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Latest News from Gemstone Industry

Buying Pearls at Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale prices

Buying Salt water cultured Pearls at Navneet Gems and Minerals at Wholesale prices

Whether you are sourcing Cultured Akoya Pearls or cultured Tahitian Pearls, all you have to do is simply get in touch with us to end this search for these Pearls at wholesale prices for your Store or Jewellery making.

Process of Culturing & Manufacturing-
Each company has its own culturing process in which they master their production capacity, their highest sizes of pearls and maintain the highest standard of quality by making sure the quality of water is of the highest standard as possible by keeping it clean and “healthy”.

Navneet Gems and Minerals has a joint venture with a Japanese company, who has an area in the ocean as below picture taken by Navneet Agarwal on his trip to Japan for a monthly contract signing. We make sure we make all our pearls with full green methods where we don’t destroy the nature and culture the pearls in the most sustainable manner possible by letting the molluscs grow to a certain extent and not “over” culturing the pearls.

Sourcing with trust-
Trusting is the most important word in the Pearl industry. I say this because a slight change in the color or overtone from Slight Pink to Slight Pinkish orange can cause the price to drop 30%. You don’t want to be loosing that money or advance paying for products that you ordered and received something completelt different. Especially ordering with the Asians, oh yes trust.

Types of Pearls available with Navneet Gems
Our culturing process offers two types of Pearls, we specialize in Akoyas from Japan, which are Salt water (Which means grown in the Ocean and the quality is much different than the South sea) but at the same time our Tahitians are also a big hit in our American and European target market. The Tahitian pearls usually come in a bigger size which brings us to the our next point. We don’t do South sea cultured pearls because that is in the hands of the Chinese companies who do large bulk orders.

pearl wholesale

What sizes and shapes of Pearls are available at Navneet Gems?
For the Akoyas, we mainly do Round shapes but we do get Keshi’ and Egg shaped Akoyas. The Akoyas’ sizes we do go upto 12 mm, but those are the rare ones which can cost upto $100,000. The most famous sizes are 6 mm – 8 mm in graduation strands which cost usually more than caliberated straight strands of the same size.

For the Tahitians, the sizes can be a little larger and can go upto 16 mm. Even though we have a few strands which are 16 mm – 18 mm, its still very important to understand that most of our production are below 10 mm. Usually 7 mm – 8 mm are the most common sizes. But 8 mm – 10 mm are also famous for high end clients in China who like size as a more important factor than price.


Quality of our Pearls -
Some companies compromise on quality and for example they will not match the overtone of the Akoyas, as long as they are round and same size. Some companies’ standards are even lower when it comes to quality but we make sure we focus on all the four main quality factors in Pearls:

  •  Overtone
  • Size
  • Shape
  •   Origin
  • Color

We make sure that the Overtone is the same  (Which is the color on top of the main body color), the Size (to the 0.1 mm’s) the shape (Very tight process, with the nake eye its impossible to find the difference in the shape of the pearls from Navneet Gems), The Color which is also very very important an factor and the Origin (Or the process its grown in)

Buy retail @ Wholesale  -
With Navneet Gems and Minerals, its important that you understand that we sell Pearls at wholesale prices even to our retail clients. This concept is very clear. If you buy from someone who is a retailer, you will be paying a retail price. Let me give you an example of two cases, one in which you buy from me, and another in which you buy from a Retailer:

Scenerio #1: You buy from a retailer. The wholeseller (Navneet gems and Minerals) sold 5 strands of Akoya Pearls at $5,000 per strand to a retailer who has a store in NYC), now he retails them to you at $10,000 because of the high overhead expenses of having a store and running all the expenses of advertisement etc.

Scenerio #2: You buy from a wholeseller/manufacturer like us. We know you want only a strand, instead of selling to 1 wholeseller we might sell it to 5 individual retail clients like you. Instead of selling each one for $5,000 we sell it for $7,000 because we are making 25% more profit by going into retail and its bringing in more income for us.

This scenario here explained why it’s a great opportunity for you to source these from us, rather than buy from an online retail store who again has high start up and overhead expenses.

Please contact us for more information today at navneet@navneetgems.com and we’ll get the ball rolling with al information and photos you may need in order to buy at Wholesale or retail from us.

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Corundums : Ruby & Sapphire News articles

This page is for those readers who are looking to uncomplicate their lives by making sure that the Ruby & Sapphires they have are genuine and that you understand the difference between the two.

Glass fill ruby Corundum colors

There are many doubts, confusions taking different types of sapphire and many questions are still unanswered so we have written some well researched articles which will help you to shatter all the delusions. Ruby, sapphire and emeralds are precious stones so every buyer wants to know everything before his/her purchase. We have covered origins, treatment, comparison, price, quality and future aspects in every article. Let’s have a glimpse -

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Why are Rubies the most expensive colored gemstone?

