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Myths about Sapphires

There are several myths about Sapphire in the market. People think they are true. Do you think the same? Not all beliefs are true but some of them are scientifically proved as well.

Let’s talk about some of these myths and facts about Sapphires and check whether they are true or not.

  •       Did Sapphires really have magical powers?
  •       Do Sapphires actually help you?
  •       Are Sapphires used in cure?
  •       Are Sapphires scared?

All of your questions will be answered here.

In ancient times, people used to gift Sapphire to their friends and relatives as a pledge of integrity, devotion, purity and belief.


Following are some beliefs about Sapphire Gemstone:

      There is a common belief about Sapphire that a necklace of Sapphires will cure a tender throat. You can see Lady Diana wore a Sapphire Necklace in the image below.


      We all heard about the story of Ten Commandments, which were handed over to Moses by God. You can find this story in Bible and Quran and this makes Sapphire a sacred stone.


      According to one another belief, Sapphires were used as an antidote to poison in the middle ages and to cure the eye disease as well.

      Sapphire is the stone of good fortune, but it could invert the effect when earned wrongly. There is another belief in Greek mythology that proved this sentence correct. According to that Prometheus stole a Sapphire from Gods while he stole fire from them. Gods gave an appalling sentence to him for his dirty deed. Sapphire failed to protect the Prometheus from his misfortune.


According to the mythology, Sapphire also has magical powers and this belief is quite strong. A Sapphire would not shine if worn by a wicked or evil person. It is said that Sapphire has supremacy to persuade souls and it was well-liked with witches and sorcerers who used it to exchange words with the lamented.

The Sapphire is known as the "Stone of Destiny". Sapphires contribute to mental clarity and perception. They can promote financial rewards. The sapphire is the symbol of paradise and pleasurable loyalty to God.

sapphire jewelry 

This is true that Sapphire should be worn according to proper astrological rules otherwise it could do more harm than good. The Sapphire can show its effect, whether positive or negative, within 3 seconds, minutes, hours or days. This is why it is recommended that the person who wants to wear Blue Sapphire should try it first for minimum 72 hours to check that it suits him or not.

sapphire myths 

According to the Greek mythology, Oceanides (water nymphs) were the daughters of Titan Oceanus. They were 3000 sisters. Their mother, Tethys, was half mermaid and half marine flower. Blue is the color of Ocean so Sapphire represents this blue color. It is said that Oceanides love to dance in the ocean by wearing their Pink and Blue Sapphire bustier.


There is another story about Sapphire that it is the representative of fidelity and romantic devotion. Queen of England, Victoria, wore an immense Blue Sapphire brooch on her white wedding dress. That Sapphire brooch, which was surrounded by diamonds, was a gift from Albert on their nuptial’s eve in 1840. Now that Blue Sapphire is adorned in the Crown of the Queen. An elegant Sapphire Engagement Ring was gifted by Prince Charles to Princess Diana on the eve of their Nuptial.

 Sapphire Myths


It is a thought since ancient times that gemstones have mystical powers. According to the ancient lore, Sapphire was known for its ability to treat manifold illness of both body and mind. It also offers protection and also reaps celestial favor but only as long as wearer is of pure rectitude. According to the medieval physicians Sapphire was able to draw foreign objects from the eye and normalize the temperature of the body.

Sapphire was the stone held in high regard, esteemed apposite for the fingers of rulers and priests. They used to keep Sapphire in their safes for good future and protection from the evil.

Posted on Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 18:24

Swiss Blue Topaz Products

Wholesale manufacturer and supplier of swiss blue topaz gemstones -
Navneet Gems is running its own factory for swiss blue topaz and supplying in wholesale quantities all around the world. We stock more than 20,000 carats in each size all the time. Our production is cycle process, we have been manufacturing natural white topaz first then sending it for treatment (Irradiation) in our treatment center. It takes more than 1.5 years to get a very pleasent blue color swiss blue topaz.

From every three months we have been sending white topaz for irradiation, this way we manage our stock and all the type stock in good quantity. This is our one of the major stone. Our cut, color and clarity for swiss blue topaz is excellent, this is not only for saying, give this a try and see our stones by your own.

