Navneet Gems & Minerals Exhibits many of the World’s Finest Jewellery Shows. We display a large array of Colored Gemstones collection, including Semi precious and Precious Gems.

We have been participating in Gemstones and Jewelry shows since the starting days of our company. We started our participation in fairs with Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, later we took membership of many other common fairs around the world like the Tucson Gem show, the biggest of all. Now almost every month we display our gemstones in the different shows as that is the trend and shows opens the chances of us meeting many buyers from different countries.

Navneet Gems is having total of 4 teams of Sales and Marketing, every team is assigned to different continents of the world for exhibition. Both our management head Mr. Navneet Agarwal and Company CEO Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal are commonly taking part in every fair.

Our Slogan – “Gemstones’ journey that never stops”

Few of the Jewellery & Gemstone fairs we participate in are:

-Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair for ” 15 consecutive years ” – We placed our first brick from Bangkok fair in this array of shows. You can catch us twice in a year (September and Feburary). Our Booth number is UU – 25, 27

– Tucson Gem Show 2017 – Booth # E405

– Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Japan Jewellery Fair “4 consecutive years” – Booth number tentative

– Hotel Raj Mahal Palace, JJS (Jaipur Jewellery Show) “4 consecutive years” – Booth number tentative

-Hongkong International Jewellery Show for ” 9 consecutive years ” - This our second fair spot in row. Our booth number is 7J 18 in march , in september 6Q05 and June 5E130, subject to change

Bangkok fair booth

As you can see the layout of the booth, it displays some of the finest gems in our collection. Most of the big showcases display big large gems, that are rare, beautiful and highly valued. Inside our booth, we have all our stock of mostly Semi precious gemstones, and some fine sets of Gem layout all ready to be displayed and made into Jewellery.

Glimpse of How we displayed Gemstones in Hongkong Gems & Jewelry Fair

bangkok gems and jewelry fair

Gemstones exhibition