Generally, people assumed Diamonds to be the most expensive gemstone. But, that is not true. The value of Ruby can be far more than the Diamond of the corresponding size and quality. On May 29, 2012, a 6.02 carat Ruby ring sold for $551,000 per carat, setting a new record at auction for a colored gemstone. There can be enormous reasons for Ruby being the most expensive colored gemstones, but just make sure you are paying the price for a Ruby and not a Pink sapphire, here is how!

Here are some of the reasons:

1.Ruby- The Stone of Love: To which things do you associate Love? Its heart and blood of course and what is the color of heart and blood? It’s red!! The red color of Ruby gem symbolizes love, warmth, power and passion and thus making the powerful statement to the married couple. For adding more glory to your relationship a large single solitary Ruby ring will be the perfect idea. The intense red color of Ruby is a sign of eternal love and it is one of the important factors considered when buying jewellery.  Customers more attraction towards the Ruby making this colored gemstone expensive. 


2. Ruby-The Glorifying History: Ruby has a long history since the ancient times. As stated by Morco Polo in one of his stories, the King of Ceylon has been offered a city in exchange of larger Ruby by Kublai Khan. This red colored stone has always been the choice of emperors and rulers all over the world. The Romans and Greeks use Rubies for their healing abilities. Warriors believed that, this gemstone would heel their wounds and lessen the pain. It was also believed that wearing a Ruby minimize the suffering and would promote healthy blood circulation. Rubies were also thought to give wisdom, health and luck in gambling. In Indian context, ancient Hindus were so pleased by the red color of the Ruby that they gave the name “Ratanraj”- a Sanskrit word means “King of Gemstones”. They believed that the color of the Ruby is due to inextinguishable fire inside the gem which will grace its wearer with the long life.

3. Ruby-The Origin and Composition: The word Ruby comes from the Latin word “Rubens” which means “red”. Ruby is a variety of corundum mineral (aluminum oxide) species which also includes Sapphires. Corundum mineral in its purest form is colorless. Chromium is the trace element that causes the variations in color of mineral’s crystal structure. Rubies can be found in marble-rocks and basalt-rocks. The red of Ruby found in Marble rock is intense red color because of low iron content. While, in basalt rocks the iron content is high which make Rubies darker in color but less intense.

Marble rock Ruby from Mogok Valley

  Basalt rock ruby- Picture Courtesy- Wiki pictures

Ruby Gemological Properties

Chemical Formula

Al2O3,Aluminium Oxide

Crystal Structure

Trigonal, hexagonal prisms or tables


Various reds


9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness

Refractive Index



Transparent to opaque





Double Refraction or Birefringence



Vitreous to silky


Strong, carmine red

The red color corundum is Ruby and all the other colors are Sapphires. The International Colored Gemstone Association has passed a resolution that stone having the light shades of red hue is to be included in the category of Ruby. Since, it is very difficult to predict where color red ends and pink begins.

Picture Courtesy- Awesome Gems

In above diagram the most valuable color ranges from red to slightly purplish red. Picture Courtesy- Awesome Gems

5. Rubies- The Classification: It is interesting to know that Rubies are classified on the basis of place of origin.

a)  Burmese Ruby: The most valuable of all Rubies comes from Burma’s Mangkok Valley. It is the world finest colored Ruby popularly known as “Pigeon Blood” color Ruby. The high color intensity and fluorescent quality makes the gem glowing.

b)  Thai Ruby: As the name suggests, it came from Thailand. These are deep dark in color with immense clarity.

c)   Sri-Lankan Ruby: Light, very-light reddish rubies are found in Sri-Lanka.

d) African Ruby: African Rubies are usually purplish to dark red in color. The major sources of African Ruby are Tanzania and Kenya.

                            Burmese Ruby                            Thai Ruby


                               Sri-Lankan Ruby                            African Ruby

United States of America banned any import of Burmese Rubies from Burma in the year 2013. This will lead a shortage of supply of Burmese Rubies as result the demand will increase. High demand and low supply will increases the price surely. And, thus Rubies become more expensive.

6. Ruby- A rare gemstone: Ruby is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in its finer colors and good clarity. The fine qualities of Ruby occur only very rarely in the World’s mines which add on advantage and makes Ruby more valuable than other colored gemstones. In the 60 years, hardly a month has passed without a new deposit of Diamond being discovered. In contrast, only handful mines of Rubies are found world-wide.

Map showing Corundum reserves in India, Map Courtesy-GIA

7. Ruby-A Comparison with other Precious Gemstones: Below are some differences between Ruby and other Precious Gemstones (Emeralds, Sapphires and Diamonds) which clarifies why Rubies are expensive among all.

a. Rubies are hard gemstones measured 9 on Moh’s scale of Hardness while Emeralds in comparison are softer gemstones measured around 7.5 to 8 on same scale.

b. Rubies are highly priced than Sapphires in spite of being members of the similar family due to rarity of origin of finer qualities of Rubies.

c. Diamond comes in variety of colors like yellow, brown, orange, black etc. but nothing can beat the intense red color of the Ruby.