Navneet Gems Offers Swiss Blue Topaz in different shapes and cuttings (Ovals, Rounds, Pear, Marquise, Trillion, Baguatte, Long cushion, cushion, Square, Fancy, Drops, Briolettes, cabochons, Checkerboard, Rose cut etc.) at wholesale prices. We have listed few of our products below. Please leave your inquiry on navneet@navneetgems.com to know more about our prices, productions, color etc.

Swiss Blue Topaz Round Size Price Per Piece
 Sky Blue Topaz Square    
 Sky Blue Topaz Heart  
 Sky Blue Topaz Trillion and Cushion
         swiss blue topaz cushions  2mm
 Sky Blue Topaz Pear  
           pearshape swiss blue topaz  4x3mm
 Sky Blue Topaz Octagon  
 Sky Blue Topaz Oval    
            swiss blue topaz oval  5x3mm
 Sky Blue Topaz Marquise  
Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 - 17:50

Sleeping Beauty turquoise Strand

Sleeping Beauty turquoise Bead

Sleeping Beauty turquoise Bead
Sleeping Beauty turquoise Bead buy
Size: 12 mm - 16 mm Graduation
Shape: Round Smooth
Weight: 540 carats
Length: 20 inches
Quality: AAA - Very fine quality Turquoise, only slight veining is visible if viewed under Microscope, with a  x 10 loupe, no inclusions are visible.
Certification: May be provided upon request, customer pays the certification charges.
Origin: Arizona (Sleeping beauty Mine)
Treatment: No treatment is done, 100% natural, No resin, No polymer, No surface "special" polish.
Made in: Italy
Polished in: Italy
Price: $25,000
Availability: No such bead is available except this one, other beads available may be available if not sold, Kindly contact us at navneet@navneetgems.com


Turquoise has been one of the favorite Gemstone of all centuries. Since the Egyptians time, Turquoise is considered to be the one of the most happy stones with its finest quality and the historical beliefs people had. Fine Turquoise is what is displaed in this Bead. The finest Turquoise comes from Iran since the mines in Arizona for "Sleeping beauty turquoise" closed 2 years ago. Since then raw material is only available from Wholesellers who stocked this finese Blue Gemstone. This typr of turquoise was worn by most Egyptian Kings and queens as the fineset gemstone that is rare and beautiful. When a women wore a Turquoise bead, she was considered of the highest class and only the so called "Superiors" then could afford such things on their neck. This fine piece of Bead weighing 500 carats + is one of the best investments an investor could fine. The price of fine turquoise doubling in 2 years makes this Gemstone, especially this bead a must for an investor. Seeing your money in the uncertain stock market or in uncertain abroad bonds, this investment can be worn as well as see its value increaase in the marketplace when you go out to sell this finest of the fine sleeping beauty turquoise.
Posted on Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 09:53

Garnet Stock list Navneetgems

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and selling loose wholesale Mozambique garnet gemstones at wholesale prices. Our garnet gemstones are dark red colored with nice luster and shine. Every piece of our garnet gemstones is manufactured by Mozambique rough.
Right now we have available stock in Ovals, Rounds, Pears, Octagons, Hearts, Baguettes and Square in small to big sizes.

This article as follows -

  • Color, Origin of our Garnet
  • Pictures from the stock and available stock list
  • Skyrocketing prices of Mozambique garnet, WHY?

Color, Origin of our garnet -
Our Mozambique garnet quite resemble to pigeon blood red color ruby because of red dark colored. We are not manufacturing Indian garnet (Black colored) because of less preferred and low demand.

Pictures from the stock and available stock list -

garnet roundgarnet 7x5

Available 2mm to 10mm+ round garnet Mozambique at wholesale prices -

Available Pear Shape 4x3 to 14x10 Mozambique garnet at wholesale prices -

Oval Mozambique garnet 4x3 to 14x12 available

Octagon 4x2 to 14x10 available

Square, Trillion, Hear shape, Baguette, Marquise Available 
Please check our stock list here - Navneet Gems Garnet stock list

Skyrocketing prices of Garnet
When you will compare our prices and quality with market you will release that our prices are 30-40% lower than market because we manufactured our stock in wholesale quantities and selling in same profit proportion. Within a year garnet prices has been hiked more than 60% because of huge demand.

Most of the stones are popular in particular region for example if we talk about tourmaline then Chinese people buy most of tourmaline so basically “Economy of tourmaline” is handled by Chinese people, on the other hand this is not applicable on garnet because this stone is popular all around the world if any country stops using this gem in their designs then it doesn’t affect much so basically demand of this stone is increasing day by day and price has reached high.

