellery, doesnt it enhance her look? It jus suits the face so much.

Garnet jewellery

Because of Garnets usage being so global, the elasticities of demand are low, as there are no real substitutes, so what will people use if not this red stone at the price range of 1$ a carat? 2$ a carat? In todays gemstone business, there are only a few really powerful markets that can move a particular gemstone or a particular market etc, these are: The United states of America, China, Russia and Japan. There is no 5th country that is strong enough in terms of gemstone consumption. The Americans love garnet, the Chinese and the Japanese are rather neutral and the Russians are the biggest fan of "Pyrope" Garnet is what they call them, and that is one reason for the demand of Garnets being increased to heights in todays market. If any of these countries increases their consumption, the Garnet gemstone business can be effected in days. Thats the economics behind this.

Garnet species chart


We have reached many conclusions in this article about Garnet. Firstly, if you are looking to source Garnet then we can be the right supplier, atleast you may give us a try. Secondly, there are lots of things to learn about this Gemstone which is very broad in terms of qualities, price, colors, shades, origins of the different Garnets available in todays market. Lastly, garnet is a gemstone that is consumed almost in all the major countries and thus moving the demand to a different scale or playing around with the economies behind it isnt that easy but countries like USA and Russia have showed their power.

Any questions and querries you may email us at info@navneetgems.com

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Wholesale Golden Rutile Quartz, Black Rutile Quartz and other colors - AA to AAA quality

 Buy Loose Wholesale Rutile Quartz in Black, Cooper, Golden, Yellow and other Colors

Introduction to Rutile Quartz
Rutile Quartz is one the best Natural Gemstone that we are manufacturing and selling. Rutile Quartz comes in Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow etc. colors. This amazing natural stone seems like man made because of its beauty. Needles or hair inside rutile quartz are really magical.

This article will cover following information about Rutile Quartz.

1. Manufacturing and supply of Rutile Quartz by NavneetGems
2. Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts
availability in Rutilated Quartz
3. Price range of Rutilated Quartz

4. Jewelry Use of this Stone
5. Current Market of Rutile

All about our Manufacturing and Supply of Rutile Quartz

Navneet Gems and Minerals is working in Gemstones industry since last 18 years. Our prices are competitive with very fine quality because of our own manufacturing unit of Gemstones in India and Thailand. We have direct source of Rough in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa and other countries. We have many different qualities in Black Rutile Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, Rutile Quartz Cabochons. 

We import rough from brazil and then manufacture calibration and Free size in different colors. Long time before we were only dealing in Precious stones but when we visited Brazil, we saw this amazing stones and starting manufacturing since then.

Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts

This stone comes in many colors like Black, Golden, Cooper, Yellow etc. Quality factor is needles o hair inside Stone. If stone is heavily loaded with hair inside then it is not the sign of good quality. Limited needles with proper arrangment makes it elegant.

When we talk about sizes then it comes in calibration to free sizes. Big sizes are more popular because of use in Jewelry as pendants. Different cuts and shapes are available in all colors like Faceted, Cabochons, Beads, Flat bottom etc. Round, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Square, Oval and other shapes are available in all colors.

The interesting fact about Rutile Quartz is that Rutile is the only semi precious gemstone that is valued for its inclusions. Limited Needles or hair inside stone gives a fascinating look. Any rutile quartz that has full of hair doesn't look good.

Sample Pictures from our stock. We have many Quartz Rutile lots like these -

yellow rutile quartzcooper rutile quartz

rutile quartz cooperround rutilated quartzwholesale rutile quartz

black rutile quartz

Price range of Rutile Quartz
This stone is very very cheap when it comes to its natural beauty. Prices starts from 0.07$/carat and goes high according to qualities. Big size rutile Quartz Gems are more cheaper than Calibration because of low costing in Production. We are selling lots of thousand carats also at very minimum prices.