8. Ruby- Healing Properties: The red colored stone is well-known for its healing properties and has a very special place in Vedic Astrology. The Hindi name for Ruby is “Manik”. Ruby is a gemstone of Sun, which is the master of all nine-planets. So, the people with Sun having in their birth-charts can wear Ruby. It should often wear by people aiming fame and wealth as it is the King of the Gems. This red gemstone is also known to eliminate poverty and bring in the prosperity to the wearer. According to astrology, the Ruby is so powerful that it fades or changes the color itself, if some bad afflicts it’s native and regains its color back after passing of bad phase. Ruby is the birthstone for July and the gem for 15th and 40th marriage anniversaries to provide happy couples a long and prosperous marriage.

Ruby’s positive and mystical effects on human body. Picture Courtesy- Ddp Gems

9. Larger Rubies are hard to find, which makes them rare. Moreover, in some cases Rubies could be more than Rubies could be more valuable than Diamond of the same size. For example, a fine deep colored Ruby of 3carats is a matter of great rarity, whereas it is not unusual to come across Diamond of the same size.

10. Even the Multinational companies like Cartier, Bulgaria etc. are marketing Ruby as a gemstone to invest. Ruby has always been the gemstone of “love” and these big companies are doing huge campaigns all around the world to create the demand for Ruby which in result increased the price .Secondly, by seeing the advertisement of Ruby by such huge companies, people think that Ruby is a gemstone worthwhile to invest in.

Conclusion:  All the above points clearly show that Rubies are the most expensive gemstones because of its deep red intense color, perfect hardness and magnificent looks. Rarity in origin is also a big factor which increased its value. One of the most important factor is U.S. banned imports of Ruby from Burma (where best quality of Ruby are found).This suddenly shot up the prices of fine qualities of Ruby to the sky.

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What is difference between Semi Precious and Precious Gemstones?

The article here is focused on providing all the relevant information regarding difference between Semi Precious and Precious Gemstones. Before the start of the explanation of the difference between both kinds of Gemstones, we are going to have an overview of the necessary things in short.

Gemstones which are the natural minerals are used to make jewelry and many other ornaments. These minerals are also available as materials such as Lapis and Ambers which are used for the creation of many ornaments. Gemstones are available in two forms: One is Semi-Precious while the other is Precious Gemstones.

There is no separate line between Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones. All depends on the availability of the particular minerals and the demands including many other factors. The materials which are precious at the point of time may come into the Semi Precious if the resource of that material can be found in abundance or if the demand of that material for ornament purpose decreases sharply. Still we will be trying to broadly classify both the Gemstones.

Introduction of Semi Precious Gemstones

Semi precious Gemstones are the one kind of Gemstones which are less valuable, in general, compared to the Precious Gemstones. These minerals are cheap in price and are usually soft. In fact the term “Semi Precious” and “Precious” are just words for commercial use and it is not necessary that Precious gemstones are always expensive in comparison to Semi precious Gemstones. The minerals which come into the category of Semi precious Gemstones are Pearl, Amber, Jade, Obsidian, Turquoise, Pyrite, Agate, Hematite and many others.

Introduction of Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones are the minerals which are rare and desirable. They are in great demands in jewelry section and are the most appreciated ones. In fact in the category of these Precious Gemstones, there are only four Minerals which are namely Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Pricing of Semi Precious and Precious Gemstones

With regard to the pricing, we can say that in general terms, Precious gemstones are precious and costly in comparison to the Semi precious Gemstones. As Precious Minerals are rare in occurrence and huge in demand, the cost of these materials is high. While in comparison, Semi precious Gemstones are cheaper and come after Precious Gemstones in demand. But this is just a general conception. There are some Opals, Pearls etc which are costly in comparison to the minerals belonging to the Precious Gemstones. Many Diamonds are not worthy of demanding high price due to their quality and thus Category is not always the true identity of the price of Gemstones. A high Topaz can demand much higher price in comparison to the diamond of low quality and thus there is no solid line with regard to the pricing of the Gemstones.

Thus, summing up all the above points in a tabular form, we can come to the conclusion as below:



Semi Precious


Mostly these are costly in comparison to Semi Precious.

Less expensive in comparison to Precious Gemstones in general.


These are less soft in comparison to Semi Precious Gemstones.

These are soft in comparison to Precious Gemstones.


These are rare in occurrence.

They are found in abundance.


More desired by people.

Less desired in comparison to Precious.


Produced as High End product.

Produced as mass Product.


Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire

Pearl, Amber, Jade, Pyrite etc.

There are more than 130 kinds of gems in the world and at some places you are going to read that the number of such gemstones is around 200. So discussing all about them here is impossible task but some of the gemstones worth mentioning here are as follows:

  1. Diamonds: The most precious gemstone in the world considered at the moment are the Diamonds. They vary in color and sizes and even quality.

