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Buying Gemstones on the internet? Dont buy, look for companies first.

Are you looking to buy high quality Gemstones on the internet? Are you confused where to buy your Blue Topaz from because different websites have different prices? 

Well, the solution to this is that you stop looking for Blue Topaz on the internet because in the end you are definitely going to be confused about what to buy and if you do end up buying then, you'll regret.

So what should i do if not buy on the internet?

You should be looking for Gemstone Suppliers on the internet. And contact them directly through their email. Because most of the websites that sell gemstones have no credibility, because they really charge very high prices. Once you have emailed a few companies about what your requirements are, then go ahead and ask for the prices and the pictures of those gemstones you are interested in.

You may consider us as your Gemstones Supplier, because we have been serving customers from all around the world for years on the internet. And its our reliability and the trust of our words, that our customers bank on. So please go ahead and email us quickly.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 18:28

Blue Topaz From Germany.

Looking for Blue Topaz from the proffessional factories and labs of Europe? We only provide high quality gems.

           We, Navneet Gems & Minerals treat our high quality white topaz straight from the sources in Brazil, in Germany, Idaar-Oberstein where a Gem Labarotrary treats our White Topaz under high radiation using electrons. We invest our money into this process which takes a long long time, and then we get bombarded as soon as our goods arrive, by requests by our regular customers for caliberated and free size Blue Topaz. London Blue Topaz takes the longest time, however if you see the color for London Blue, it has the deepest color of all. However, London Blue Topaz suppliers are very minimum because these are a long investment process, if you invest today, you’ll get the final products in 3-4 years time. And that money would only earn a small amount of profit.

So, why does Navneet Gems & Minerals do Blue Topaz, if its only small profits?

       Honestly we do enjoy the liberty of less competition because less companies around the world want to do this (Invest for 3-4 years) And we do this so we can serve our existing customers who buy semi precious gemstones and we don’t want them to wander off at some other company, to look for blue topaz. That’s the sole reason we do this. To provide a service. 

Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 17:27

How much Blue Topaz is being mined in the world? And how much is available? And when will it Blue Topaz run out?

             Let me tell my dear friends, Blue Topaz is found in thousand and thousand of tons around the world. Places like Brazil, The States (Denison Mines), Sri-Lanka, Australia, Pakistas, Russia, they all have huge sources of White Topaz available at the moment. However, the exact figure of how much topaz i left cant be compilled, unless you visit each country and ask the local miners there.

            I have the stats for the Denison Mines though, Colorado Plateau, where most of the Topaz in the States is being mined. This mine is the only real place where there are amounts of White Topaz available. 

                        2007                 2008                         2009                              2010                 2011


Blue Topaz     7,753 Tons         9,707 tons.      Producton stopped*       Stopped     Likely to start


      *= The reason for this was according to the Denison Mines when i had visited them was that the increased production costs and the lower demand for the Blue Topaz because of the NRC rule that had been tighten to allow only certified stones to enter the USA. However, when i called them in November 2010 to ask for the production of White Topaz, they said they have started the production, and that the goods will be available in star of the year 2011. So hopefully, we'll get more stocks available.

       There has been a shortage of Blue Topaz in the market especially for big sizes, 50 carats and plus. But we Navneet Gems & Minerals have alot of them from our previous stocks. So honestly, no other company is going to help your orders, except us!

So are the prices higher of Blue Topaz than ever before?

Yes, they are. But for our regular customers, we are offering them only a 20% increase in prices, compared to 30% increase in general. This is because our regular customers want it at the same price, so we offer good services for our Semi Precious Gemstones.

We are the sole producer of Blue Topaz. Our White Topaz comes from the most proffesional companies areound the world, where their mining efficiency gives them an advantage over other miners. And the polish and treatment comes from the best European factories, where in bulk everything is treated. Thats how we get our Blue Topaz from.

Will Blue Topaz run out in the future?

According to me, there is more Topaz available than Diamonds. So i really dont think this Gem will ever run out, not in this century atleast. So Ladies can continue wearing Blue Topaz Jewellery, and Suppliers can continue buying and trading this gorgeous gems, without questioning the future of Blue Topaz.

So if you are looking for Consistent Blue Topaz supplier? Then do not hesitate to contact us please!

Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 17:16

Interesting article about the largest Blue topaz on Earth.

