You can Buy Garnet Rough wholesale from Navneet Gems and Minerals in all varieties at affordable prices. Garnet Rough is mined from various locations in world.

Garnet, which is the birth stone of January, is a very common type of gemstone. It has a trihonal crystal structure. Available colors of Garnet Rough including purple, red, orange, yellow, green, brown and black.

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 Garnet Gems RoughGarnet Gems Rough garnet gem rough

Other types of available semi precious gems at our store are Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Created Emerald, Green Amethyst, Garnet, Iolite, Morganatic, Moonstone, Spinal and many others. You can visit our website for more details.

We import Garnet Rough directly from the source where they are mined mainly like Africa, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the USA. We are wholesale supplier of Garnet Rough all around the world.

We manufacture faceted, briolette, cabochons and beads from Garnet Rough in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand. We have a great team of craftsmen who work very hard to make the stone beautiful. We provide assured genuine Garnet Rough to our customers.

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