  1. Emerald: These are Precious gemstones which are generally green in color and are generally poor in toughness.

  1. Ruby: Another piece belonging to the category of Precious Gemstones. These are generally Red and their color varies from Pinkish to Brownish.

  1. Sapphires:  In general, these minerals are blue in color and are one of the minerals which belong to the Precious Gemstones.

  1. Pearl: The important mineral which comes in the category of Semi Precious Gemstones. These are found in oceans and are now becoming rare speedily because of Water Pollution. Some Pearls are Cultured Pearls and are created by human Intervention While other are Natural Pearls.

  1. Topaz: These belong to the class of Semi precious and are colorless and transparent if they are pure. But due to the presence of impurities, they are of various colors.

  1. Jasper: These are the minerals which are in fact impure variety of Silica and are opaque in nature. 

  1. Garnets: These minerals are available in various colors but very rare in blue color. These belong to the group of Silicate minerals.

  1. Amber: Ambers in fact are the fossil of trees and are natural. They are available in different colors but the most common are the brown, yellow or orange color.

  1. Jade: Another mineral which are used for the purpose of ornaments are the Jade. These are classified into Nephrite and Jadeite.

Above mentioned are some of the types of Gemstones. The kinds of Gemstones are so great in number that mentioning all at the single time is impossible. We may come to know more of the types later in some other articles.

There are some of the details which we need to give you all regarding the price quotes of various important gemstones. For example, Diamond which comes in various carat groups like 0.01 to 0.03 carats, 0.04 to 0.07 carat and many such classifications vary in price. The price of diamond depends on various factors like Cut, color, weight, size, carats and even on clarity. According to the reports, the price of diamonds has increased by about 14% every year from 1960 and till now. The chart published on a website indicates the steep rise in the price of the Diamonds in Dollars:

graphical views

Thus, in next article we are going to discuss more about other Gemstones and their prices and other details.

Now, let’s move to the uses of these minerals for the Jewelry preparation.

The Precious minerals or Gemstones can be used only for the preparation of High End Jewelry piece while Semi Precious Gemstones can be used for the mass production of Jewelry. The Precious Gemstones can only be used for the Production of Precious Jewelry which are in fact rare in occurrence naturally. These are costly and thus are not affordable to all the sections of the society. The High End jewelries which are being created by the use of highest quality of Precious Gemstones are thus produced based on order or in small amount. On the same chapter, the semi precious Gemstones can be used for the mass production of Jewelry as these are under the reach of the general public and can be afforded by many. The Semi precious Minerals are easy to find and thus can be used in large amount to produce huge amounts of Designer Jewelry as these are the most common in use and can be worn on day to day basis.

On the conclusion part, we may say that it’s not the classification which determines the exact cost of the Gemstones and the jewelry but it is the quality of the mineral. The basic line between precious and Semi precious is almost on the shady part and one cant estimate the exact price of any Gemstone based on just the name of that mineral. 

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What is the difference between Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz?

Before detailing the distinction between the various types of Blue Topaz Gemstimportant to understand what is Blue Topaz exactly?

Blue Topaz- A General Introduction

The Topaz is one of most popular gemstones in the world along with the Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire. It is available in wide range of colors but the golden orangish-yellow Topaz known as Imperial Topaz is the most expensive color of all. Blue Topaz is the most admired member amongst the Topaz family because of its brilliance and striking color.

Although, the color blue is available with many gemstones like in the darker tones of Sapphires, Tanzanite, Iolite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Kyniate etc. But none of the above mentioned gemstones are perfect for everyday wearing jewelry such as rings, pendants because they do not possess the perfect hardness as Blue Topaz. This blue colored Topaz has been rated 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness which makes it an outstanding gemstone for daily use. “Colored Stone” – a well known industry magazine has rated Blue Topaz on second position amongst all the colored gemstones, Sapphires being at the first position.

The word Topaz is derived from Greek word ‘Tapazos’ and Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ meaning fire. Topaz as a mineral can be finding all over the globe. It is one of Earth’s hardest naturally occurring gemstones. It develops as a crystal mineral in various granite rocks and lava flows. Topaz, in a natural state is usually colorless and transparent.  The presence of iron and chromium impurities causes variations in color which ranges from pale yellow, brown and grey to pastels shades of green, violet and pink. The most common venues from where Topaz is mined are Germany, The Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan and Brazil, at specific sites of Texas and Utah as well as in Mexico. Topaz can be found in vast and flawless crystals which can be faceted into giant gemstones which can weigh thousands of carats.  

