Mystic Quartz is mostly confused with Mystic Topaz, but that is a misconception. White Quartz ( which comes in raw form ) and White Topaz comes in another form, they both give the same result, which is the Mystic color if applied a similar treatment. However, Mystic Topaz is more expensive comparitively because it being … Continue reading Mystic-Quartz-Wholesale


Most colors of topaz are caused by color centers located within the stones beauty itself, except for the pink-to-violet and the pink component of some orange, which are caused by chromium impurity (K. Nassau, 1984). Almost all white topaz turns brown on irradiation, already at a very low dose (5 to 10 Mrad), and other color varieties of … Continue reading Coloring-factors-in-Topaz


Rounds have been an all time favorite. But doesn’t it seem like that’s old fashioned? Nah, not for rings and pendants. Round Shapes are still the most commonly used shapes. Especially the small ones, ranging from 1mm-4mm. They never run out of fashion, especially because of the price factor. Small sized stones are almost unaffordable. … Continue reading Round-Shapes-in-Jewellery


Looking for the Genuine and certified place for Buying Yellow Sapphire at wholesale price? No longer to wait, you are on accurate place. Yellow sapphire is a popular substitute for yellow diamond, and yellow is the second most popular colored sapphire after blue. The Yellow Sapphire Stones are beneficial for a happier marital life and … Continue reading Yellow-Sapphire-Loose-Stones


Yellow Sapphires or Pukhraj stone are said to bring prosperity to the wearer, thus making it one of the most popular crystal worldwide. It is believed to improve the financial status of the wearer as well as bestow the person with wealth, good health, fame, name, honour and success. The yellow sapphire is also supposed … Continue reading Buy-Yellow-Sapphire


Among all Loose Emeralds, one of the most beautiful colors of Emerald is known as Zambian Emerald. It is available in numerous qualities of Loose Emeralds for Sale. There is a beautiful and exclusive collection of stunning green precious Zambian Emerald available at Navneet Gems and Minerals. You can save a lot by buying these … Continue reading Loose-Zambian-Emerald


Gem Ruby has been the main stray of the jewellery industry for centuries. It has been always the first love of gemologists, gem dealers, collectors and the customers. From the ancient times, Rubies are gems of the wealthy people. The demand for the Rubies has usually much higher than its supply. The main reason for … Continue reading why-are-glass-filled-rubies-so-high-in-trend


Looking to buy Loose Single Blue Sapphire stones at wholesale prices – this is the correct place. Navneet Gems and Minerals is a wholesale supplier of Loose Heated and Unheated Blue sapphire stones, we have our factories in Chantaburi where we buy Rough material, outsource the rough Sapphire stones for heating and then cut it … Continue reading Buy-Loose-Wholesale-Blue-Sapphire-Unheated-or-Heated-Ceylon-Madagascar-Sapphires-Africa


What type of a gemstone is Gem Chrysocolla? The rare rich sky-blue variety of chalcedony has been referred to variously as silicated chrysocolla, gem silica, agated-chrysocolla, and gem chrysocolla. The issue lies with the term chrysocolla. True chrysocolla is a soft, noncrystalline mineral that owes its vivid color, ranging from turquoise to sky blue, to … Continue reading What-is-Gem-Chrysocolla


Lab treated Blue Topaz is known as Synthetic Blue Topaz. This treatment enhances the quality of Blue Topaz. You can Buy Synthetic Blue Topaz from Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale price. Sometimes hydro blue is mistaken by blue topaz. In actual, all topaz (different colors) made of natural white topaz. Some treatments are used … Continue reading Synthetic-Blue-Topaz