Looking for Blue Topaz from the professional factories and labs of Europe? We only provide high quality gems.
We, Navneet Gems & Minerals treat our high quality white topaz straight from the sources in Brazil, in Germany, Idaar-Oberstein where a Gem Laboratory treats our White Topaz under high radiation using electrons. We invest our money into this process which takes a long long time, and then we get bombarded as soon as our goods arrive, by requests by our regular customers for calibrated and free size Blue Topaz. London Blue Topaz takes the longest time, however if you see the color for London Blue, it has the deepest color of all. However, London Blue Topaz suppliers are very minimum because these are a long investment process, if you invest today, you’ll get the final products in 3-4 years time. And that money would only earn a small amount of profit.

So, why does Navneet Gems & Minerals do Blue Topaz, if its only small profits?
Honestly we do enjoy the liberty of less competition because less companies around the world want to do this (Invest for 3-4 years) And we do this so we can serve our existing customers who buy semi precious gemstones and we don’t want them to wander off at some other company, to look for blue topaz. That’s the sole reason we do this. To provide a service.

Swiss blue topaz
Wholesale Swiss blue topaz

Why most of the companies are buying Swiss blue topaz and semi precious stones regularly from us?
We are one of the companies who keeps more than 500 to 1000 pieces of each size and shape in stock every time and that is our key factor. We believe in supplying good qualities and big quantities. As mentioned above, we receive parcel after treatment every 2 weeks and swiss blue topaz always stay in huge demand.