 Topaz Mountains in Utah- Picture Courtesy-Wiki Pictures

                                                   Topaz Mountains in Utah- Courtesy- Wiki pictures

The only natural resources of Blue Topaz are found in Sri Lanka. It is important to be note here that the Topaz in blue color (Blue Topaz) is very rare to be found. Blue Topaz traded in the market is produce by giving heat and radiation treatments to the clear Topaz. The methods of treatment given to clear Topaz to change its color into blue will be discussed later in the article

Blue Topaz- A Classification

Blue Topaz comes in various colors of blue. Broadly, on the basis of color it can be classified into three categories:

  1. Sky Blue Topaz
  2. Swiss Blue Topaz
  3. London Blue Topaz

 In case of Blue Topaz, it is very hard to determine where one color ends and another starts. A simple rule of thumb is applied all over the world i.e. light blue is Sky, medium blue is Swiss and dark blue is London. Topaz is colorless or white quartz, the color blue is result of various radiation and heat treatments. The color (shade of blue) depends on type of radiation method used. The several methods of irradiation which are used to alter the color of Clear Topaz are:

  • Ø By X-rays
  • By Gamma rays
  • By Neutrons bombardment
  • By High-energy charged particles such as electrons and protons.

1.Sky Blue Topaz: Sky Blue Topaz clean, clear and delicate blue color just    resembles to the color of the sky on a cloudless day. It pleases to those who like light colors and airy spaces. Technically, Sky Blue Topaz is a white topaz which has been exposed to gamma- rays to change the color of the gemstone into light blue.

Gemstones are exposed to gamma-rays within a gamma cell containing the radioactive material Cobalt 60 which emits gamma-rays. The rays generated are very penetrating and produce uniform color to the specimen. For producing a Swiss Blue, intense doses of gamma-rays is required for the first 2-3 hours subsequently, the dose can be reduced.

   sky blue topaz

Sky Blue color produced after radiation by gamma-rays and heating. Picture Courtesy- Awesome Gems

 Without a doubt, Sky Blue Topaz is the most affordable gemstone in the market today. Its pleasing and spirit-lifting light blue color gives you the look of Aquamarine but at very pocket-friendly price tag. The Sky Blue Topaz ranges between 0.50$-2$ per carat. Consumer market of light blue colored topaz is Europe.

2.Swiss Blue Topaz: The vivid color of Swiss Blue Topaz resembles to the color of rich Caribbean Sea which is very close to the color of Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline.  It is different from Sky Blue Topaz as it darker then sky color and also known as the Electric Topaz. Technically, Swiss Blue Topaz is a white topaz which has been exposed to high energy electrons to change the color to bright, saturated and cheerful blue.

Linear accelerators are used at high energies to accelerate electrons. The electrons are forced to pass through by electrically deflected zigzag pattern so the whole specimen holder is exposed to the beam of electrons. This method is complex, expensive to build, expensive to operate and must be well-shielded. More importantly, the excessive heat produced during the process is a cause of major worry because too much heat can crack the specimen. During this radiation process, the samples are often cooled by running cold water. Due to the low penetration and coloration there is more heat at the surface. The penetration depth can be increased but it can result into high radioactivity. The only advantage of using this radiation method is that it can produced treated topaz by increasing the doses to tens of thousands of megarads. While, in the case of gamma-rays to achieve this level of energy it may take several months. The color produced in linear accelerator is brown and blue.


                                            A pair of Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is one of the prettiest and most famous members amongst the Blue Topaz family. It has a vivid blue color which is darker then the color Sky Blue Topaz and lighter then London Blue Topaz. The price starts from 1.5$ per carat. The main consumer markets of Swiss Blue Topaz are U.S.A, Asia and Europe.

3.  London Blue Topaz: London Blue Topaz is a white topaz which has been exposed in a nuclear reactor to change the color to a saturated and deep blue. Many of these have a slightly greenish tone when viewed from certain angles.

 Neutrons produced in the nuclear reactor can also change the color of pure topaz crystals. They have the excellent penetration so, there is no problem of surface heating and color produced by neutrons is deep and uniform. The color produced by neutrons is often dark to those produced by electrons. Thatswhy, London Blues are also referred as ‘Inky’ and ‘Steely’ Blue Topaz.

Heart shaped London Blue Topaz . Picture Courtesy- Awesome Gems

In case of blue color, more saturated blue color tends to have more value because the exactly look like Tanzanite. So, in Topaz the London Blue is regarded as the most valuable amongst the other members of the Blue Topaz family. London Blue topaz prices start from 2.5$ per carat. The consumer markets of this dark blue stone are Europe, U.S.A. and Australia.

Heat Treatments : Followed by irradiation treatments (either by gamma-rays, neutrons or electrons ) the treated topaz is heated to reveal the  blue color more clearly by removing any yellow or brown color present on the stone. Heating acts as a cleaning for the gemstone. Heating should be applied on gemstones very slow and carefully. Because Topaz is heat sensitive and excessive heat can break, chips or shatter the gemstone. The heating should be done below the temperature of 200 degree Celsius.