I have personally never seen something as pleasant as this. Please enjoy reading the article.


In conjunction with Marbella Town Council, the organisation behind the Art Natura Malaga culture and leisure complex has unveiled the ‘Marbella’ blue topaz. Its total purity, magnificent colour and exceptional cut make this 8,225-carat specimen the finest gemstone of its kind in the world.

At a press conference earlier a few days ago, the European Economic Interest Grouping Programa Royal Collections and Marbella Town Council announced that the largest blue topaz to be found anywhere in the world has been named after the town. Programa Royal Collections representatives responded to the requests made by the Mayoress and other major figures by unanimously agreeing to bestow this honour on Marbella with the aim of stimulating the economy and encouraging cultural development in the Costa del Sol town.

The Marbella Topaz

The ‘Marbella’ topaz is an exceptional 8,225-carat gemstone whose breathtaking perfection lies not only in its purity, colour and transparency but also in its expertly-crafted oval cut. The stone, whose permanent home is at the Art Natura complex, will feature in temporary exhibitions in a number of different countries, helping to raise the profile of the town after which it is named on the international stage. The topaz, whose intensely deep blue colour is reminiscent of the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea itself, will thus provide Marbella with a new ambassador.

The Marbella Topaz

When i read this article, i found it really amazing. I have always been a big fan of big sized Blue Topaz, and when i read this article, i thought its worth showing to the public so people can see what amazing things nature has for us. The picture above is so plaesant to see, sometimes you wish you had this in your collection. But we promise, we have Blue Topaz that are really big in sizes, some weigh above 100 carats. I know that it makes it fairly small compared to the one above, but something is better than nothing.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately so we can send you some pictures of our blue topaz and you can quickly pick them before someone else does!

Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 16:57

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and Roughs | Buy Preforms and Roughs

Now it is not much difficult to buy top quality Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and Roughs at wholesale prices.

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough BeadsSwiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough BriolettesSwiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough CabochonsSwiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough FacettedSwiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough Single Stones  

People in such Economic conditions don’t look to buy normal things, especially when we are talking about women. Each Jewelry Piece they buy, they want it to be different and to look unique. For the 300 $ they used to spend to buy a simple Blue Topaz pendant with simple design and gem, they are now spending 280$ to buy something more unique and more worth full, in such economic conditions where everyone is looking to save.

In such conditions, it is best to buy Pre-forms and Roughs, so you can use the stuffs, a step closer to finished goods, and shape the gem according to your customers’ demands. Now, there is an easy way to buy them at wholesale prices. You just need to write an email to us at info@navneetgems.com and submit your needs in terms of shape and size. We source them directly from the source where they are mined mainly like from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, the USA, Madagascar, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough

Here is a good opportunity as Navneet Gems & Minerals have like always had Preforms & Roughs on sale. Swiss Blue Topaz, in particular has been high in demand since the discovery of its Treatment Process, in the mid-20th century. And since then Blue Topaz has really took off.


Now how can you buy your favorite Swiss Blue Pre-forms/Rough? Your favorite sizes, your favorite shapes and you can shape them into your favorite unique shape to be used in jewelry.


It doesn’t get easier than this. You simply buy the Swiss Blue Topaz Roughs or preforms (According to your urgency and requirement) If you want reduced cost in the manufacturing process, then you would rather look to buy the Pre-forms on sale from us and simply tell your cutters in your home country to shape them as you like.


Now, why is our rough better than others? We have direct suppliers of our Preforms from Germany, where the reactor plant treats the gemstones and the result is in front of your eyes. Beautiful colored Blue Topaz. Simply email us if you are interested in buying these Gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz gemstones from us to use in your Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry.

You can ask for to disclose the Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz Pre-forms and Roughs price by writing an email to us at info@navneetgems.com with your requirements, (shapes and size). We will reply you with the pictures of the available Pre-forms and Rough.

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 - 00:14

Special Blue Topaz Jewellery Availbale for you this Christmas.

Want to make your loved one feel warm this Christmas? Look below at the Gorgeous Sky Blue Topaz Pendant made in Bangkok. This Piece was made by our designer who took a few days to decide on this special design for Christmas. Its christmas time, and if you are looking to gift away a beautiful Blue Topaz Pendant in Silver Jewellery, here is the perfect chance.

