Navneet Gems and Minerals supply all types of precious and Semiprecious Gemstones Thailand. We supply our products all over the world.

Gemstones are the some of the best beautiful treasures that our wonderful earth has given us.  There are different types of Gemstones Thailand like in Semi precious type aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, garnet, Iolite Peridot, Tanzanite etc. and in precious Gemstones Thailand we have Blue sapphire, Pink Sapphire, White Sapphire Emerald and Ruby.

You can contact us freely to ask any query at and we will contact back to you with details of size, weight, possible price, shapes etc. All of these Gemstones keep their own importance. These are not only beautiful and just for beautiful jewelry. Gemstones are the best tools for healing, meditation, chakra balancing etc.

We have an experienced team of workers who work hard to provide our customers the best results. For maintaining the affordable cost of products we import directly from mines. We provide precious and semiprecious Gemstones Thailand jewelry in gold, silver and platinum base.

We also provide Gemstones Thailand in their raw or rough state too along with fine Gemstones. We provide all natural Gemstones Thailand which are not produced in the laboratory with 100% guarantee of quality and cost. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of all kind of Gemstones Thailand in Wholesale price.

You can browse our products on our website and write us for interested products at You will get to know everything asked as soon as possible.