Contact us to buy -
If you have any question or inquiry regarding garnet then please free to drop us a mail , we will reply you in less than two hours.  


Posted on Monday, June 2, 2014 - 17:23

Where to buy swiss blue topaz?

Where to buy Swiss blue topaz gemstones?

If this question is arising in your mind that where to buy blue topaz gemstones here we are. Yes, we agree that we are not a single supplier who manufacture and sell Swiss blue topaz but how we are better than other sky, London and Swiss blue topaz suppliers -

1. More than 5,000 carats available mostly in each size and shape every time – Navneet Gems has been running huge production house of blue topaz gemstones in sizes and shapes and production running in cycle process. Swiss blue topaz is irradiated gemstones and takes more than 1.5 years to turn into “BLUE” from white topaz, basically our stock which will come out for selling after 1.5 years, has already sent for treatment in our irradiation center, in every 3 months we have been sending thousands carats white topaz for treatment.

2. Quality gem stones – Might be you are thinking that every supplier says these 2 words but we are not one of them. We have our factory in Thailand to cut white topaz stones which we sent for treatment in further step and our craftsmen are having an experience of more than 20 years in gemstones with us so our quality of blue topaz gems cutting is better than others. 

3. Wholesale prices – There is simple formula in gems industry “Wholesale production, Low costing” and we believe in that. By this our every buyer is benefited. Simple economics implies here – if my costing will be low than my selling price also will be low. Reseller who buy from us, add their profit and sale to other people so it’s better for you to buy directly from a manufacturer to get wholesale prices.

4. Consistent supply – In this busy world where people don’t have a single minute to waste, everyone company or buyer is looking for a supplier who can supply different and same sizes in good quality consistently and we are one of them. Navneet Gems is consistently supplying blue topaz gems to many jewelry companies, resellers and others all around the world. It takes lots of time to find a good and consistent supplier and we do value of time and provide not only quality stones, wholesale prices, consistent supply but also frequent mails, chat and phone call services.

5. Time is money – Yes, every buyer wants a supplier who can understand his needs and accurately can accomplish it in perfect manner as per demands and requirements because no one wants hassle after ordering. Many buyers come to us because of their last supplier’s poor communication, quality not meet and poor after sales services. We are having a team of 10 people who are expertise of gemstones with good communication skills, are available for you to understand your requirements and accomplish it.

6. Contact us or visit us in Thailand to buy Swiss blue topaz – Yes, you can send us a mail on navneet@navneetgems.com for any inquiry or visit our office in Bangkok, Thailand to buy Swiss blue topaz. Once you send us an inquiry, we will assign you our one expert who will available for you on chat (What’s app, Viber, skype and we chat) mails and calls in working hours.

7.  Pictures from our stock list -

Swiss Blue Topaz Pear 6x4Swiss Blue Topaz Octagon 6x4 swiss blue topaz heart shapeswiss blue topaz marquise      Swiss Blue Topaz Ovals 6x4swiss blue topaz pear 12x10
           ©Navneetgems.com - 2014 All rights reserved

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 17:25

Swiss Blue Topaz supplier, supplier of swiss blue topaz in wholesale quantities

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier who can supply 10,000 pieces in every size and shape at any time? YES, we are.

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and supplying Swiss blue topaz gemstones in wholesale quantities from 2mm to 20mm and above sizes in ovals, rounds, cushions, pears, marquise, long cushion, square and fancy shapes as well in cabochons, faceted, checkerboard, rose cut and other cuttings also.

Why Swiss blue topaz has become popular stone?

It has become one of the faviorate gemstones of everyone, here we are mentioning some reasons here -

1. No replacement of Swiss "BLUE" color - There is no replacement of Swiss blue color in all semi precious and precious gemstones in low price range. Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire are also available in blue but if you will compare the prices of TZ and Blue sapphire with Swiss blue topaz than it is almost 10-15 times higher. Let's take an example - If 6x4 Ovals in Swiss blue topaz available at 1.50-1.90$ per carat then price for Tanzanite 6x4 ovals will be around 25-30$ per carat, this way you can see the price difference.

swiss blue topaz

2. Gemstone of "Texas" - It is gemstone of Texas and americans' favorite gemstone. Sometimes it is also referred as swiss blue an intense blue color range and also described as vivid, electric and super blue. Some of the most vivid shades of Swiss blue topaz resemble Brazilian Paraíba tourmaline.

swiss blue topazswiss blue topaz gemstones

3. Stone with fair hardness - Swiss blue topaz comes with good hardness of "8" on moh's scale so it is not so delicate to use like others tones and can be used in daily-basis.