If you want to know more or if you are looking to buy this Sky Blue Topaz Jewellery, then kindly email us at info@navneetgems.com, and we will be able to send you all the details, including how much it will cost you and more details about the Silver Jewellery itself.

DSC_0102.JPG  CSC_0107.JPG

If i was you, i would definitely gift this Piece of Sky Blue Topaz Jewellery away on Christmas to someone whom i love the most, maybe your Daughter, maybe your mother, it suits all styles. The Large Blue Topaz in the centre with CZ around it makes it look that much more beautiful. And the beautiful design at the bottom of the gem makes it look so classy. Dont forget to email us if there are any doubts or questions or orders for us.

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 11:48

Are you looking to buy Semi Precious gemstones for your jewellery?

      This Chirstmas, gift your loved ones Semi Precious Gemstones because of its great value and color. This christmas, make your loved ones really happy. 

      Semi Precious Gemstones are a very smart way to gift Gems to your loved ones. Firstly, Semi Precious Gemstones are reasonable, almost all colors available, and lastly they look as beautiful as any other Precious Gems. So what should i decide on before gifting my loved one a beautiful gem?

      Firstly decide on the color. Blue is a very nice color to give away on Christmas because of its Winter-friendly color. It keeps the persons feelings positive, and its a pretty warm stone. Even though its not as warm as Black Color. Black colored stones are available in our stores, namely Smoky Quartz, Black Diamonds, Iolite (Dark Dark Blue-almost black). Garnet is also a very dark color, to check the color with your own eyes, please click on Garnet on the left hand side.

       After deciding on the color. Please decide what your budget is and how many people you would want to gift these gems this christmas? The price of the Gem totally depends on what color gemstone you want. 

        After deciding the budget and the # of loved ones you want to gift, make sure you know what you are going to gift them for? Is it for their favorite pendant? (Only one stone is enough) Or is for their Pendant and Earrings (Involves 3 stones, one for pendant and two for earrings) Or is it for their ring (requires one small stone) Or is it for a whole set of 4 stones (Biggest one for pendant, two same sized ones for earrings, and one smaller one for the ring)

So if you are looking to buy Semi Precious Gemstones for Christmas for your loved ones, then all you have to do is just Email us at info@navneetgems.com and write to us about how you want the gift to be. You should also definitely check our Jewellery Page on the left hand side. It displays some of the beautiful gemstones available in stock. We can deliver in 2 working days.

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 11:38

Wholesale Loose Citrine

Looking for a Supplier of Citrine at very competitive prices and High Quality?

Below are videos of our shading in Natural Citrine:

1) Dark Color in Citrine

2) Medium Color Drop Pearshape in Citrine

3) Medium Color Rounds in Citrine

4) Medium Color Pearshape in Citrine

Navneet Gems & Minerals limited has both Man-made and Natural citrine. The photos below are of natural Citrine which is why the color is a little pale, and it looks more original. The pictures below are 100% natural and not photoshoped.



Citrine usually is a Semi precious gemstone that is used the most after Blue Topaz, because of its vibrant Citrine Yellow color. Moreover, Citrine usually comes in three shades, Light Medium and Dark. There are a few videos of Citrine in the first half of this page, for you to see the color type, and perhaps order some Citrine gems from our company.

Even thought we have a huge stock of Citrine, We accept order based business too! If there is any sort of Citrine you need, please email us and we'll email back with all the details. Afterall, its hard to find Natural Citrine, but we have good sources for this in Brazil.

Finding supplier of Citrine on the internet, will lead you to nowhere, because that is a very broad search term "Citrine", so it really depends on what you want to know or do about this Citrine. If you are looking to source Citrine from our manufacturings then all you have to do is contact us, if you are looking to know some information about Citrine then well there are a few other websites giving full information about the gemstone Citrine. Citrine is a type of quartz, and past few years for Citrine has not been too good. Infact the yellow color of any gemstone has not been doing too good. Yellow Sapphire, yellow quartz, Yellow beryl, or even Yellow Citrine, all are off late not in trend, but the trend for Citrine is coming back with the introduction of the new "Mandarin Citrine" which is really dark and available at our stores too.

