Russian Semi Precious Gemstones

Russian Semi Precious Gemstones Mother Russia’s Gems The Country taking over as the world’s Diamond Source with Russian Diamonds is fast becoming the Source for Russian Precious and Russian Semi Precious Gemstones. Russia even now wants to challenge India’s Gemstone Industry according to Rueters The Mir Diamond Mine in Russia (photo courtesy of Russia … Continue reading Russian Semi Precious Gemstones

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Still Alive Today

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry, Alive and Thriving Who doesn’t love the classics and what castle treasure room would be complete if not full of gold coins and classic vintage gemstone jewelry. Just as Kings, Queens, Moguls and Emperors of ancient times and even now know, it’s all about the bling, in layers… Celebrities are wearing vintage … Continue reading Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Still Alive Today

Is it Smarter to Buy Gemstones in Thailand?

Buy Gemstones in Thailand Many Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers, Gemstone Collectors and regular Gemstone buyers know that it is smarter to buy your precious and semi-precious gemstones on Thailand. Why is this? They know it’s cheaper to buy top quality Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies and all other gemstones here and the reasons are below. Many … Continue reading Is it Smarter to Buy Gemstones in Thailand?

Padparadscha Sapphire

Pretty as a Peach, Padparadscha Sapphire Gems An all Natural Padparadscha Sapphire from Deliqa Gems on Instagram Padparadscha Sapphires are the rage. Maybe you know about the Royal Family and their love for Sapphires and Kate Middleton in particular loving the more colorful gems such as the equally beautiful Padparadscha Sapphire. As you see in … Continue reading Padparadscha Sapphire

London Blue Topaz Rough

Deep Dark London Blue Topaz Rough London Blue Topaz is very popular due to its somewhat unique and unusual color of a deep dark blue hue. The steely dark blue color is a result of the irradiation process and though slightly more expensive than the other, lighter Blue shades of Sky Blue Topaz and Swiss … Continue reading London Blue Topaz Rough

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

You’ve Got to Love Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones. Jewelers, sculptors, collectors and jewelry buyers all love Swiss Blue Topaz. When it’s a piece made with Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones, all benefit by the availability, low cost, beauty and the fancy cuts available. Pictured is the 9,381 carat Blue Topaz found in Brazil Swiss … Continue reading Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size and it’s Demographics Swiss Blue Topaz has been a very popular gemstone especially in the Middle East and China where buyers were often investors buying up large and rare stones. Americans also did love to buy big pieces and many women were the big investors then. It is one of … Continue reading Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms

For Swiss Blue Topaz buyers, Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms are now the New Rough Swiss Blue Topaz Rough can be very expensive comparatively, so everyone started buying preforms, which when making finished sizes becomes less expensive because the weight loss is smaller compared to when you are cutting a gemstone from Rough Swiss Blue Topaz … Continue reading Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms

White Topaz Rough Supplier- Brazil, Orissa, Mozambique, Nigeria

White Topaz Rough A very popular gemstone material for its many varieties in color, its hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale, its beauty in all colors including plain white. Sourced from many mines around the world, it is still plentiful which keeps it at a lower price point. The Pleochroic value of it means  … Continue reading White Topaz Rough Supplier- Brazil, Orissa, Mozambique, Nigeria

Precious Gemstones Bangkok

Precious Gemstones Bangkok Why Do All Precious Gemstones Come from Thailand? Thailand and Bangkok in particular, has positioned itself as the International Gemstones and Jewelry Hub and with good reason in that the Precious Gemstones Bangkok Industry has been an integral part of this. With resources within and all around in neighboring countries as well … Continue reading Precious Gemstones Bangkok