Blue Topaz- A Controversy

In case of Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz, the color has been attained by bombardment from electrons and neutrons in a linear accelerator and nuclear reactor respectively followed by heat treatments. In the year 2007 The American Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) raised a question that is irradiated Blue Topaz are really safe for the public or not?? This statement arised an controversy at that time and thus badly affected the demand of Blue Topaz worldwide. But after 2 years of that NRC himself tested around 9 batches of irradiated Blue Topaz of 500 carat each an issued a fact sheet assuring that irradiated Blue Topaz are safe for the person. After the controversy, strict rules have been imposed by NRC in regulating the license for the gems treated in Linear Accelerators and Nuclear Reactors.

Blue Topaz- A Mass Market Gemstone

  • The supply of mined colorless Topaz is large apparently larger than its current demand in the Gemstone Industry. This feature makes Blue Topaz cheap and easily available gemstone.
  • The cost of cutting and radiation is sufficiently greater than the cost of the colorless Topaz. It is believed that 90%of the cost of Blue Topaz is constituted because of the various radiation and cutting method used. Rest 10% is of the raw material.
  • Blue Topaz is an excellent substitute of Aquamarine which is very costly. So the person who wishes to buy Aquamarine but could not afford it also buys Blue Topaz.

blue topaz

Picture showing the three colors of Blue Topaz - Sky Blue Topaz , Swiss Blue Topaz and is London Blue Topaz




Sky Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz



Light Blue

Medium Blue

Dark Blue


Method used to change the color

Expose to gamma rays

Expose to high energy electrons in a linear accelerator.

Expose to neutrons in a nuclear reactor.







Time  consuming method used in changing the color 


Yes, to decay radioactivity gemstones has to keep aside for several months.

Yes, to decay radioactivity gemstones has to keep aside for several months. 


Price /carat





Consumer Markets


U.S.A, Asia and Europe.

Europe, U.S.A and Australia.


Other Name

No name

Electric Topaz.

Inky and Steely Topaz.

Table showing the difference between Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.

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Rose Cut – As Old as New

Rose is the most beautiful among flowers and it is also the symbol of Love. Rose Cut style in gemstones also looks like Rose and this is the reason that this style is quite famous. Rose Cut style of gemstones is back as it used to be one of the trendiest cutting styles in history. Rose Cut stones were first found in the early 1500s and remained very famous for the next many years, but lost popularity in the early 1900s. A stone cut is the shaping of a gemstone with a proper arrangement of facets. Facets are geometrical shapes that provide gemstones a stunning and attractive look and also light reflection properties, giving it a proper shape to the stone, such as a round, princess, cushion, etc. There is an exclusive shape and a facet array in a typical Rose Cut gemstone, which has a flat bottom and an aloft faceted dome with triangular facets forming a jagged point. The dome is generally in the shape of a pyramid or a hemisphere. The number of triangular facets in a Rose Cut style may be anything between twelve and twenty four.


Generally it has a lower layer of triangular facets that in combination with the upper layer, gives the look of a rose bud. The facets in the upper layer are called star facets and the facets in the lower layer are called the diagonal facets. The middle part usually has six triangular facets, which meet at a center point. The outer shape of this gemstone is usually circular but also available in shapes like oval, hexagonal and pear. The facet arrangement is usually in multiples of six. Rose cut gemstone has flat base without the distinctive contraction body and the top of the stone is elevated in a faceted dome where anywhere from three to 24 triangular facets are used to impersonate the tighter coil of a rose. Rose cut stones reflect light that is coming in from around them.


Giacomo Tagliacarne and Giovanni delle Corniole were the two most famous diamond cutters of that time. These two were perfect in the art of faceted gem cutting. For Rose Cut, a spherical gemstone is best because the facets were being more efficiently brought out and it was quite easy to polish it than a flat shaped gemstone. With the flourishing demand of fashion jewelry these Rose Cut gems are again in demand. They are the best deal to offer your loved one with that will not only show your love and tender care for them but would also protect them against all odds.


There is a difference between antique jewelry and modern jewelry, where antique is a mirror of our culture, the modern is a form of fashion jewelry. These rose cut have offered the wearer with both the forms in one single piece. These are antique as well as modern fashion jewelry, widely popular amongst the youngsters, and women as well. They have panache of their own due to their unique and sparkling nature and when combined with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gems they are one-of-a-kind which is eye-catching and adorable by all. Though they are costly, but they still offer the best deal as they are highly in demand these days and are praiseworthy as well.


Usually Rose Cut is confined to category, they are mostly liked and preferred to be made of diamonds as the very nature and shape is of facets their allure is enhanced by the sparkle of the diamonds. These rose cut stones require extra care since they are delicate and can be damaged or chipped from its faceted sides. These stones are for those who believe in impacting others by their individuality as they are the original centerpiece of an artisan devoted work. But, Rose Cut is also popular in color stones. Modern fashion of colored stone grab this style and they are becoming increasingly famous. There are numerous pieces of its mesmerizing crystals which are either for ornamental purpose, polished and cut into gemstones or are carried in its natural form. It is believed to be a stone which assist in establishing and maintaining a sense of nurturing love among the family members as well to exude the sense of harmony and love; it helps to minimize the negativity flowing in the house.


