Navneet Gems & Minerals has their own “Gemstone Factory” in Thailand, producing all types of Semi-precious and Precious Gemstones at Wholesale quantities and prices. A premier centre for quality stones, this centre has been the heart of our enterprise since its establishment.

If you are looking to source Gemstones from a Gemstone factory, which has a state of the art manufacturing process along with expert craftsmanship, look no further because you are at the right place. We manufacture gem-stones in all shapes, sizes and even custom designs.  Thailand is an international hub for world class gemstone design. Basing out of Thailand, gives us access to some of the finest stones and craftsmen in the world, ensuring world class quality delivered on time.

You can come visit us at: Jewelry Trade Center, 31st FL, Room no. 390, Bangrak, Thailand, 10500Untitled



In the present day scenario a gemstone factory isn’t easy to find. One factor is the inability to acquire skilled and trusted labour in this particular field. Another issue is that the supply has reduced to a few manufacturers. We, Navneet Gems and Minerals being one of them have ridden out the storm well as we have our own manufacturing hub. So if you are a Jewellery Designer, a Parts Manufacturer, or a Gemstone reseller, looking to source Colored gemstones (Semi precious and Precious gems), then you can see we are the right supplier for that. So please get in touch with us for price inquires for wholesale colored gemstones. Our Factory in India is situated on the outskirts of Jaipur (Sitapura) and our office in Jaipur is situated in Johri Bazar. On getting there you can contact Mr. Rakesh Sharma who is in charge in taking care of quality control and wholesale production of semi-precious gems.


Our factory continuously produces an excellent quality of faceted gems, along with cabochons. These days we are focusing our efforts in manufacturing Rose Cut cabochons, as they are high in demand these days. Our Gemstone factory is also making Rose Cut cabochons in Amethyst, Citrine, and Topaz, along with Garnets as well when demanded by our customers. Not just these, the Sapphire Rose Cuts are also increasing in demand. Since Sapphires are a relatively light stone they are preferred in jewellery with less weight. Our company’s gemstone factory has an excellent track record on handling Sapphires. We deal in both blue and pink Sapphires.

Email us on (as we don’t sell the stones online). In the subject please write “Information on *name of gem stone*”. In the body of the email, you can ask about the shape, size and cut of the stone. Also you can get in touch with us over Whatsapp and Skype.
You can be rest assured that with Navneet Gems & Minerals you are in safe and secure hands. You can read the testimonials of our satisfied customers on Trustpilot.