4. Availability of small to big sizes - This gem comes with very small to big sizes, you can even get 100 carats, 200 carats and other sizes at normal prices and in other stones first of all big sizes are rarely available, for example in Tanzanite, Blue Sapphire.

swiss blue topaz cushionswiss blue topaz heart shapes

5. Contact us swiss blue topaz - Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and supplying Swiss blue topaz at wholesale prices, you can drop us a inquiry on navneet@navneetgems.com to buy blue topaz and to get more info.

©Navneetgems.com - All rights reserved

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 16:00

Buy loose Sky Blue Topaz Cabochons or Sky Blue Cabochons

Navneet Gems and minerals has been manufacturing and selling sky blue topaz cabochons at wholesale prices. We have our own production house of sky blue topaz gemstones in all types of cuttings like cabochons, faceted, briolettes, beads and fancy shapes. Our manufacturing unit is daily producing more than 5,000 pieces in blue topaz stones. Sky blue topaz is lightest shade of blue topaz gemstones and well appreciated for its color. We cut all white topaz stones in our own factory and then send it for treatment to treatment center in Bangkok, Thailand which takes almost 3 to 4 months in treatment. Our production capacity depends on trend also. Sky blue topaz is lightest shade of blue topaz gemstones and well appreciated for its color. We cut all white topaz stones in our own factory and then send it for treatment to treatment center in Bangkok, Thailand which takes almost 3 to 4 months in treatment. Our production capacity depends on trend.

Sizes and shapes we manufacture -
We have been manufacturing sky blue topaz cabochons from 2mm to 20mm+ sizes in rounds, ovals, pears, cushions, long cushions and other fancy shapes as well. Alpart from normal cabochons we have also been supplying rose cut sky blue cabochons, checkboard cut, flat bottom and other shapes as well.

Quality and color of our sky blue topaz cabs -
Our quality for sky blue topaz cabs are even and good colored, no double shades, no color vairation. We are not reselling our products and manufacturing in our own unit by rough so we have top sky blue topaz rough stock as well in all sizes. Here are the sample pictures of our rough and sky cabs -

blue topaz rough

blue topaz cabs
sky blue topaz cabochonsrose cut sky blue topaz cabs

Use of sky blue topaz cabochons -
We are mainly supplying sky topaz to many sliver and gold jewelry companies in wholesale quantites in India, Thailand, the United states and many other countries as well.

 Check our stock list here -
You can check our stock list here of all available sky blue topaz cabochons, we keep on manufacturing new stock as well so you can send us inquiry if you need any other sizes apart from these - Check herefor stock list

Contact us for for sky blue topaz cabochons -
Please drop us a mail at info@navneetgems.com to get more information about sky blue topaz cabochons. You can also call us on our contact us page mentioned number.

 ©Navneetgems.com - All rights reserved

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 14:40

Understanding why Ruby, Sapphires and Emeralds the big three Precious Gemstones.

What are the reasons behind the "Big 3" being Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald.

1. Nature & History:

  • Emerald - Since the earliest civilizations, Green has been the most pleasant color of all times, and trees/grass/nature has always been this Dark green color (Saturdation of 5 or 6) and thats the color of Emeralds. Since the start of the Cleopatra's regime, its always been Emerald with its history and resemblence to the most natural Gemstone on the planet.

Emerald - Trees

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 11:55

Blue Sapphire from Kashmir - Do they still exist?

Introduction of Blue Sapphire

The beautiful birthstone of September, Sapphire, is the member of Corundum mineral family. Sapphire is available in so many different colors, but Blue color is the most fascinating color. You can garner the idea about its royalty that Prince Charles gave a Blue Sapphire engagement ring to Princess Diana. Such a romantic, charming and energetic gemstone a Blue Sapphire is.

Kashmir Blue Sapphrie Crystal 

Image Courtesy: Wiki Pictures

The sources of Sapphires are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, China, North America, Australia, Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia, Cambodia, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, USA and Vietnam.

What are Kashmir Sapphires?

