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Latest News from Gemstone Industry

India's sucess for a hub of Diamonds.

Ever wondered why so many Black Diamonds come from India? Ever wondered why India (Mumbai and Surat especially) has become a hub for Diamond buyers?

The reasons are various:

1) Indian Labour offers a great skill and pay advantage to manufacturing of diamonds which require alot of skill and yes high pay, but this high pay is not so high in India because of cheap labour, skilled.

2) The local consumption of Diamonds in the Indian Jewellery market makes it easy to manufacture and distribute to many parts of the world.

3) Geographically: this definitely plays a major role in India's sucess in Diamond market as India is surrounded by high growing economies, such as China, Srilanka, Middle East, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore. So why wont India be chosen as the hub if people can manufacture and almost send to any country within a few hours in Asia.

Black Diamonds come from bad White Diamond pieces, and all these rejected standards of White Diamonds end up in countries like India, where money and price is the main driving powers.

If anyone is interested in seeing Black Diamonds please click here and if you want to contact us then click here.

Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2011 - 12:54

Pink Sapphire from Chantaburi

Looking for a supplier of Pink Sapphire straight from Chantaburi, the hub of Precious Gems from Thailand?

Pink SapphirePink SaphirePink SapphirePink SapphirePink Sapphire

You are at the right place if you are looking for Wholesale prices for these precious sapphires. We are not saying we'r the biggest in terms of market share of Pink sapphires but our sources are straight from Chantaburi where most the manufacturing of Precious gemstones take place, and we get them from the manufacturings that are controlled and monitored by the thai people, who are skilled in Sapphires, pink sapphires especially.

Pink Sapphires are the most asked saphires beause of its color. All sapphires are similar properties, and only the color sets these prices. Women love pink, which is why Pink Diamonds and Pink sapphires are so highly asked for. Pink sapphires come in many shades as you would be aware of if you have been using Sapphires for long enough, and obviously the more pink it is, the more expensive and the more valuable the gems are likely to get. We stock all different colors of pink sapphires, as each one of our customer has a different and unique requirement, be it in terms of price of pink sapphires, or be it in terms of quality of these pink sapphires.

Pink Sapphire  Pink Sapphire

The above two pictures are of Rose Cut Pink Sapphire, which is of almost top quality, you could say Medium-Good Color for these ones. These are genuine pink sapphire, which is obviously fulled shades of pink. However, the one picture you see below has a more purple shade in some of the stones, and this is rare which is why the prices are higher. But Purple sapphire is available in limited quantities, but available at Navneet Gems & Minerals.

Pink Sapphire Pink Sapphire

Name: Pink Sapphire

Shapes: Avaialble in all shapes that are most commonly used, especially Rounds, Ovals, Pearshapes.

For price please write us an email since we dont want to disclose our prices online to public.

 Cutting: We have rose cuts and normal cuts available in stock, for Pink Sapphire.

For any other type of sapphires or precious gems, please write us an email and we will definitely be able to quote you our prices straight from Chantaburi.

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 - 13:49

Black Diamond Rings are amazing

Here are some of the Black Diamond Jewellery pieces that we want our customers to have a look at. And if you like any of these, i suggest you contact the closest supplier for this Jewellery set, and if you want we can provide the Black Diamonds for you.

Black Diamond Ring  Basic Jewellery Diamonds       Black Diamond Ring     BD ring

If there is anything you would like regarding any Black Diamonds stone, then let us know, so we can directly supply you with the Black Diamonds to your doors.


Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011 - 21:49

Wholesale White Topaz | White Topaz Online | Buy White Topaz

If you are interested in buying Excellent Quality White Topaz in-house, then you are at right place to buy it at wholesale price.

White Topaz Beads White Topaz BriolettesWhite Topaz CabochonsWhite Topaz FacettedWhite Topaz Single Stones

Navneet Gems and Minerals can make all shapes, cuttings, designs such as White Topaz Cabochons, Checkerboard White Topaz, White Topaz Antique Shapes, White Topaz small rounds, and many more in calibration too. We manufacture all shapes & sizes in White topaz as we have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand.

We have a perfect supplier of Raw White Topaz rough, that we manufacture using our expertise cutters in Thailand. If you want to buy White Topaz, then you should write an email to us at info@navneetgems.com with your requirements like shape, cut and size.

White Topaz GemstonesWhite Topaz Stones

White Topaz is a Semi-Precious gemstone that is not most talked about because of its quartz like resemblance. But however, it is used also because it is Topaz, just colorless Topaz that is natural which the Blue Topaz isn’t able to portray.

There are all shapes and sizes of White Topaz available in our stocks because we keep it for future Blue Topaz treatment, so there is a minimum stock we maintain, thus White Topaz is supplied to many of our customers that like White Topaz in big quantities, as they can be sold as it is, or further enhanced to Sky, Swiss, London or Coated Topaz.

You can email us at info@navneetgems.com to get the quote and to know more about the Wholesale White Topaz. You can also place your order by writing us at extremely competitive prices, along with high quality standards.

