Where to buy Swiss blue topaz gemstones? If this question is arising in your mind that where to buy blue topaz gemstones here we are. Yes, we agree that we are not a single supplier who manufacture and sell Swiss blue topaz but how we are better than other sky, London and Swiss blue topaz … Continue reading where-to-buy-swiss-blue-topaz

Wholesale Mozambique garnet in loose gemstones

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and selling loose wholesale Mozambique garnet gemstones at wholesale prices. Our garnet gemstones are dark red colored with nice luster and shine. Every piece of our garnet gemstones is manufactured by Mozambique rough. Right now we have available stock in Ovals, Rounds, Pears, Octagons, Hearts, Baguettes and Square in small … Continue reading Wholesale Mozambique garnet in loose gemstones


There are several myths about Sapphire in the market. People think they are true. Do you think the same? Not all beliefs are true but some of them are scientifically proved as well. Let’s talk about some of these myths and facts about Sapphires and check whether they are true or not.       Did Sapphires … Continue reading sapphire-myths


Wanting to know the Hue and Tone factor in Gemstone Purple Amethyst? Amethyst occurs in a continuum of primary hues from a light-toned slightly pinkist violet to a deep concord grape purple of amethyst shade. Amethyst is expected to be eye-clean and given its relatively low cost, should always be finely cut for market standards … Continue reading Hue-And-Tone-In-Amethyst

Rose cut style

Rose is the most beautiful among flowers and it is also the symbol of Love. Rose Cut style in gemstones also looks like Rose and this is the reason that this style is quite famous. Rose Cut style of gemstones is back as it used to be one of the trendiest cutting styles in history. … Continue reading Rose cut style

Ruby from Different origins

If you are talking about love and vigor, ardor and power, then which color you would associate with it on impulse? It’s Red, isn’t it? We associate love with the color Red. It exudes warmth and a strong sense of vivacity. The interesting thing is that the color of Ruby is also red. Ruby is … Continue reading Ruby from Different origins

Gemstones Minerals Colors

Beauty, bedazzlement and absolute exquisiteness are the words that come to your mind when one thinks of gems. There is absolutely no woman who does not adore them and even has a favorite one. In fact gems have also been very popular with men from quite a long time. A gemstone is a piece of … Continue reading Gemstones Minerals Colors


Since the ancient times, mankind have shown keen interest in adoring himself for occasions that are special to him. Both men and women try to look their best when they get a chance to be in a special occasion in any sort of social gathering. Now while clothes play their own part in making them … Continue reading Is-Victorian-Jewelry-the-New-Jewelry-Trend

Are all Emeralds in the market fracture filled?

Emerald is one of the four “valuable pearls” with diamond, sapphire and ruby, so most individuals accept emeralds are lavish. All things considered, some are and some aren’t. Emeralds, stunning as they may be, frequently have fractures. That is the way of this jewel material. Actually, a regular emerald with just negligible gaps is rare … Continue reading Are all Emeralds in the market fracture filled?


Wholesale Blue Topaz Blue topaz at wholesale is a hot topic amongst buyers in todays market. The reason being the shortage of blue topaz in the supply chain of this product which makes this gemstone a very highly asked and regarded gemstone. Another reason for this stones’ popularity is the big American consumer market who … Continue reading Wholesale-Blue-Topaz