Are you looking to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand?

If yes then please read this article thoroughly. 

There are exceptions everywhere, so on the same hand in the gemstones industry there are also a few sellers who want to earn money in one shot and try to sell inferior or even fake gemstones, so it is always important to know before you buy. And we are sure you have read the treatments in Gemstones are always originating from Bangkok, so understanding to buy from the right place is very important.

In this article we will cover these points –

  • Where to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • How to make sure that you are buying stones with treatments being disclosed.
  • How to buy gems at the right price.

Where to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand? Let’s compare the market of gemstones and the market of vegetables. If you go into a vegetable or fruit market where hundreds of vendors sell, there you will see varieties and competitive prices because everyone keeps their prices low to attract the customers. On the other hand imagine a mall or locally situated vegetable or fruit vendors market, they keep their prices high because of their monopoly.

So let me introduce you to some areas where you can find hundreds of gemstones suppliers of different stones so that you can easily compare the prices and complete your purchases at one place, especially for buying precious stones in bangkok like ruby and sapphires or consistent source of semi precious stones.

JTC from website
The Jewelry Trade Center or JTC Tower – This towering 59 story skyscraper  building is situated on the right side of The Holiday Inn Hotel on Silom Road in the Bangrak area of Bangkok. In this building you can see many hundreds of booths and offices. We recommend to always prefer to buy from an office, because they have likely been running their offices for a long time, so you are therefore more likely to get the best loose gemstone quality and price when buying gemstones in Bangkok.

Our office is situated in The Jewelry Trade Center only on the 31st floor, with the same company name Navneet Gems and Minerals on the Door. We have in stock more than 50 semi precious and precious gemstones. Our keys stones are ruby, sapphire, topaz, spinels, drusy, all Quartz colors and have many more other options. This is not a ruby gemstone buying guide from Bangkok, but it still helps focus in the right areas.

The Gems Tower and The Gem and Jewelry Tower – These are nearby but keep JTC Tower first on your priority and then you can also look and these buildings after.

Caution – Some people (walkers) outside in this area, will approach you and push you to see their goods and may offer you fake stones so NEVER stop to talk with such sellers on the street.

How to make sure that you are buying an authentic stone? Whether you are a local buyer or foreign buyer, you should always know what you are buying. In today’s high tech era, there are replicate stones available in each color whether it is precious or semi precious so there is a simple way to spend just few bucks to make sure that you are buying an authentic gemstone. There are many laboratories such as AIGS, and GIT, that are available in the Jewelry Trade Center itself and Tokyo Lab is a few meters away from JTC. They will ask only $10 for a small certificate and tell you if it is either natural or man-made and $20-25$ for it’s origin also.

At Navneet Gems and Minerals, We provide this service free of cost to our customers. We have been members of Tokyo Lab and GIT for many years. Thanks for viewing the content about buying gemstones thailand and buying gemstones bangkok.


How to buy gems at the right prices? Negotiation, negotiation and negotiation. When a seller in Thailand sees any foreign buyer then he asks for a 50% higher price, so always be good at bargaining. This is not the same with everyone, mostly only small vendors do this, not big companies. If you say to them that you only want one stone then they may ask you for 5 times the price, so always ask for wholesale price to get a good quote for your precious gems or semi precious gems in Bangkok.

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