White Topaz Oval

Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 10:07

London Blue Topaz | Buy London Blue Topaz | Wholesale Topaz

Now you can purchase world’s best London Blue Topaz Gemstones quality at wholesale prices from Navneet Gems and Minerals.

London Blue Topaz BeadsLondon Blue Topaz BrioletteLondon Blue Topaz cabochonsLondon Blue Topaz FacetedLondon Blue Topaz Single Stones
Please check the video of our London Blue Topaz below:

1) London Blue Topaz Amazing Drops (NEW) - Click here for this video

2) Rare London Blue Topaz Rounds - Click here for this video

London Blue Topaz is by far the most searched Semi-precious gemstone on the Google. What’s the reason? The reason is the beautiful sparkle of London Blue Topaz and the non-replaced gem that does not have any replacements, but Blue Sapphire. And well, we know how much Blue Sapphires can cost.

You can buy London Blue Topaz in a very simple and easy way. What you all have to do is to write an email at info@navneetgems.com and submit your requirements to us. We provide free shipping of the Wholesale London Blue Topaz gemstones all around the world.

London Blue Topaz is the darkest shade of all Blue Topaz possible. Blue Topaz comes naturally in the form of White Topaz, and its further enhanced to make London Blue Topaz. All London Blue Topaz are heated in the market, naturally only Sky Blue Topaz and Light Swiss Blue Topaz can occur, which is extremely rare and expensive too.

London Blue Topaz loose stonesLondon Blue Topaz Stones

London Blue TopazLoose London Blue Topaz stones

London Blue Topaz gemstones

Navneet Gems & Minerals is the right supplier for all Blue Topaz.

Yes, because this is where Navneet Blue comes into play. There are all sorts of qualities of Blue Topaz on the current market, but Navneet Blue quality is only available in our stores. We dont want to show you the difference. See it for yourself by checking our photos.

The Blue Topaz from Navneet gems, especially the above London Blue Topaz is quite a fascinating gemstone, that undergoes heat treatment, and is naturally found in the form of White Topaz, which then is heated using the electront and neutron treatment to form Blue Topaz.

London Blue Topaz price varies accordingly depending on individual piece, but for sizes 50 carats - 200 carats. The price can start from 3 up untill 10 usd per carat for excellent quality Blue Topaz.

For more photos or for ordering a sample from us, kindly get in touch with us.

London Blue TopazLondon Blue Topaz cabochons

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 - 22:10

Wholesale Moonstone Cabochon/Faceted Gemstones

Looking for a reliable supplier of high quality Wholesale Moonstone with competitive prices straight from the factory? 

Moonstone BeadsMoonstone BriolettesMoonstone Cabochons Moonstone Single Stone

Moonstones are one of our favorite Semi precious gemstones, there are many colors in moonstones available naturally in various parts of the world. The reason it is, is because of its color which gives Jewellery a delicate look.

Why Navneet Gems & Minerals?

NGM has direct supply of these Moonstones from the source, where the mining takes place. This give us an competitive advantage over companies who re-sell. Our manufacturing in India and Thailand gives us efficiency and thus better prices along with the shine in these Moonstone, usually referred to as the star. And ofcourse our Company and Staff will give you the best service we possibly can. 

Moonstone can come in many sizes and shapes like most other stones. This easily available stone is amongst the favorite of Jewellers' list because of this reason. It is available in caliberation in huge quantities and as Freesize too! The freesize moonstones are used mostly in One-stone-Pendants, which are non-replaceable as each one has a unique size and the caliberation sizes (Rounds, Pears, etc) are used most in Bracelets and Earrings.

Different colors in Moonstone:

1) White Moonstone

2) Pink Moonstone

3) Blue Moonstone

4) Grey Moonstone

5) Red Moonstone

6) Orange Moonstone

White Moonstone

White Moonstone

Wholesale moonstone Wholesale moonstone

Wholesale moonstone

Blue and Rainbow Moonstone big size pieces. All these Moonstones are from our unique Gems collection. Have a close look of those Cabs and you will see a story inside the blue shine. Its strange but true.

Wholesale MoonstoneWholesale Moonstone

Wholesale MoonstoneWholesale Moonstone

Fish Moonstone. We were stunned when we saw a fish inside the moonstone. A complete rainbow shine Fish, then after we named it "Fish Moonstone". This is a single piece we have for sale.

Contact us for any sample order, or any sort of a serious inquiry if you are looking for a supplier of Wholesale Moonstone, in White, Orange, Red, Grey, and many more colors in Moonstone.

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 21:50

Smoky Quartz

Looking for a "new" supplier of Smoky Quartz?

Navneet Gems & Minerals is the right place then, if so.

Lets have a brief background about Smoky Quartz:

Quartz is found in 50% of the places in the earths crust, this figure is quite an amazing stat, but it is true. Most of them are found on the top most layer, which makes Quartz mining quite easy.