The heaven of India, Kashmir, is the place where classic Blue Sapphires are mined. Kashmiri Sapphires are the finest Sapphires. The mining of Blue Sapphire was on peak in Kashmir in the end of the 19th century and early of the 20th century. Now, Blue Sapphire from Kashmir is rare. The reasons are that the deposits of Blue Sapphires are dying out and Kashmir is the most dangerous place to mine.

Bwautiful Kashmir Mountains 

Beautiful Kashmir Mountains

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire Mines

Image Courtesy: Pala Gems

 Kashmir Sapphire Miners

Image Courtesy: Dreamers 2016

The quality of Blue Sapphire from Kashmir is the finest as the world record price per carat was auctioned at $ 180731 per carat in a ring and the whole Sapphire Ring was auctioned about $ 5 million in April 2014. The high end Blue Sapphire from Kashmir has very limited buyers because only high quality lovers buy it.

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Image Courtesy: Greater Kashmir

The story behind the disputed area "Kashmir"

In Kashmir, Blue Sapphires were first discovered in 1880. Now, this Northwestern region of India is lying between India and Pakistan. There is a dispute on this beautiful region in between India and Pakistan. Most famous beautiful and sparkling Blue Sapphires deposits are located near Sumjam village which is controlled by India. The most recent purple Sapphires are found in Batakundi and Basil Region, which comes under Pakistan controlled Kashmir. Below the images 1 & 2 will clear picture in your mind.

 Kashmir Sapphire Mines Map

Image 1: Courtesy - GIA

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire Mining Range

Image 2: Courtesy - GIA

Today, if the name Kashmir is associated with Blue Sapphire, then it will become a very strong selling tool. Kashmir Sapphires are sighted as exceptionally rare that bring the romance and the glory of a lost empire to mind. Indian politicians keep Kashmir Sapphire in their safe.

The market of Kashmir Blue Sapphire is very demanding. As it is very rare to find fine Blue Sapphire from Kashmir region, when any Blue Sapphire in big size is mined there, it goes for auction. Following table is showing some big Kashmir Blue Sapphires auction price in different locations.

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire Price Range

Table Courtesy: Kashmir Blue

Kashmir Blue Sapphires are the most valuable of all Sapphires mined in the world. They have very high end targeted market that not everyone is able to buy it. It has very limited high end client list. Kashmir Blue Sapphire is also favorite gemstone of collectors who love to collect gemstones. The price range of Kashmir Blue Sapphire varies from $ 5000 to upto $ 50000 per carat. This price range is from low quality to high quality.

Navneet Gems and Minerals have some beautiful Kashmir Blue Sapphires in their stock. Pictures of few of them as follows:

 Blue Sapphire Kashmir

      Carat Weight: 5.72

      Color: Velvety Cornflower Blue

      Cut: Faceted

      Shape: Oval

 Blue Sapphire Kashmir

      Carat Weight: 2.33

      Color: Velvety Cornflower Blue

      Cut: Faceted

      Shape: Heart/Pear

 Blue Kashmir Sapphire

      Carat Weight: 2.05

      Color: Royal Blue

      Cut: Faceted

      Shape: Cushion

 Blue Kashmir Sapphire

      Carat Weight: 2.22

      Color: Deep Blue

      Cut: Faceted

      Shape: Emerald Cut/Octagonal

To buy Kashmir Blue Sapphire with certificate, you can contact to Navneet Gems and Minerals on info@navneetgems.com or you can call for enquiry or place your order on +66 – 818323858. You can also visit the store at:

Navneet Gems & Minerals Ltd.

919/390, Jewelry Trade Center (JTC), 31st Floor, Room Number 390, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Beautiful Kashmir Blue Sapphire earring.

Here are some questions people generally asked about Kashmir Blue Sapphires:

  1. Are Kashmir Blue Sapphires better than other Sapphires?
  2. Why Kashmir Blue Sapphires worth more than others?
  3. How we can know that the Sapphire is genuine?
  4. Why Kashmir Sapphires are rare?
  5. Are Kashmir Sapphires still available?

I hope all of the above questions are answered in this article. The answer of the last question is the conclusion of this article that the Kashmir Blue Sapphires are still available. They are available but not as common as other Sapphires. Their market is very limited and only high end consumers buy it. If you are interested to include Kashmir Blue Sapphire in your collection, then you can contact to Navneet Gems and Minerals on the contact details given above.

Posted on Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 21:14
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