Most Rose Cut gems are round shape, but there are many other unique and fancy shapes that can be found, the term “rose cut” covers a wide variety of shapes and styles, allowing cutters to offer a much greater number of choices with regard to this cut. The new love for rose cuts comes almost too late. The remaining population of vintage rose cuts has so dwindled that it is silly to hope that this style of cutting will ever come off the endangered species list. Vintage rose cuts are such rarities; especially clean ones in good shape, that designer hoard the few they can find until they have enough stones for pieces featuring them. Good Rose Cut gemstones are affected by several different elements which include the Width and Depth of the gemstone, the Symmetry and the alignment of a Rose Cut facets and the polish. The skill of the jewelers will ensure that Rose Cut gemstones have a suitable cut to give the most beautiful results in respect of their luster, transparency, refraction and dispersion of light.




It is said that when something is in trend, everyone starts following. Rose Cut style started in the USA and now everyone there is following it even European customers are using Rose Cut gemstones in their rings. Rose cut gemstones are also more affordable because of their cutting style. Cabochons are usually taken and by adding facets to them Rose Cut gemstones are created. This means, Cabochons are of course cheap and Rose Cut gemstones are made only at an additional cost of cutting labor charges, which is extremely cheap. Another reason that Rose Cut is cheap that quality of rough gemstone is going down. So Cabochons are made to a greater extent now and this means the progressive number of Rose Cut facetted style. In this modern trend, Rose Cut colored gemstones price starts from $10 to $20 per ring.

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Gemstone Supplier Thailand, Gemstones supplier Bangkok

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and supplying loose wholesale gemstones to different countries. We are having our manufacturing unit in India and Thailand for both semi precious and precious stones. This article will cover following information -

  • Why to choose Bangkok, Thailand to buy gemstones?
  • Why you should trust us?

Why to choose Bangkok, Thailand to buy gems?
LETS TAKE AN EXAMPLE - You will get most cheapest price of Apple iphone in the United States because I phone which is produced or assembled in USA and internal and external parts come from different countries and when you talk about gemstones which is produced or manufactured in Thailand and India and rough come from other countries so you will get the most competitive prices for gems in Thailand.

Basically in gems, raw material come from different countries like brazil, Africa etc. and manufacturing takes place in India and Thailand mainly and most consumption countries are the United States, UK, Australia, Middle east countries.

We have been supplying gemstones locally and globally since last 18 years in different countries. Our each and every stone is well finished by Thailand cutters and craftsmen. We have been dealing in more than 50 color gemstones some of them are listed in our product list. Here are some pictures from our products -

Why you should choose us?
1. Completed more than 18 years in gemstones industry – Navneet Gems has been completed more than 18 years in gemstones industry and well known for their consistent quality and supply at competitive prices.

2. One place that completes your all requirements - Time is precious and every jewelry designer, reseller or others want a gemstone supplier who can accomplish their all needs like regular stones, fancy stones, beads, cabochons etc. so here we are. We are having stock of ready stones and rough material in all semi precious stones so we can easily cut stones according to your requirements.

Contact us to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand -
So now feel free to drop us an inquiry regarding semi precious and precious stones or visit our office.

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How to reach Navneet Gems's office?

If you are in Bangkok, Thailand then you can visit us. We are situated in heart of Bangkok city. Here is the map to reach us.

Our Address - 919/326, Jewelry Trade Center (JTC), 26th Floor, Room Number 326, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Contact number - +66-2344267, +66-818323858

navneetgems area map

Bangkok city is easy to travel. If you are coming from Airport to our office then you can simply hire a cab/Taxi and say them "Silom Road, Soi sip-cow (THAI)" then he will drop you close to building.

Google map from Bangkok International Airport to us -

google map for navneetgems

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How to Buy Gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand?

Are you going to buy gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand? If yes then read this article thoroughly –

There are exceptions everywhere so on the same hand in gemstones industry there are also few seller who wants to earn money in one shot and try to sell fake gemstones so it always important to know before you buy. In this article we will cover these points –

  • Where to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand?
  • How to make sure that you are buying original stone?
  • How to buy gems at right prices?

Where to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand? – Let’s compare the market of gemstones and vegetables. If you go in vegetable or fruit market where hundreds of vendors sell, there you will get the varieties and competitive prices because everyone keeps their prices low to attract the customer. On the other hand imagine a mall or locally situated vegetable or fruit vendors; they keep their prices high because of their monopoly.
So let me introduce you some areas where you can get thousand of gemstones supplier in different stones so you can complete your requirements at one place and can easily compare the prices.

Jewelry trade center – This building is situated on right side of holiday inn hotel on Silom road in Bangrak area. In this building you can get more than hundreds of booths and offices. Always prefer to buy from office because they have been running their offices for long time so there is not any chance to get cheated.

jewelry trade center entrance

Our office is situated in jewelry trade center only on 26th floor with the name same company name Navneet Gems and minerals. We are having stock of more than 50 semi precious and precious gemstones. Our keys stones are Topaz and Quartz.