Smoky Quartz from Navneet Gems & Minerals:

Everyone keeps smoky quartz, it is quite a reasonably affordable gem, to stock. Because Smoky Quartz is quite affordable, there is a big margin that companies like to keep for themselves, but we dont do that. Apart from having all the basic sizes and shapes in Smoky Quartz, we have other shapes that are specially found at our stores. Normal shapes are Ovals, Rounds, Heart, Pearshape, Trilllions, Octagons, etc and all these are available from us. 

Here are some of the pictures of our Smoky Quartz available in our stock (Please note we have clicked only pictures of special designs here) and now caliberation, because that is quite commonly seen on the internet.

Fancy Drops

Fancy Machine Cut

Bullets Fancy

Availability of Smoky Quarts is usually very high, because of the ease with which this quartz is available and extracted. Our Factories sometimes can produce as much as 10 kg of Smoky Quartz itself, and this is not our main product, so you can rest assure that our prices will be competitive and quality will be as you want it. 

How can you inquire or place an order for Smoky Quartz with our company?

Simply do this by clicking here, and sending us the details of your sample order, Looking forward.

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 20:57

Gem Clear, the independant NRC licensed lab for irradiated gems.

NRC NRC NRC. The nuclear radiation commision was active since 20th century but it only started its implimentation for tested Blue Topaz in 2007, for state-security reasons and now has "suspended operations".

The Gem lab is an independant lab that tests for irridiated gemstones in the United States. The Gem lab was told to monitor and test for all the Blue Topaz that enters the American market, even the ones with NRC certificate. This gave them a double check on the levels of radiation in the treated Blue Topaz.

The Gem lab, however has "suspended operations" indefinitely, according to their website. And they have said that the NRC had imposed strict regulations, but we werent let to do our job, instead the parcels would contain higher than allowed levels of radiation, and they were still allowed to come into the country.

So is this good for Jewellery and Blue Topaz manufacturers?

Well undoubtedly yes, because we'r not sure what the NRC will do in the upcoming future, and the way they havent implemented this issue well, we could see more American companies use their favorite stone back into fashion and the consumers would be able to freely wear Blue Topaz, which has been one of the favorite amongst all.

Are you Jewellery company or a Gemstone reseller? Or even a Blue Topaz fan?

Well if you are then its such a phew for all of us. Simply contact us if you are interested in buying this beautiful gem, in wholesale or retail doesnt matter because we look to serve our customers.

More related Articles:

1) NRC Blue Topaz update       2) Basics of NRC Blue Topaz


Get in touch with is right away!

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 12:31

Wholesale Amethyst, Loose Amethyst Stones - Navneetgems.com

Looking for a reliable source of Wholesale Amethyst (African & Brazillian)?

These are some of the videos of our Amethyst:

 1) Pearshape Brazillian Amethyst 

2) Ovals Brazillian Amethyst

Amethyst comes from two major countries: Africa and Brazil. We are proud in telling the audience that Navneet Gems & Minerals produces both these types of Purple Amethyst.

Have a look at some of these Freesize Brazillian Amethyst, these are just a few pictures of our Amethyst:

 Amethyst  Amethyst

Not just do we specialize in Freesize, but our stock also is of great value. Our factories also manufacture Cabochon Gemstones, Amethyst Cabochons in particular.

Our immense strong stock is our strong point when doing business as we tend to offer better prices for ready-made stock. Amethyst is one of the most beautiful Semi-precious gemstone of all. Due to its purple shades, and its natural stone value that appreciates over time, this gemstone really has took off since it was introduced in the ancient times.

African Amethyst Cabochons

 African amethyst cabochons

Pink Amethyst (Rose De France)

Pink Amethyst Briolettes

Please get in touch with us for any inquiries regarding the price, quality or sample orders.

Dark African Amethyst Cabochons

Green Amethyst


Green amethyst

Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011 - 00:24

Wholesale Morganite

Looking for a supplier of Morganite straight from Thailand? (High Quality)

Morganite MorganiteMorganiteMorganite

Navneet Gems and Minerals has a regular stock for Caliberated Morganite, along with Wholesale Freesize Morganite in limited shapes and sizes. We have a huge supply of Rough Morganite, which is further treated in Pink Colored Beryl (Morganite), this amazing Semi Precious Stone is quite amazingly pink, the pink hues available in Morganite are ir-replacable and not available in any other Gem.

Size: Available in all caliberated sizes, easily available. However, big sizes is difficult to get. However, it can now be found at Navneet Gems & Minerals. Here are some of the pictures from our stock:

The Four pieces of Morganite below are Top color from the Western Heat Process in Morganite. The picture below this one is Light Morganite, which uses Thail Heat Process, which is much lighter. Any orders for Morganite in Wholesale will take atleast 3-4 weeks if we dont have in stock. If we have them in stock then we could send the same day.

Wholesale Morganite



Why Navneet Gems & Minerals?

Because Morganite is a stone that is manufactured in Thailand. So no better source than us since we get our prices derived straight from the source. Thus, our prices, our quality and color of Morganite at Wholesale is quite amazingly Pink. Morganite is used in many parts of world, and we export to USA, Australia/NewZealand, UK, Middle East, and China.

Navneet Gems & Minerals.

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 13:41