Jewelry use of Rutile
These are sample pictures sent by our Loose Rutile Quartz Cutomers who are Jewerly makers. Mainly we have customers from USA, UK, Aisa and Austrailla. We thank to our customers to give such an elegant look to loose Gemsin Jewelry.

black rutile quartz golden rutile quartz
                  Black Rutile Quartz                                                         Golden Rutile Quartz

Here are the pictures of Pair set Rutile Quartz Loose Stones in different shapes

Pair set Rutile Quartzwholesale Rutile quartz loose stone

Current Market of Rutile
Now a days Rutile is one the most famous Semi Precious Stone after Garnet . Different look of this natural Gemstone, Unique, Cheap in prices makes it popular. he srilankan material of rough rutile has gone and now no more in market, the chinese are using up all the rough and buying in big quantities but our company Navneet gems has a big stock of more than 50 kilos and thus we can do well and supply good Srilankan as well as Brazillian quality of rutile.

Rutile Quartz

Calibrate Rutile Quartz Cooper Rutile Quartz

big Size Rutile Quartz Golden Rutile Quartz  

Rutile faceted Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz Cabochon

Contact us to buy loose Rutile Quartz in Black, Brown, Cooper, Yellow and other colors. You can mail us or call us anytime. We will get back to you with in few hours.

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Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Low prices lots are just one click away from you. You can scroll down for lots in Aquamarine. Mail us at navneet@navneetgems.com for inquiry and order.

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Shape - Oval
Weight - 7.02 carats



Aquamarine 7.02 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Shape- Oval
Weight - 8.02 carats



Aquamarine 8.02 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Shape- Trillion
Weight - 9.80 carats



Aquamarine 9.80 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Shape- Trillion
Weight - 16.42 carats



Aquamarine 16.42 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems
Weight - 17.72 cts



Aquamarine 17.72 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems
Weight - 18.40 cts


Aquamarine 18.40 carts

Natural Aquamarine Loose Gems

Shape - long cushion



Not sure of weight aqumarin

Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 17:00

Wholesale Natural Pink tourmaline lots

New Arrived Natural Multi Tourmaline Lot 

Natural Tourmaline Gemstones


Natural Pink tourmaline
56 pcs - total weight 352.38 cts
Price 100$ - 200$

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #1Natural Pink tourmaline lots #2

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #3Natural Pink tourmaline lots #4

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #5Natural Pink tourmaline lots #6

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #7 Natural Pink tourmaline lots #8

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #9Natural Pink tourmaline lots #10

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #11Natural Pink tourmaline lots #12

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #13Natural Pink tourmaline lots #14

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #15Natural Pink tourmaline lots #16

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #17Natural Pink tourmaline lots #18

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #19Natural Pink tourmaline lots #20

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #21Natural Pink tourmaline lots #22

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #23Natural Pink tourmaline lots #24

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #25Natural Pink tourmaline lots #26

Natural Pink tourmaline lots #27Natural Pink tourmaline lots #28

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Wholesale Natural Green Tourmaline

Natural Green Tourmaline
55 pieces
395.58 carats lot
Price I will tell you later but between 70$ - 100$ per carat
Some are no inclusions (FL - Flawless)
Some are SI
Some are VS

Lot # 1 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 3 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 4 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 5 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 6 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 7 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 8 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 9 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 10- Green Tourmaline Lot # 11 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 12 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 13- Green Tourmaline

Lot # 14 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 15 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 16 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 17 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 18 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 19 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 20 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 21 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 22 - Green Tourmaline Lot # 23 - Green Tourmaline

Lot # 24 - Green Tourmaline Lot Green Tourmaline

Lot Green Tourmaline Lot Green Tourmaline

Lot Green Tourmaline Lot Green Tourmaline

Lot Green Tourmaline Lot Green Tourmaline

Lot Green Tourmaline Lot Green Tourmaline

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 20:03

Natural Green Tourmaline

Natural Green Tourmaline

55 pieces
395.58 carats lot
Price I will tell you later but between 70$ - 100$ per carat
Some are no inclusions (FL - Flawless)
Some are SI
Some are VS

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline


Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 19:34

Natural Green Tourmaline Lots

n/a Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 19:05

Everything you need to know before ordering from us.

Welcome everyone. This is a page for those resellers, jewellers or individual suppliers who are looking to source Gemstones at wholesale from our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals.

Myself, Navneet Agarwal, heading the Online marketing team at Navneet Gems and Minerals, would like you to spend just a few minutes reading about getting to know us better and everything else you would need before ordering or sourcing from us.


We arent stuck to just one quality of Gemstones. There are two category of Gemstones we make.