Posted on Saturday, November 27, 2010 - 13:05

What is Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz, in my opinion can make the most ravishing silver jewellery out of nothing. The moment Blue Topaz is used in silver jewellery, it makes its appearance so much more attractive. Blue color, has been an all time favorite for ladies. No matter what happens, no matter how expensive the silver prices get, jewellery companies are still going to use blue topaz. Why is it that Blue Topaz has always been in demand, even in a recession? It’s because of two reasons, the price and the color. Two questions arise here:

Why is the Price of Blue Topaz fairly reasonable considering its gorgeous color? It’s because Blue Topaz itself is not a natural stone. It is treated using white topaz under high radiation. Highly charged electrons are thrown using a beam light in the science labs to turn the white topaz, into blue topaz. The longer the white is under the beam light, the darker the color turns out to be, that’s why there are three colors in Blue Topaz: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, and London Blue Topaz.

Now, coming back to our question. Why is the price of Blue Topaz so reasonable? Because white topaz is widely available in many countries. Intially the prices of this stone were anywhere from 20-30$ per carat. But almost a decade ago, a huge topaz mine was found, and it revealed lots and lots of white topaz, which meant there was a huge supply of this stone, which led to a major reduction in the price. I hope that answers your question of why Blue Topaz is fairly reasonable. If not then well, go back and read it again please!

One question down, another to go. Why is the color of stone so beautiful, being that the white topaz itself, barely looks beautiful? When the electrons are thrown under high heat environment onto the tray of white topaz tray for a long time, the white tray starts changing colors. It takes more than a year before this change in color happens. And sometimes even more than a year.

However, the finished product looks so beautiful. Maybe im in love blue topaz that’s why im saying that. But honestly, blue topaz is used very intensively. And another reason for its wide use is because of its availability.

Like I mentioned earlier, the availability of this stone is very high. However, the most stones left now are caliberated. According to research I say on the internet, the gemologists predict that there is going to be only 50% of the available big sized blue topaz in 2021. This is because most of the big sized stones were at the top of the mines, and only new mines that have not been discovered yet are giving out white topaz larger than 50 carats or more. The smart thing for the white topaz miners is to stop their new mines from being mined and wait for the right chance in 2021 or after that. Navneet Gems & Minerals have recently bought a small mine in brazil. Due to confidential reasons we cannot disclose the exact location. And we are keeping the mine away from the miners, so we can make sure there are stocks of white topaz for our customers atleast for the 25 years. We are being totally customer-centric, focusing and thinking about our customers.

Now, if you are worried whether or not the blue topaz is going to be available or not, then please you need not worry. Atleast for the next couple of years.

To check the quality of our gemstones, please click Blue Topaz or check our Jewellery page to buy or check some of the Blue Topaz Jewellery available and on sale. You can also email us for prices or pictures or our Blue Topaz.

Also do check our other semi precious gemstones list on the left hand side. Thanks.

Posted on Friday, November 26, 2010 - 22:00

Sky blue topaz jewellery and sets for pendants and earrings.

Welcome to the Jewellery Page. Here you will shown a few jewellery pieces. For now we have only a few Jewellery sample, however more are on their way. Also do visit the Gemstone sets that can be precisely used for Pendants and Earrings.

Blue Topaz Silver Jewellery, using CZ, 925 Silver, and Sky Blue Topaz Round in the centre.

   DSC_0102.JPG  CSC_0107.JPG
      If you are interested in the above Jewellery set, we can send you some more pictures and the above piece of Jewellery is on sale only for Wholesale orders. Minimum Order=5 pieces.
Blue Topaz Ring
    Semi Precious Jewellery
      Now you will be shown a few gemstone sets that can be used for Pendants and Earrings in Gold & Silver Jewellery. For ordering the ones you like, please email us at info@navneetgems.com, and write Your Name & the the ITEM NUMBER  that can be seen on the picture itself. And we will email you back writing how the payment will be accepted. Please also note the pictures below usually are darker then actual due to refractive index (light).
SkyBT Button Item#87.jpg SkyBT Fancy Item#37.jpg
SkyBT Fancy Item#43.jpg SkyBT TwistedDrops#32.jpgSkyBT Fancy#15.jpg SkyBT Fancy Item#65.jpg
SkyBT Fancy Item#23.jpg SkyBT Fancy Item#20.jpg   
LonBall106.jpg Swiss Drops27.jpg
 Please feel free to email us if you like any of the above designs. Please visit the Contact Us page on the top. These are very special designs, made by our designers. However, they are used in only some countries right now, because of cultural differences.
Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 15:37