Everything you need to know about Amethyst from different origins. Find loose Amethyst Gemstones and cabochons’ descriptions, quality and color, price overview and properties here on this page. You can refer to it as a “Complete guide to Amethyst Gemstones”

Here is a short video of some of our Pear Shaped Brazilian Amethyst Stones

About Amethyst Gemstones – History and Introduction
Amethyst is one the most popular semi precious gemstones. It is known as the birthstone for the month of February. It is a macro crystalline type of Quartz and comes in pink to dark purple color. Iron and Aluminum impurities are responsible for the color of this stone.  Amethyst is transparent to translucent clarity with a nice luster and shine.

The deposits with the highest market value are in Brazil and are available in Brazil and  the neighboring country Uruguay. After these two, Madagascar has the next biggest deposit and apart from these countries, small mines are available in other countries. Amethyst Harbor is a place in Canada where Amethyst is found in huge quantities but most of the raw material is not gemstone quality material. The Violet Quartz is found there in ample quantities, though rarely in Amethyst Gemstones quality.

Large Amethyst Gemstones and Druse – There is piece of Amethyst from Brazil that weighs more than 200 kgs and is available at the Washington Museum. In recent times however, a find in the USA has been making headlines. A three-meter Amethyst Druse was found in Maine, weighing over 1000 kgs and had Amethyst Raw material in big quantities.

Buy free size, calibrated rounds, ovals, triilion, pear, cushion, square and other Amethyst Gemstones shapes from NavneetGems – Below we would like you to see the color chart of Amethyst from Navneet Gems. The first three are Brazillian Amethyst, A, AA, and AAA. While the top color in Amethyst Gemstones available with us is African Amethyst, just like the actual cabochon colors you see at the bottom of this page, the Trillion of 279 carat is AAA color while on the right of that are images of African Amethyst stones.

Another video of some Beautiful Round Brazilian Amethyst Gems from our Stock

Not just do we specialize in Freesize, but our stock also is of great value. Our factories also manufactures many Amethyst Gemstone Cabochons in particular. Our immense stock is our strong point when doing business as we tend to offer better prices for ready-made products. Amethyst crystal is one of the most beautiful Semi-precious gemstones of all. Due to its purple shades, and its natural stone value that appreciates over time, this gemstone really has taken off since it was introduced in the ancient times. Amethyst comes from two major countries: Africa and Brazil. We are proud in telling the audience that Navneet Gems & Minerals produces both these types of Purple Amethyst Gemstones. We also produce Green Amethyst Gemstones at wholesale prices which is a strong product for us too.

Below we would like you to see the color chart of Amethyst Gemstones from Navneet Gems. The first three are Brazilian Amethyst, A, AA, and AAA. While the top color in Amethyst available with us is African Amethyst. Just like the actual cabochon colors you see at the bottom of this page. The Trillion of 279 carat is AAA color while below that are images of African Amethyst stones.

In this chart we explained three major types in Amethyst Gemstones. Basically the Top color of Amethyst is vivid purple, then it goes up to Pink Amethyst. There is a lower priced range of Amethyst that is six corner Amethyst which comes with color zoning and is known as commercial quality. Cabochons are mostly made of commercial quality of Amethyst.


Have a look at some of these Freesize Brazilian Amethyst Gems, these are just a few pictures of our Amethyst Gemstones:


Here is another Amethyst Gemstone Color Zoning Chart


African Amethyst and Brazilian Cabochons – African and Brazilian Amethyst cabochons – Navneet Gems specializes in cabochons as well. We have medium to top quality material to make cabochons and also have many pieces in our stock. We have deep color with nice hue (top quality) of Amethyst cabochons in different sizes. The 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm rounds and 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 10×8 are hot sizes in cabs however we make other sizes as well.

There are African Amethyst Cabochons below in the picture and it represents the top quality of purple Amethyst cabs. Pink Amethyst (Also called Brazilian Amethyst) cabs are also well known as the light color of African Amethyst and comes at around half the price.  If we talk about cabs quality then it comes in light, medium and dark colors. The lightest and darkest colors are cheaper by market perspective. The most demanding colors are saturated purple color without any inclusions. Our prices for African quality starts from $1.30 per carat and goes higher based on color and quality. As we described above that we have a large stock of Amethyst cabochons in all sizes and shapes and we offer our stock at low prices to our customers. Apart from cabochons, we also have normal faceted and rose cut in stock. Most importantly each and every stone is cut in our own factories which are situated in Thailand and in India.

Dark African Amethyst Cabochons

Ancient use and  Amethyst Gemstones Properties –The Amethyst Gemstones Jewelry is said to have healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, addictions and more. In ancient times, this stones was used in crowns and worn by kings and princes. Amethyst is the birthstone for February.


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