One category are usually the less expensive stones such as Crystal, Smoky, Lemon, Moonstone, Chalcedony, Lapis (And many more), where the customers "usually" demand only one quality which is the best. For example: Less than 5% of our customers ask for Crystal quartz with inclusions, and we usually provide "AAA" quality for these stones. So in this category we usually make "AAA" quality of stones as prices for lower quality in this category barely gives a 20%-30% lesser price, so no point. But some customers still want these, and ofcourse we supply as we have our own manufacturings producing any quality. We usually stock all qualities of raw materials in order to be flexible to cut all types of dimensions and qualities.

The second category of stones are usually the better priced Semi precious stones (which are absolutely beautiful), such as Garnet, Peridot, Tanzanite, Tourmalines, Tsavorites, Amethyst, Citrine and many more. These usually come in three qualities, in every individual stone the quality may mean different. For example in Amethyst Brazil, A means Light (Pink) Amethyst, AA means Medium color, and AAA means top intense purple color. This is so because most Amethysts come inclusion free. In these stones we usually need a very detailed description from you about what quality you want (with inclusions or without) (light color, medium color or dark color?) So do mention that to us.

All stones you recieve will not have the following things unless asked for:

  • Color band (when you move the piece around, you will not see white or any other colored lines in the stones)
  • Badly polished girdle
  • Broken pieces
  • Thin height or Low height of stones (makes them have no depth)
  • Uneven color
  • Synthetic stones
  • Chipped pieces
  • Inclusions visible with the eye

All stones we deliver will have the following characteristics:

  • Even color
  • No Inclusions visible to the eye
  • Girdle thin and polished
  • Normal height of stones (50%-60%)
  • Depth in stones (Beautiful)
  • As described

Payment, Delivery time, Shipping, Returns

Payment: We usually accept 100% payment before starting production, unless the weight is not known to us or to the customer, in that case we keep a deposit and then start production, right after production has taken place, we send the invoice to our customers from Bill.com (Its a great software), and they can pay us via: Paypal (semi-precious@hotmail.com), or Bank transfer (You may ask us for Bank details personally), for payments via credit card; we send a paypal link made by us, then payment can be done by putting in all the information of your credit card and it sometimes may take 1-2 days for us to recieve the payment.

Delivery Time: Once the payment has been done, we send the order right away with all details to our factory manager, he processes it. Now delivery can sometimes be unpredictable to be honest. We tend to deliver all our orders between 1 week - 2 weeks and sometime when I say 1 week, the customers come and complain, so honestly 1 week - 2 weeks, it all depends on what time of the year we are in, how big or small the order is (Smaller orders usually take more time as we have to wait for the right cycle time), but you know what we also supply some orders in as quick as 2 hours, if we have them in stock, or any of our customer urgently needs them, we quickly get it made and ship in a day or two. :)

Shipping: We operate our shipping both from Thailand and India (from our factory). For orders that are stones produced in our Thailand factory we ship it from here using Fedex and that would cost around 50$ on average to the customer. The shipping from India usually takes place using DHL (Jaipur is not the best place with good infrastructure, so Fedex doesnt operate there properly) and it costs between 35$ - 50$ per shipment with a tracking number and full insured (Unless customer doesnt pay full frieght)

Returns: We havent gotten too many returns from our customers in the past 10 years to be honest. We send pictures a day or two before shipping the goods to our customers and we deliver the quality we discuss. We may take half a day or 1 day more, but we ensure we deliver the right goods that meet your needs. But exceptions happen and we take in returns 7 day after recieving the gemstones, we return back all the money (100% refund) after checking that everything is in tact once we get the returned shiment. Shipping costs of the return is paid by the buyer.

Our Team

At the moment, we have more than 50 people in our factories in Thailand and more than 100 in Jaipur. Here in Bangkok, our sales team is located which is headed by Sachin Goyal and me. My father, Suresh Agarwal, is the CEO of the company and gives us his guidance every once in a while when he gets free from "looking at the bigger picture" our of manufacturing and setup. Apart from us, there are 5 female staff in our Bangkok office who take care of the "Administrative" sector, such as Finance, Invoicing etc. We have 10 well trained assortment and selection staff here who take care of every order and make sure that the smaller sized gemstones are "louped" and well polished in the girdle especially.