Gems Tower, Gem and Jewelry Tower – Keep JTC first on your priority and then you can also look and these towers.

Caution - Some people (walkers) outside these building will approach you and push you to see his goods and offer you fake stones so NEVER even stop to talk with such sellers.

navneetgems area map
How to make sure that you are buying an authentic stone? -
Whether you are a local buyer or foreign buyer, you should always know what you are buying. In today’s high tech era, there are replicate stones available in each color whether it is precious or semi precious so there is simple way to spend just few bucks to make sure that you are buying an authentic gemstone. There are many laboratories (AIGS, GIT) available in Jewelry trade center itself and Tokyo Lab few meters away from JTC. They will just ask you 10$ for small certificate (Only mention natural or manmade) and 20-25$ (Mention origin also).

We provide this service at free of cost to our customer. We have been member of Tokyo lab, GIT for many years. 

How to buy gems at right prices?
Negotiation, negotiation and negotiation
when seller in Thailand sees any foreign buyer then he asks for 50% higher price so always be good at bargaining. This is not same with everyone; mostly small vendors do like this, not big companies.

If you say to them directly that you only one stone then they will ask you for 5 times price so always ask for wholesale price to get a good quote.

Contact us to know more
You can send us email at navneet@navneetgems.com to get more information about gemstones. If you  visit Bangkok, Thailand then you can meet us at our office.

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Myths about Sapphires

There are several myths about Sapphire in the market. People think they are true. Do you think the same? Not all beliefs are true but some of them are scientifically proved as well.

Let’s talk about some of these myths and facts about Sapphires and check whether they are true or not.

  •       Did Sapphires really have magical powers?
  •       Do Sapphires actually help you?
  •       Are Sapphires used in cure?
  •       Are Sapphires scared?

All of your questions will be answered here.

In ancient times, people used to gift Sapphire to their friends and relatives as a pledge of integrity, devotion, purity and belief.


Following are some beliefs about Sapphire Gemstone:

      There is a common belief about Sapphire that a necklace of Sapphires will cure a tender throat. You can see Lady Diana wore a Sapphire Necklace in the image below.


      We all heard about the story of Ten Commandments, which were handed over to Moses by God. You can find this story in Bible and Quran and this makes Sapphire a sacred stone.


      According to one another belief, Sapphires were used as an antidote to poison in the middle ages and to cure the eye disease as well.

      Sapphire is the stone of good fortune, but it could invert the effect when earned wrongly. There is another belief in Greek mythology that proved this sentence correct. According to that Prometheus stole a Sapphire from Gods while he stole fire from them. Gods gave an appalling sentence to him for his dirty deed. Sapphire failed to protect the Prometheus from his misfortune.


According to the mythology, Sapphire also has magical powers and this belief is quite strong. A Sapphire would not shine if worn by a wicked or evil person. It is said that Sapphire has supremacy to persuade souls and it was well-liked with witches and sorcerers who used it to exchange words with the lamented.

The Sapphire is known as the "Stone of Destiny". Sapphires contribute to mental clarity and perception. They can promote financial rewards. The sapphire is the symbol of paradise and pleasurable loyalty to God.


This is true that Sapphire should be worn according to proper astrological rules otherwise it could do more harm than good. The Sapphire can show its effect, whether positive or negative, within 3 seconds, minutes, hours or days. This is why it is recommended that the person who wants to wear Blue Sapphire should try it first for minimum 72 hours to check that it suits him or not.


According to the Greek mythology, Oceanides (water nymphs) were the daughters of Titan Oceanus. They were 3000 sisters. Their mother, Tethys, was half mermaid and half marine flower. Blue is the color of Ocean so Sapphire represents this blue color. It is said that Oceanides love to dance in the ocean by wearing their Pink and Blue Sapphire bustier.


There is another story about Sapphire that it is the representative of fidelity and romantic devotion. Queen of England, Victoria, wore an immense Blue Sapphire brooch on her white wedding dress. That Sapphire brooch, which was surrounded by diamonds, was a gift from Albert on their nuptial’s eve in 1840. Now that Blue Sapphire is adorned in the Crown of the Queen. An elegant Sapphire Engagement Ring was gifted by Prince Charles to Princess Diana on the eve of their Nuptial.



It is a thought since ancient times that gemstones have mystical powers. According to the ancient lore, Sapphire was known for its ability to treat manifold illness of both body and mind. It also offers protection and also reaps celestial favor but only as long as wearer is of pure rectitude. According to the medieval physicians Sapphire was able to draw foreign objects from the eye and normalize the temperature of the body.

Sapphire was the stone held in high regard, esteemed apposite for the fingers of rulers and priests. They used to keep Sapphire in their safes for good future and protection from the evil.

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