My personal email address is navneet@navneetgems.com and well I work 16/7 and not 24/7 and thus I will be mostly available during working hours plus sometimes after hours. I am available on skype for a faster communication at navneet.agarwal1, as well as on whatsapp or a phone call at +66900797650

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Multi Tourmaline, Wholesale Multi Tourmaline, Indicolite Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline,Pink Tourmaline,

Wholesale Tourmaline Gems - Pink Tourmaline, Multi Tourmaline

Introduction to Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the fascinating gemstones that our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals limited, works with. Tourmaline is the only Natural gemstone that comes in so many different colors, I mean when you think of gemstones, how many natural colored gemstones are you aware of that come in red, green and multi colors? Ruby? Emerald? Well, the price we know of these materials are obviously the biggest "oh" we react, the prices for these Precious gemstones are too high to afford sometimes. The only Semi precious gemstone that really is very pretty and available in all colors are Tourmalines. If Multi tourmalines form like the Rainbow in the sky, then Green tourmalines are like the next emeralds, except that every piece of Green tourmaline comes in a different tone of color. No piece ever looks the same in terms of its color, we are not talking about the quality here. Thats the case in Emerald, every piece in Emerald has a different quality, but very similar color and it does get boring.

Tourmaline Gemstones

Multi Tourmaline

We are your supplier of Tourmaline - reasons why we are the answer to your needs of buying Wholesale Tourmaline.

Navneet Gems and Minerals, the name that serves the Gemstone industry with very nice quality Tourmalines in all colors, also at very competitive prices straight from our factories. We make sure that every step of the production of Tourmalines is done to optimize the efficiency, and reduce cost to the most bottom. The first such step is our buying of Rough Materials from Africa and other Rough Tourmaline producing countries such as Brazil, but mostly they come from Kenya, African. Our contacts, which were made from our great grand father, Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal, give us a very big competitive edge. To be importing from the African continent isnt easy and thats why these contacts provide us with very nice quality Tourmalines, be it the Pink Tourmalines, Green Tourmalines or the Multi tourmalines. Importing can only be desired when the quantity imported is in big quantites, and our Rough department sells the Rough to local Indian manufacturers as well as other resellers.

Multi TourmalinePink Tourmaline

Customer Service: We at Navneet Gems have a small customer service team of 5 members, all located in India, but these customer service staffs of ours act as Salesman, as well as service providers. Our team's members are quite fexible in terms of work, they also sometimes are passionate about photography and thus do it when in free time. 

All about Loose Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline are the best of the best really. Pink Diamonds have always had the highest bids in Christie's auctions, and this color has been the top item on the list of items for public. All girls love pink, and if its Diamonds its something every girl would wish to own. But Pink Diamonds are expensive, and thats when Pink tourmalines make it a sigh of relief for women. Pink Tourmalines cabochons start as low as 3$ per carat , amazing eh, and as high as 1,000$ per carat for Top quality single facetted pieces of Pink Tourmaline.

The Pink Tourmalines at Navneet Gems are available now in caliberated sizes from ovals, rounds, cushions to Squars and Bagettes. We do have rough available to produce good quality Pink tourmalines, however they cost very high. More preferred these days are freesize or single pieces of Pink tourmaline which arent replaceable as each piece has a different feel to it, and its a bit more challenging to differentiate different qualities of Pink tourmaline gemstones.

Pink TourmalinePink Tourmaline

All about Green Tourmaline wholesale

Green Tourmaline is the most rare tourmaline yet one of the most common colors of tourmaline. Green tourmaline since the early 20th century has been the favorite semi precious gemstone which are priced higher than similar colored Peridots, yet Wholesale green tourmalines sell really well in good quantities. Larger sizes are starting to get more rare in caliberation but a wholesale tourmaline supplier like us stores many different sizes of rough including the larger sizes like 10 mm rounds which our customers constantly demand for jewellery production.

The below Green tourmaline lot is just an example portraying that green tourmaline always has some variation in colors, especially in the bigger sized single stones. Its difficult to find a replacement with the same looks as the previous one. Source your wholesale requirements of green tourmaline from us today and save up many hands.

Multi Tourmaline

All information about Multi Tourmaline gemstones

What is the UPS (unique selling proposition) of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline sells the most in many of the semi precious stones because of its variety of colors, them being natiral and also.

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